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Kodak EasyShare V705 Camera review | Adjustments
If all you want to do is take lots of photos without thinking too much about it, you can do a lot worse than the Kodak EasyShare V705. It is based on automatic digital photography; just press the button and Kodak does the rest. (You push the button, we do the rest is Kodak's old slogan and they are sure living up to it!)The combination of simple operation and the camera's compact format are big advantages. You can take the Kodak V705 anywhere with you. The 7.1 Megapixels resolution (3072x2304 pixels) is more than enough to print a digital photo in poster format. The camera is unequalled in regard to the dual-lens system and extreme wide-angle.
Kodak EasyShare V705 | Digital Camera Kodak EasyShare V705 | Digital Camera
Kodak EasyShare V705 Test
ISO and noise is always a dodgy subject when talking about digital cameras. You can approach the subject from different angles, but perceived picture quality is the deciding factor for most photographers. The Kodak EasyShare V705 has a wide range of ISO settings, but in practice only the low ISO values up to 200 ISO are of any use. Anything above that and it soon becomes a matter of making concessions. There is so much noise ratio at 400 ISO that is annoying and any higher ISO values are best left alone.

Lack of a stabilisation system
It is a pity that the Kodak V705 does not have an optical image stabilizer. To be brief, the lack of a stabilisation system combined with such low quality ISO means that the Kodak EasyShare V705 will not be crossing the finishing line along with the competition. It is just repeating the same old trick, that of a dual-lens system. To be honest, I expected a bit more innovation from the new generation of EasyShare cameras. Kodak should not keep on expanding the system until they have managed to improve the quality of its ISO setting so that you can really use 400 ISO. If they cannot do this and keep ‘forgetting' to include an optical image stabilizer, then any future EasyShare V-camera will be pointless as far as I'm concerned.

Kodak EasyShare V705 - Resolution
As well as the wide-angle pictures of 23 mm, you can explore the macro world with the Kodak EasyShare V705 camera. It is possible to take a large as life photo of a small subject from a distance of 5 cm. In a normal focus mode, this distance would be 60 cm, both with wide-angle and tele setting, and 80 cm in the extreme wide-angle setting. The quality of the macro pictures is actually quite excellent. The resolution is high and the picture shows a lot of details. A typical thing is the edge blur, but this is not too noticeable and respects the macro picture. The amount of surrounding light is important for taking a photo without a flash. The flash has an effective range of 60 cm and so macro pictures cannot be totally covered with the flash light. This results in a dark shadow over part of the macro picture.
Kodak V705 - Camera speed
If we look at the speed with which the Kodak EasyShare V705 can manoeuvre, it is what you would expect from a camera in this class. It takes 2.5 seconds from start up to being able to take the first picture. This is an average time. There is an interval of release, but it's not annoying and won't stop you from making a quick picture. The Kodak can take serial pictures with a maximum of 7 pictures at a speed of approx 3 fps. When the buffer is full, the fun is over as it takes 14 seconds before it is completely transferred to the Secure Digital card. Serial pictures can only be made when the flash is turned off or does not have to be automatically activated. If you need the flash, you can expect breaks of around 7 seconds. It should be clear that the Kodak EasyShare V705 is a standard compact camera which can take serial shots of a subject, but don't expect to use it for sport photography.

Recording QuickTime video clips
As well as taking still shots, you can also record QuickTime video clips. The video clips are recorded with sound with a maximum video resolution of 640x480 pixels at a speed of 30 frames per second. The maximum length of the video picture is determined by the remaining capacity on the SD card or by the internal memory if you are not using an external memory. The video clips are of good quality and the resolution of 30 fps makes it possible to show the recordings full screen on a large format TV. You can use the optical zoom when recording, but you can then hear the zoom in the recording afterwards.

Kodak Image quality
The Kodak EasyShare V705's picture quality is fine. The colour reproduction looks natural and has good contrast. Chromatic aberration is well under control, but not completely absent and even distortion caused by the extreme 23 mm wide-angle is corrected as much as possible by the Kodak V705. One of the nicest features in the Kodak EasyShare V705 compact camera is making panorama pictures. Via the SCN (Scene) button, you can choose the panorama function, starting from either left or right. After taking a picture, part of the shot remains visible on the LCD screen, so that you can simply take the next picture afterwards that will go with the first picture. In this way, you can take a series of pictures that are joined together seamlessly by the camera's software. The result is convincing and once you've got the taste for capturing 180 degree shots a beautiful landscape or urban scène, you'll be hooked!
Kodak EasyShare V705 Kodak EasyShare V705
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