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Canon PowerShot A570 IS Camera review | Camera
Canon PowerShot Digital Cameras : The Canon PowerShot A570 IS compact camera is the fanciest version in the A5xx series. It resembles the PowerShot A560, but it has the special optical image stabilizer feature, and the possibility to expand the focus range by attaching converters. The camera has a pleasant, opaque silver-colored shell so that fingerprints are not visible. The camera is especially lightweight and compact; it can easily fit in your pocket. The handy grip allows for comfortable handling.
Canon PowerShot A570 IS | Digital Camera Canon PowerShot A570 IS | Digital Camera
Canon A570IS Camera
On the front, the Canon A570 IS has a 5.8-23.2 mm f/2.6 - f/5.5 lens, encircled by an opaque grey ring, which can be removed by pressing a switch found on the bottom-left side of the lens. This function allows for diverse converters to be attached, so that you can achieve a telephoto or wide-angle range. This is a signature feature of the Canon A-series cameras. This concept offers extensive possibilities for those that want to expand their repertoire. After switching the camera on, the lens protrudes approximately 3 centimeters. There is an optical viewfinder almost directly above the monitor. Canon is persistent in offering optical viewfinders, which can be a decisive feature in the consumer's choice of camera. To the right side of the viewfinder is an AF-illuminator light and to the bottom-left of that are three miniature perforations for the microphone. Lastly, the built-in flash is to the right of the viewfinder.

Canon PowerShot A570 IS - Buttons
Prominently on top of the camera is the setup wheel for the main programmes. The wheel can be turned completely to the left as well as the right, signaling each function with a loud click. The main on/off switch is found in the middle of the camera, and a green LED light is lit up when the camera is turned on. A large release button is on top of the handle, encircled by a ring, which serves as the zoom switch. This is the perfect place for it, as the index finger intuitively finds it.

Canon PowerShot A570 IS - USB 2.0
When the PowerShot camera is held, the handle is on the left, it is made out of the same material as the rest of the camera, and its stiffness allows it to rest comfortably in the hand. Even those with larger-than-average hands will not have a problem operating the Canon PowerShot A570 IS. You can even easily shoot with one hand. Underneath the handle there is a compartment for the 2 AA batteries and a slot for the flash memory card. On the opposite side, underneath a plastic cover, there is an optional A/V-out connection and a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed connection.
Canon PowerShot PictBridge support
The large 2.5-inch monitor on the back of the camera makes up most of the camera. Unfortunately it is not possible to tilt or rotate the LCD display, but this would compromise the camera's compact size. On the one hand it is too bad that we have to miss this feature in the Canon A570 IS, but on the other hand the screen is a large enough alternative for most users. As mentioned above, the camera has an optical viewfinder above the monitor. Two LEDs indicate the focus and flash status. To the right of the monitor there is a round, multifunctional switch, with the FUNC setting in the centre, a prominent position, as it is used frequently. Above and below these buttons are the switches which operate the camera's menu and activate the PictBridge support. The last three buttons are the loudspeaker, the record button and the display button.

Canon A570IS Digital Camera
The presentation is clearly well-organized, which has become an absolute must. Canon has many years of camera experience, Canon turns 70 this year! The Canon PowerShot A570 IS camera is ergonomically sound, and the handy FUNC button as well as the programme wheel will please the beginner as well as the experienced photographer alike.
Canon PowerShot A570 IS Canon PowerShot A570 IS
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