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Canon PowerShot A640 Digital camera review | Introduction
Canon Powershot A640 digital camera review : Canon decided to introduce their new range a month before the start of Photokina 2006. As well as several printers and other equipment, a new series of digital cameras was introduced, including the Canon PowerShot A640. The Canon PowerShot A-series has been around for several years and has always been popular. The A-series has a reputation for being accessible, reasonably priced and fully equipped to appeal to a broad public. The Canon PowerShot A640 also has a ten Megapixels CCD image sensor and 4x optical zoom.

Previous model - Canon PowerShot A620
The previous model, the Canon PowerShot A620, had 7 Megapixels and anticipated good sales figures. Whoever thought that the increase in resolution would not prove popular was soon taught better by the Canon A640 camera. Up until the present day, not one year has gone by without further increases in resolution. We are now up to the ten Megapixels segment, but 2007 has an increase to 12 Megapixels in store for us. I wonder if Canon will yield to the temptation?

Canon PowerShot A640 - Secure Digital High Capacity
With the replacement of the former top model, the A620, the Canon PowerShot A640 has gone straight to the top. The camera has been given a small facelift and has a larger LCD screen in addition to the increase in pixels. Fortunately, Canon has kept the tilting construction of the LCD screen. This part is and will remain to be a definite advantage. The Canon A640 has also been given the necessary updates such as support for the new SD platform, the SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) flash memory card. For the rest, this beautiful, black camera bears a close resemblance to its predecessor. Why change a winning combination?

Canon PowerShot A640 - 4x optical zoom lens
The Canon PowerShot A640 has a 4x optical zoom lens which realises a focal distance of 35-140 mm (equivalent to a 35 mm). Despite the comparatively large zoom range, the Canon PowerShot A640 has been kept reasonably compact. The lens has 8 elements in 7 groups, including two aspherical elements to maximise sharpness over the entire picture. The camera doesn't have an optical image stabiliser and has to rely on high ISO settings to achieve a short shutter speed in order to avoid movement blur. Of course, this model also has a fast image processor; de DIGIC II. Although the last models and probably future generations of digital Canon cameras have and will be fitted with the new DIGIC III image processor, version II is still more than good enough. The reaction times while taking photographs are particularly fast and we soon noticed during the trial period that the ten Megapixels in resolution was not a burden.

Canon A640 Review
The Canon PowerShot A640 digital compact camera is a typical camera from the PowerShot A-series and gives users lots of convenience and user friendliness as well as a host of settings options. We tried the Canon A640 out for a while. You can read whether it is a worthy successor to the A620 and can live up to the high expectations in the following Canon PowerShot A640 digital camera review.

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Canon PowerShot A640 | Digital Camera

  Canon PowerShot A640
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