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Samsung GX-1S Camera review | Storage and Energy
Prospective users of a Samsung GX-1S digital SLR camera will have plenty of choice between battery types. You can choose from alkaline batteries, CR-V3 batteries, NiMH batteries or an external power adapter, the latter of which is optional. Standard, Samsung supplies four alkaline batteries, which actually managed to do quite well for a while. However, it certainly wouldn't hurt Samsung if they decided to supply a quick charger and high capacity batteries as a standard. The camera uses a Secure Digital memory card to store its data. A logical choice, especially considering the potential consumer group that might take the step from the compact to a DSLR camera. Moreover, it should be clear by now that as far as digital compact cameras are concerned, the SD card is more a standard than an exception. The Secure Digital memory card is a very compact card that is widely available in a variety of capacities and speeds.
Samsung GX-1S | Digital Camera Samsung GX-1S | Digital Camera
SanDisk Extreme III SD card
The Secure Digital memory card is a small and light-weight card that is used more and more often, not only in (compact) cameras, but also in other devices. Secure Digital cards also happen to be fast, especially when using a fast version of SanDisk, the Extreme III. In combination with this type of fast card, the images are quickly stored. Especially when working with JPEG format images, you are able to keep shooting almost continuously. When working in RAW you will run into the occasional hold-up until the buffer is emptied. A RAW file is approximately 10MB in size, whilst a JPEG in the highest quality amounts to approximately 1.5 to 2MB. Consequently, a card of 512MB is more than welcome, and I would even recommend a memory card with a minimum storage capacity of 1GB to those photographing in RAW. The table below shows the approximate amount of images that will fit onto a 512MB Secure Digital flash card.

Considering 512MB of storage capacity:
Resolution RAW - 3008x2008 pixels - 46 images
Resolution JPEG - best - 3008 x 2008 pixels - 167 images
Resolution JPEG - better - 3008 x 2008 pixels - 311 images
Resolution JPEG - good - 3008 x 2008 pixels - 498 images
Resolution JPEG - best - 2400 x 1600 pixels - 234 images
Resolution JPEG - better - 2400 x 1600 pixels - 415 images
Resolution JPEG - good - 2400 x 1600 pixels - 674 images
Resolution JPEG - best - 1536 x 1029 pixels - 453 images
Resolution JPEG - better - 1536 x 1029 pixels - 722 images
Resolution JPEG - good - 1536 x 1029 pixels - 1115 images
Samsung GX-1S - Camera buffer
The images can be sent to the computer through a fast USB 2.0 connection. However, a card reader often proves to be handier to work with; it saves a certain amount of power from the camera. Although the recording speed of the Samsung might not exactly be impressive, it still offers a very decent performance indeed. You are able to capture approximately 2.8 frames per second. A pity, however, that the auto focus is not always able to keep up. The buffer fits approximately eight JPEG images. The JPEG images in particular are quickly written onto the card. When the buffer is full, you will be able to keep shooting with approximately 1 frame per second.

Samsung GX-1S - NiMH batteries
Although the standard delivered alkaline batteries are a nice addition, they do not last all that long. Besides these batteries, you may also opt for two CR-V3 batteries or four Lithium batteries. However, these are often very pricey. It would be wiser to invest in re-chargeable NiMH batteries. Samsung state that, when working without flash, you will be able to capture approximately 560 images with a set of fresh 2500mAh batteries. If flash was to be used for all images, you would still be able to shoot 440 photos. With my batteries, I was able to capture over 400 images; a considerable share of those was shot with flash. Moreover, I made extensive use of the monitor. The camera, however, still signalled a full battery load. As a result, I have no reason whatsoever to doubt the amounts that Samsung state.
Samsung GX-1S Samsung GX-1S
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