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Canon PowerShot A710 IS Camera review | Control
Canon has a great reputation to live up when it comes to ease of operation. The Canon A-series has been proving itself in this field for many years. Fortunately, the Canon PowerShot A710 IS camera doesn't differ much from its predecessors in this aspect. This camera is extremely easy to use and less experienced photographers will have no problems with it. Experienced Canon users will recognize a lot when they are getting acquainted with the latest addition to the Canon A series of digital compact cameras.
Canon PowerShot A710 IS | Digital Camera Canon PowerShot A710 IS | Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot A710 IS - FUNC button
The ease of use is already evident in the design. The Canon A710 IS is arranged logically and simply. You don't have to spend much time navigating it before you can get started, especially if you have ever had another Canon camera. If so you will be totally familiar with the FUNC button. You will have to know how to use this button or you will miss a few essential functions. Most functions must be set via the menu. This saves putting a lot of buttons on the camera, but will be slower for experienced users. Fortunately, the menu is clear.

Canon A710 IS - Shutter release & Zoom button
The Canon PowerShot A710 IS camera can be quickly activated; just one second and the lens has moved forwards and you can take a photo. This is almost as fast as a camera can get, as the lens needs time to move out. The shutter release pressure is good and you can easily feel what you need to press in order to focus. The zoom button around the shutter release button is also excellent as you can zoom in and out without moving your hands. The best option would be if there was a zoom button around the lens, but this is impossible because of the design of the lens. Zooming in works easily and intuitively.

Canon PowerShot A710IS - Focussing
The Canon A710 IS is has some difficulties focusing in poor lighting conditions. An assistance illuminator works quite well, but only at shorter distances. The AiAF, auto focus with artificial intelligence does an excellent job. It is remarkable to see where the focus is placed. If you don't move the camera, you will see that other points are selected sometimes. If you want to focus more accurately, you can use the central focus. You then know beforehand what part of the picture is in focus and this makes you feel that you have everything under control.
Canon A710 IS - Quick digital camera
The picture is taken practically as soon as the shutter release has been pressed in completely. Shutter delay hardly ever happens anymore and is not a problem for the Canon PowerShot A710 IS. The photos are written quickly onto the memory card. You don't necessarily need a really fast card. If you want to look at the pictures, you need to turn on a switch, I can't say I really like this. It is much handier to press a button. A switch doesn't allow you to get back to record mode at the same time by pressing the shutter release. This makes it more difficult to react quickly to a situation. Hopefully, this will be updated in the next generation.

Canon PowerShot A710 IS - LCD display
The camera's LCD display is very attractive and gives you a big viewing angle. You can adjust reproduction depending on the record or play setting via the Display button. A histogram also belongs to the possibilities. You can also have a complete display without any indications. A new option is to place a 3:2 crop mask over the display. The photo is taken in the 4:3 ration, but you can make a good crop for if you want to print the photo. You can see beforehand which parts will fall away if you print the photo via a centre. They still work with the 3:2 ratio, just look at the popular 10x15 cm, the postcard. You can also put the camera in 3:2 ration so that you can make a 3:2 photo. The advantage of a grid is that you can use the complete resolution and it gives you more room for manoeuvre later on, using your computer.
Canon PowerShot A710 IS Canon PowerShot A710 IS
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