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Kodak EasyShare P712 Digital camera review | Introduction
Kodak EasyShare P712 digital camera review : During the previous years, Kodak EasyShare digital cameras have built a fine reputation. Kodak had to make a lot of effort to complete the switch from analogue to digital, and it seems like they finally did, more or less. In any case, with the current camera selection, one doesn't think of the era of analogue (film) anymore. So far, Kodak has not been able to score a dominant position with its EasyShare digital camera assortment. In certain parts of the world, like the US, Kodak has no reason to complain; but in Europe, for instance, the market share is not very impressing (yet). The recent Kodak EasyShare P712 has to contribute in winning a larger share.

Kodak EasyShare P712 - Megazoom camera
The Kodak P712 is part of the so-called 'Megazoom' digital camera class. In fact, this implies nothing more than a compact design and a large zoom range. In the case of the Kodak EasyShare P712, this means 12x optical zoom obtaining a range of 36- 432mm in comparison to a 35 mm camera. The EasyShare P712 isn't the first model with such a concept. Its predecessors, the P850 and P880, are comparable and have the same distinctively designed body. The camera can't really be called compact; it actually looks a little plump, but still feels good to the touch. If looking purely at the design, one could actually compare the camera to a mini digital SLR camera. For the remainder, the Kodak EasyShare is just a compact camera with a large zoom range.

Kodak EasyShare P712 - Full of features & settings
The EasyShare motto is ease of use and a way of photography, accessible for everyone. This doesn't automatically mean that nothing remains for the creative photographer. On the contrary: the EasyShare series knows different segments, and the P-series actually has to go up against the upcoming entry-level DSLR cameras. The Kodak EasyShare P712 is even called a hybrid by Kodak, and with that the bridge between amateur and the more advanced photographer has been built. The Kodak P712 is a camera full of features and settings, but at the same time offers a completely automated setting together with different pre-programmed scenes.

Kodak P712 - Image Stabilized Schneider Kreuznach Variogon lens
Kodak didn't change much about the concept. The Kodak EasyShare P712 has the same design, a 2.5-inch format LCD display and an electronic viewfinder with a 237,000-pixel resolution. The Kodak P712 is capable of shooting high resolution, 7.1 Megapixels images and can zoom the subject digitally to up to 12x. To support this large optical range qualitatively, Kodak has equipped the EasyShare P712 with a high-quality, so called 'Image Stabilized' (IS) Schneider Kreuznach Variogon lens, preventing movement blurring. The camera is supplied with a Lithium Ion battery and a handy, compact battery charger. Internally, the Kodak EasyShare P712 has a 32MB memory capacity of which 28MB is being used for photo storage. Naturally, the capacity can be extended with a Secure Digital memory card but the camera is not SDHC compatible.

Kodak EasyShare P712 review
We have tested the Kodak EasyShare P712 Megazoom camera exhaustively. At this point, the non-DSLR camera manufacturers are betting high with their Megazoom hybrid digital cameras, while the DSLR manufacturers introduce highly priced system cameras rapidly and with that, say good-bye to their own hybrid segment. Whether or not Kodak will be less successful with their Megazoom segment, because of these developments, has still to be seen. You can read our findings in the now following Kodak EasyShare P712 digital camera review.

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Kodak EasyShare P712 | Digital Camera

  Kodak EasyShare P712
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