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Kodak EasyShare V705 Camera review | Camera
Kodak introduced a new series a few years ago, wherein design was an important element. The EasyShare V-series of cameras is clearly recognizable due to its streamlined design and innovative character. The dual-lens concept really makes the Kodak EasyShare V705 stand out from the crowd. The current series consists of six camera models whose resolutions go up to 10 Megapixels. The Kodak EasyShare V705 is streamlined and compact and is not much different to its predecessors in that respect. The silver border around the camera makes it look slimmer than it really is, but a thickness of 20.4mm for a 5x optical wide-angle zoom is still unusual. The streamlined shape makes it difficult to get a good grip on the camera. This, I found, is a drawback.
Kodak EasyShare V705 | Digital Camera Kodak EasyShare V705 | Digital Camera
Kodak EasyShare V705 - Digital Camera
The material used for the Kodak V705 is durable and makes the camera look good. It is a pity that Kodak did not choose to 'brush' the material to make the surface less smooth. Every time I picked it up, I felt as if I had to clutch it. The advantage of a smooth camera is that it just glides into your pocket and you can carry it around with you like a mobile phone. Thanks to the integration of the optical (zoom) lenses, the camera can start up quickly. The lens does not have to zoom out first to be positioned; it is nice and quick and you can take a picture almost immediately. The Kodak EasyShare V705 has a 7.1 effective Megapixel CCD per lens. This resolution is above average and has more than enough pixels for taking snap shots.

Kodak V705 - Schneider Kreuznach V-Variogon lenses
On top of the camera there is an on/off switch which activates the camera. When the Kodak EasyShare V705 is activated, the large silver lens slides sideways and two lenses placed under each other are released. The dual-lens system consists of two Schneider Kreuznach V-Variogon lenses. The top lens is the wide-angle lens with a range of 23mm (35 mm equivalent); the bottom lens is good for a range of 39 - 117mm. In total, the dual-lens system gives 5x optical zoom and the super wide-angle range makes this an interesting camera for landscape photographers.

Secure Digital of Multimedia flash memory card
If we look at the Kodak V705 from the side we see the card slot for the Secure Digital of Multimedia flash memory card behind a plastic flap. As in previous models, the flap is difficult to open. You will have to use your fingernails to pry it loose. The finishing details on the flap also look cheap and really let down the rest of the design which makes a high quality impression.
Kodak docking station
Under the flap there is a power adapter with which you can recharge the Lithium Ion battery from the camera. As with most other EasyShare cameras, you can also recharge the battery by placing the camera on a docking station.

Kodak EasyShare V705 - Lithium Ion battery
The compartment for the Lithium Ion battery is underneath the camera. Almost half of the underneath consists of a long battery lid that has to be slid to one side to place or remove a battery in the compartment. The battery is kept in place with a safety bar and will not fall out if you open the lid. Underneath the camera in the middle, there is a connection for the docking station. By placing the camera in the station, the battery can be recharged directly or the pictures can be transferred from the camera to a computer or notebook. Furthermore, there is the universal tripod connection if you want to combine the camera with a tripod.

Kodak V705 - 2.5-inch LCD screen
The control centre is on the back of the Kodak V705 camera. The LCD screen is not on the left, as usual, but bang in the middle of the camera. The space that has been made available to the left of the screen is filled by five thin oblong buttons. To the right of the screen there is a round zoom button above a mini joystick. The button is quickly operated and if pressed in it can confirm some settings or changes. A tiny LED shows the status of the in-built flash. The LCD screen has a 2.5-inch LCD screen which is a standard format nowadays. Maybe Kodak will be able to give the next generation a 2.8-inch or even a 3-inch format. The resolution is fine with 230.000 pixels (960 x 240) which give a great picture.
Kodak EasyShare V705 Kodak EasyShare V705
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