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Olympus E-1 Digital camera review | Introduction
Olympus E-1 digital camera review : This year Olympus faced a great challenge. De market for digital reflex cameras seemed to have already been divided amongst brands like Canon and Nikon. The one goes on telling about his vision and the other one sticks to a different view of how to produce a digital reflex camera. The two leading brands seem to have shared the market between them. Until Sigma appeared on the "battlefield" with the introduction of the Sigma SD9 and recently with the SD10 combined with the Foveon X3 sensor. Beginning of this year Pentax finally found the courage to introduce her digital reflex camera. However, it shook the digital reflex camera market a bit but not worth mentioning really. Or could it be the one introduction, from the old trustworthy brand Olympus with their Four Thirds standard introduced at the beginning of this year?

Olympus E-1 - Four Thirds system
The first introductions about a new standard already appeared at the end of last year; during the Photokina a sample was showed that was still far from being a production model. Beginning of 2003 during the PMA they finally showed us behind glass and for us behind closed doors, the first version of the pre-production model. In august this year we were given the opportunity to put the Olympus E-1 into practice. Olympus got a large amount of press members of the European press to come to Mallorca to present the Olympus E-1 for a few days. I myself was able to test the Olympus E-1 at the spot, under various weather circumstances, inside a studio as well as under the bright Spanish sun. The final results were based on a pre-production model, so these results are not used by us for publication.

Olympus E-1 - New standard
The Four Thirds system is rapidly moving to become a fully fledged standard. The camera will be shipped to the dealers in November/December (The Netherlands), so we still have to wait for the reactions of the final users. Will the professional user accept this new standard or will it be simply a professional product living up to the expectations? My experiences with the E-1 in practice are based on taking the pictures on different locations, under sunny circumstances when the sun was too bright sometimes to guarantee a rich contrast image and during drizzly weather on a weekend trip to Amsterdam. The next review shows my experiences and describes the all-round usability of the Olympus E-1, the first product containing the new Four Thirds System.

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Olympus E-1 | Digital Camera

  Olympus E-1
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