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Pentax Optio W10 Digital camera review | Introduction
Pentax Optio W10 digital camera review : It seems that Pentax have gotten a taste for photography on and around the water. The Pentax W-series of digital cameras made its debut with the Optio 33WR, which was introduced in 2003, followed by the Optio 43WR. Initially sporting a square design, the series evolved to the current measurements in January 2005, with the introduction of the Optio WP, the WPi, and now the W10 digital camera. As far as design is concerned, the Pentax Optio W10 resembles a standard digital compact camera. In fact, it fits this description in many different ways. However, there's more to it than that: the Pentax W10 offers you the chance to explore the underwater world, a reasonably unique additional feature. Although the time and underwater depth are limited to a certain extent, the camera proves ideal to use both in and around the water during your holidays.

Pentax Optio W10 - 6 Megapixel camera
The camera's resolution remains virtually unchanged from that of its predecessor. With an image sensor of 6.18 Megapixels, 6.0 of which are effective Megapixels, the resolution is unaltered, and easily meets today's standards for average, daily photography. The Pentax Optio W10 is equipped with a 3x optical zoom, which features a range of 38 - 114mm, and a brightness of f/3.3 - f/4.0. Furthermore, the 4x digital zoom extends the total range up to a maximum of 12x. The small zoom lens is built into the camera and does thus not extend. This was one of the requirements to ensure the Pentax W10 is waterproof. The small lens is protected by a glass cover, which prevents dirt and water from entering.

Pentax W10 - 2.5 inch LCD screen
The measurements (106.5 x 54.5 x 23 mm) and the weight (155 grams including battery and memory card) of the Pentax Optio W10 digital camera are comfortable and ensure the camera can be carried along at all times. The size of the LCD monitor has been improved, and prospective users will now be able to enjoy a 2.5-inch screen instead of the 2-inch LCD monitor sported by its predecessor. However, changes have not been applied to the resolution, which -at 115.000 pixels- should be regarded as average. The increased size of the monitor forms an instant advantage, a fact from which user convenience benefits greatly, both above and under water. The monitor is equipped with a special coating, which ensures it is both easier and more pleasant to work with in sunny conditions. Moreover, the monitor will switch to a power-economical mode when needed.

Pentax W10 - User friendly digital camera
The Pentax Optio W10 is without question a camera that prioritizes ease and convenience. It will truly feel at home when capturing your winter sports activities, as well as in and around the water. It has to be said that nothing beats capturing the underwater world, with its stunning coral reefs and beautifully coloured fish, when snorkeling. In addition to the actual fun, the camera provides a simple, effortless operation, and aims at the photographer that values user-friendliness as well as ease. The Pentax W10 features several different automatic programmes, which are complemented by a variety of scenes, in which the camera assesses the exposure, and thus the end result, entirely automatically.

Pentax Optio W10 review
Pentax have equipped their latest model, and the model currently available on the market, with new, innovative features; such as the automatic Face Recognition auto focus and improvements to the LCD monitor. All in all, this gives us more than enough reasons to take a closer look at another W-series digital camera. We have submitted the Pentax Optio W10 to some extensive practice testing, both above and under water. Our experiences can be read in the following Pentax Optio W10 digital camera review.

Sample Gallery
Continue to take a closer look at our Pentax Sample Gallery with numerous photos taken with the Optio W10 camera. The sample images are taken in a resolution of 2816 x 2112 pixels in the sunny Caribbean island; Curacao.

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Pentax Optio W10 | Digital Camera

  Pentax Optio W10
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