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Canon Digital IXUS 900 Ti Camera review | Camera
The Canon Digital IXUS 900 Ti is pleasantly compact, and features the modern and stylish design one would expect from an IXUS camera. The IXUS designers, Yasushi Shiotani and Seiichi Omino, have been present from the very start of the IXUS phenomenon, and the Canon 900 Ti seems destined to become one of the true gems of the IXUS series. The Canon IXUS 900 Ti features a titanium housing. Not only is this material very strong, even stronger than steel in fact, it is also pleasantly light, which prevents the camera from becoming a heavy-weight. However, this does not mean the Canon IXUS 900 Ti is a feather-weight either; it weights approximately 165 grams. At least it is fair to say that the creation of a stronger, more durable housing has not led to a heavier construction.
Canon Digital IXUS 900 Ti | Digital Camera Canon Digital IXUS 900 Ti | Digital Camera
Canon IXUS 900 Ti - Fast compact camera
Upon taking the Canon Digital IXUS 900 Ti into your hands, you instantly notice the quality. The camera proves comfortable to hold, and despite the somewhat smooth material, the Canon IXUS 900 Ti is not likely to slip through your fingers. This opposed to the Canon IXUS 800 IS. The Canon IXUS 900 Ti features a fast start-up time of approximately 1 second, during which the 3x optical zoom lens fully extends from the housing, and is properly positioned. The Canon 900 Ti is equipped with the new DIGIC III image processor, which contributes to the camera's response time. Consequently, the Canon IXUS 900 Ti will be ready to capture your first shot immediately after starting up. Besides the 3x optical zoom lens, the image sensor is able to use ten million pixels; the first ten Megapixel Canon Digital IXUS is born.

Canon Digital IXUS 900Ti - Robust titanium housing
The front side of the Canon 900 Ti distinguishes itself by robust looks with attractively round lines. Thanks to the rounded corners, the sides of the camera's front appear somewhat "soft", whilst the shiny optical zoom lens gives things a more hard and rigid look; quite a nice contrast indeed. The titanium housing, which has a matted dark grey colour, gives off an air of truly refined quality. The 3x optical zoom lens has a range of 37 - 111mm and an average brightness of f/2.8 - f/4.9. Almost in the centre above the zoom lens, we find the optical viewfinder. The fact that Canon are still an advocate for the optical viewfinder as a standard camera feature is remarkable; especially considering many of their rivals have decided to drop the viewfinder for a large size monitor. Canon show that it is indeed possible to have both, which certainly earns them credit.

Canon Digital 900 Ti camera - Shutter release
When looking at the camera from above, we see an integrated loud speaker in the shape of a semi-circle; an attractive detail of a camera design in which lines play an important part. Slightly off-centre, we find a shutter release button that lies sunk into the housing. It proves easy to operate, whilst its deeper position ensures it is unlikely to be activated by accident. The large, round shutter release has a pleasant pressure point, and when holding the camera you will find it is properly positioned under the index finger.
The ring surrounding the shutter release button serves to, among other things, operate the optical and digital zoom. A tiny LED completes the picture, and emits a light for as long as the camera is activated.

Canon IXUS 900Ti - Universal tripod mount
The sides of the Canon IXUS 900 Ti do not play an important role, apart from the small eyelet to which the wrist strap can be attached. When looking at the camera's bottom side, we find a semi-circular design, which may at first cause you to think the camera will not be stable when placed onto this side. However, small upright ridges on each corner of the camera's bottom side provide stability, and ensure the underside is kept even. In the centre, we find a universal (metal) tripod mount. The compartment for the memory card and the Lithium Ion battery is found right next to it. As a result, it is not possible to change a card or battery if the camera is mounted onto a tripod. A small plastic lid ensures the compartment can be closed securely. The battery and the small card are kept in place by a security lock, so that they cannot drop out accidentally upon opening the compartment.

Canon Digital IXUS 900 Ti - 2.5 inch LCD monitor
The part of that camera that the user will spend most of his time looking it, is of course the back side. The large format screen of 2.5-inch takes up most of the space. In fact, there isn't all that much room for an optical viewfinder. However, Canon have managed to find a spot for it, although it is likely to have been a struggle. Right beside the monitor, Canon have positioned three traditionally designed buttons, a multi-selector and a form of switch. The switch is in fact a version of the mode dial that is often found on compact and DSLR cameras. It serves to operate the most important main settings. The multi-selector has an additional button in its centre; the FUNC/SET, through which a separate menu can be accessed. The monitor features a high resolution of 230,000 pixels, which is a clear increase of that of the other IXUS models. The control centre of the Canon Digital IXUS 900 Ti is both clear and user-friendly, and offers a low entry-level for the novice (Canon) photographer.
Canon Digital IXUS 900 Ti Canon Digital IXUS 900 Ti
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