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Canon PowerShot A710 IS Camera review | Conclusion
Canon PowerShot A710 IS digital camera
The A series of Canon PowerShot cameras have been popular for a long time across a broad spectrum of users. Rightly so, as they combine versatility, ease of use and high quality with a compact, attractive design. The new Canon PowerShot A710 IS camera is no exception to this. As the uncontested top model in the series, it is sure to please enthusiastic amateur photographers.

Canon A710 IS - Optical image stabiliser
The optical image stabilisation is a big improvement on its predecessor. Its usefulness cannot be underestimated. Consumers who use the zoom function will appreciate a light camera, like the Canon A710 IS, while knowing that it is more difficult to hold steady, especially at longer focal point distances. As the optical zoom range exceeds 200mm, image stabilisation is no superfluous luxury. Canon has already had a lot of experience with optical image stabilisation and so it is only logical that this system works perfectly. It is just that we have had to wait a long time for them to include it in a compact camera. The larger Megazoom cameras have been using this sort of image stabilisation system for over six years.

Canon PowerShot A710IS - Excellent LCD display
The Canon PowerShot A710 IS is a particularly fine digital camera to work with. It feels nice in your hand and the operation leaves little to be desired. The LCD display is very attractive and of excellent quality. The viewing angles have been increased, but this is no replacement for the ease provided by a tilting display. If you need a display like this, however, you will have to buy a PowerShot A630 or A640. Then again, these models have less optical zoom and no image stabilisation.

Canon A710 IS - Nice & Quick compact camera
The Canon PowerShot A710 IS is not only easy to use, but nice and quick. The starting up time is quick and the shutter delay is short. At under 2 frames per second, it enables you to take action photos. If you use a fast memory card, you can click away until the card is full, or the battery is empty. Be sensible and buy NiMH batteries - the investment will pay for itself and it's much more environmentally friendly. The Canon A710 IS is thrifty in its use of energy.

Canon PowerShot A710IS - Versalite digital camera
The PowerShot A710IS is an amazingly versatile camera, not just in regard to the settings, but with the wide range of accessories from various converters to an external flash. You can extend an entire system to make the Canon A710 IS tailor made to your wishes. The Canon PowerShot A710 IS offers a lot of setting options or a camera in this price range. You can use your creativity to the full with this camera without worrying that you will outgrow it quickly. From fully automatic to manual - you, the user, decide what to use.

Canon PowerShot A710 IS - Noise ratio
Once more, the quality is fine. Maybe there is just a bit too much noise at ISO 800. Luckily, you can manage most things with ISO 400, thanks to the image stabilisation, which has solved the biggest drawback of its predecessor, the Canon A700. The colour reproduction is excellent and can be adjusted to suit your personal tastes. The focus is fine and distortion from the lens is limited. There are hardly any problems with coloured edges and you may only see them with high contrasts.

Canon A710 IS - Great price / quality ratio
At first, it doesn't look very different to its predecessor. However, the Canon PowerShot A710 IS really is an improvement and a much more complete camera. You could say that, with the Canon PowerShot A710 IS, the A series has grown up and that it is the perfect stepping stone on the way to a digital SLR camera. I'm very positive about it. This camera has an amazing range of possibilities and excellent image quality for a great price and you will enjoy using it for a long time to come. It's a real winner!

Canon PowerShot A710 IS | Digital Camera


Canon PowerShot A710 IS
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