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Canon PowerShot A710 IS Camera review | Camera
The Canon PowerShot A710 IS digital camera fits perfectly with the other cameras in the A series. There are many clear similarities. The Canon A710 looks cool, partly thanks to its colours, dark grey and black. Of course, it's my personal opinion, but I think it looks good and doesn't look cheap. It is a particularly compact camera, especially when you realise that the Canon A710 IS has a 6x optical zoom. Although the casing is made of plastic, it feels solid and fine to hold.
Canon PowerShot A710 IS | Digital Camera Canon PowerShot A710 IS | Digital Camera
PowerShot A710 IS - Canon 5.8-34.8 mm f/2.8 - f/4.8 lens
In the front of the camera in the centre, there is, of course, a Canon 5.8-34.8 mm f/2.8 - f/4.8 lens. Around it is a large grey ring. You can remove this ring with the button underneath on the right, so that you can attach various optional converters. In this way you can get more tele or wide-angle, for example. A feature like this is typical of the Canon A series of cameras. In fact this concept offers an extremely wide range of possibilities to anyone who wants to learn more. The lens protrudes a few centimetres after it is turned on. The optical viewfinder, a remarkable feature for a camera like this, is to the above right of the lens. To its right is the flash and on the other side of the viewfinder is the indicator for the self timer that also serves as the red eye reduction and AF assistance illuminator. Underneath there is a small microphone.

Canon A710 IS - Hand grip & SD memory card slot
To the left side of the Canon A710 IS camera there's a hand grip made of rougher material so that you can get a good grip on it. The grip is very stiff, which makes it easy to hold. Big fingers also have no problems with this grip and it's impossible to cover the flash. Under the hand grip there is room for two ordinary AA format batteries and the Secure Digital memory card. You must turn the camera upside down if you want to change the card, whereupon the batteries also fall out, There is a universal (plastic) tripod connection underneath. The connections for A/V Out, USB 2.0 Hi-Speed and the power supply are on the right side of the Canon PowerShot A710 IS. The contacts are sealed with a piece of rubber.

Canon PowerShot A710 IS - Command dial
The command dial for the main programs occupies a central position on the top of the Canon PowerShot A710 camera. The dial can be turned right around, both to the left and right, which makes the camera easier to operate. There is a clear click every time a setting is changed. The main switch for turning the Canon A710 IS on and off is in the middle.
A LED indicates if the camera is switched on. The shutter release is on the hand grip and is nice and big. Around the shutter release is the zoom switch and that is the best place for it. The sound comes from a speaker that is also on the top.

Canon PowerShot A710IS - LCD monitor
The 2.5-inch LCD display with the large viewing angle takes up most of the rear. The display cannot be turned or tilted, as unfortunately, Canon doesn't seem to consider this necessary anymore. Instead the viewing angle has been increased. I don't think that this really compensates for a tilting screen that admittedly would make the camera more expensive. One remarkable feature is the optical viewfinder above the LCD. It is not so very useful, as you can't see much through it and there is a lot of parallax. You also see a small crop of the picture, which is not much use unless you want to save your batteries or the situation does not allow you to use the display. To the right of the display is the switch button for setting the flash and focus. You can also use this monitor to go through the menu. The FUNC button for accessing the most important functions is in the middle. Around the switch button are buttons for exposure compensation/trash bin, PictBridge, the menu and screen reproduction. Totally to the right is the switch for record or play. Finally, there is an eyelet for the wrist strap.

Canon A710 IS - Great price / quality ratio
It all looks very well made and you can see at once that Canon had years of digital experience. The Canon PowerShot A710 IS scores well on ergonomics and is very accessible. At the same time, it is interesting for experienced (professional) photographers and can certainly help creative photographers on their quest for the perfect picture. The Canon PowerShot A710 IS has a lot on offer and if we only look at the price/quality ratio, it is currently unsurpassed.
Canon PowerShot A710 IS Canon PowerShot A710 IS
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