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Kodak EasyShare V705 Camera review | Storage and Energy
Like its predecessor, the EasyShare V570, the Kodak V705 has an internal memory of 32MB, 28MB of which is available for storing photos. An internal memory of this standard is a nice detail, but no more than that. Maybe two handfuls of 7 Megapixel pictures that can be saved here; 12 photos. That is not enough for the average holiday or even a weekend away. It is clear that you will need some enlargement in the form of a Secure Digital (SD) memory card. The Kodak EasyShare V705 supports SD and MMC (Multimedia Card), but the latter is becoming less widely available. The camera does not support the new SD platform, the SDHC card. The Secure Digital memory card has a maximum storage capacity of 2GB that can be supported by the Kodak V705. The SDHC card begins from 4GB and theoretically can expand to 32GB!
Kodak EasyShare V705 | Digital Camera Kodak EasyShare V705 | Digital Camera
Kodak EasyShare V705 - Flash Memory Card
It is not surprising that the Kodak EasyShare V705 camera uses Secure Digital. This card has rapidly acquired an enormous share of the market and sold more cards in 2003 than the then market leader, CompactFlash. As well as various storage capacities, it also has different speeds. This concerns the speed with which the card can read or write data. This is not as important with a camera like the Kodak V705 and an average SD card like a SanDisk Ultra II Secure Digital card will be more than enough. There's no point going for a faster memory card, like the Extreme III versions as the camera cannot reach these speeds. If you want to use the complete resolution and take a number of pictures equivalent to 3 film rolls of 36 exposures (anyone still remember them?) 256MB storage will be quite enough. If you want more reserve, we recommend a Secure Digital 512MB card.

Considering 512MB storage capacity:
Resolution 7.1 Megapixels - 3072 x 2304 pixels - 229 pictures - 2.2MB
Resolution 6.3 Megapixels - 3072 x 2048 pixels - 256 pictures - 2.0MB
Resolution 5.0 Megapixels - 2576 x 1932 pixels - 319 pictures - 1.6MB
Resolution 3.1 Megapixels - 2048 x 1536 pixels - 485 pictures - 1.1MB
Resolution 1.1 Megapixels - 1200 x 900 pixels - 1176 pictures - 0.4MB
Video resolution VGA - 640 x 480 pixels - 30fps - 16 min 28 sec
Video resolution VGA Long - 640 x 480 pixels - 30fps - 31 min 57 sec
Video resolution QVGA - 320 x 240 pixels - 30fps - 41 min 46 sec

SanDisk Ultra II Plus SD memory card
Throughout the test, I used the Kodak EasyShare V705 in combination with a different type of Secure Digital memory card; the SanDisk Ultra II Plus SD memory card. This small card has the format of an SD card, but with one special feature. A USB interface is revealed if you remove the card from the camera and snap it in the middle. You can place the card directly in a free USB interface to get access to the saved photos or video shots. Of course, you can also place the Kodak V705 in a docking station.
USB 2.0 Full Speed interface
The Kodak V705 camera has a USB 2.0 Full Speed interface, the slow version of a USB 2.0 interface. The pictures are transferred with an average speed of approx 0.5 MB/sec. Another way to transfer a lot of files more quickly is to use a card reader. Equipment like this is very handy in a digital work environment and makes transferring data more pleasant. The USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Extreme card reader from SanDisk is currently the fastest (after FireWire) and transfers data at a maximum speed of up to 20MB/sec.

Kodak Klic-7002 Lithium Ion 3.7V battery
The Kodak EasyShare V705 has a compartment for a Kodak Klic-7002 Lithium Ion 3.7V battery. This battery is recharged in the camera via the docking station or via the power supply. Recharging the battery completely takes two hours, an average time. According to the CIPA test method you can then take approximately 150 pictures. This is under ideal circumstances and in practice, I didn't get as many. 110 - 120 pictures is a more realistic number. The number of pictures was a bit disappointing and I can imagine that you will need a second battery for situations where you are not able to recharge your battery.
Kodak EasyShare V705 Kodak EasyShare V705
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