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Canon PowerShot A570 IS Camera review | Control
Canon PowerShot A570 compact camera : The Canon PowerShot A-series cameras not only guarantee diversity, but also user-friendliness. The camera is especially made for the novice photographer or for its ease. The Canon PowerShot A570 IS compact camera resembles the PowerShot A710 IS, and has thus adopted its user-friendliness. It is exactly as a point-and-shoot camera should be, turn it on and press the button to shoot. The beginning photographer will therefore not have any trouble making his or her first digital photographs. Those whom have owned a Canon before should not have any trouble making the transition to the new Canon A570 IS.
Canon PowerShot A570 IS | Digital Camera Canon PowerShot A570 IS | Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot A570 - FUNC button
The small and compact format invites you to take the camera with you everywhere you go. It has a very smart design, and the layout of all the switches is very appealing and clearly organized. The first time you use it you should not have to search too long before you can make your first shots. The most important feature is the FUNC button. Once you have mastered the setup and functions of this button, you have pretty much mastered the camera entirely. The most essential functions are accessed by simply pressing this button, which makes for a very pleasant experience. The remaining functions are found in the camera's menu, which is also very clearly set up.

Canon A570 IS - Focus
It seems that the ability to focus in twilight or poor lighting conditions has been improved since the PowerShot A710 IS. The Canon PowerShot A570 IS has trouble focusing now and then, but achieves its goal nonetheless. It seems that the distance is effectively increased by the use of the AF light. Under normal conditions, focusing is carried out spotlessly, which makes the intelligent AiAF a valuable asset of the Canon A570 IS. For the user it is not always clear at which point it is focusing, but more control can be achieved by switching to a centre-weighted focus mode so that you can predetermine your focal point.

Canon PowerShot A570 - Operation speed
Canon has always excelled in the speed department. The Canon PowerShot A570 IS lives up to its reputation. Turning it on is nice and speedy, within a second the lens is positioned and ready to shoot. If a speedier start-up is desired, a camera with an internal optical zoom must be sought. The zoom lens is operated by the zoom switch near the shutter release button, which is very practical. Zooming is thus a fairly intuitive action and you never feel like you have to search for the switch. This solution allows you to give your undivided attention to the subject.
Canon A570 IS - Large LCD screen
The 2.5-inch format of the LCD display is the standard measure for digital cameras nowadays. Although 2-inch monitors appear on cameras now and then, as do 3 and even 3.5-inch monitors, (such as the Sony Cybershot DSC-G1), the 2.5-inch monitor is the most popular. The 115,000 pixel screen is not the sharpest on the market, but it is sufficient to display the saved images. The display can be arranged according to your own preferences, depending on the display or recording position. For the more experienced photographer there is a histogram function, with which the dark and light parts of the image can be assessed.

Canon Face Detection
A very handy and popular feature is the face detector. The Canon A570 IS has an improved face detector which uses algorithms. It is difficult to measure, but it appears as if faces are detected faster and more accurately. The resulting lighting makes the face the main subject, and prevents it from being whitened by the flash. The test shots show that the system truly works ingeniously and also allows for easy red-eye reduction on the camera itself, without having to use a computer.

Canon PowerShot A570 IS - Camera speed
The shooting speed is also quick. Delay or lag time between pressing the shutter release and the image capture is not an issue for the Canon A570 IS. The image is almost instantly captured and written to the flash memory card. During test shots we found that the fastest cards were not required. A standard, average speed card such as SanDisk's Ultra II Secure Digital is sufficient. A downside is Canon's solution for image review; you have to physically move a switch in order to go from capture mode to review mode and vice versa, in order to continue shooting. A user-friendlier alternative would be to press the shutter release halfway in order to review. This solution is given by the competitors, perhaps Canon could be charmed by such a solution?
Canon PowerShot A570 IS Canon PowerShot A570 IS
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