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Samsung GX-1S Digital camera review | Introduction
Samsung GX-1S digital camera review : The digital SLR camera market is no longer served exclusively by camera manufacturers. After the takeover of Konica Minolta, we have seen the sudden arrival of electronics giant Sony, whose introduction of the Alpha 100 instantly puts them on the map. In addition to this, Panasonic have joined forces with Olympus. The third electronics giant that wants a piece of the continuously growing market of the DSLR is Samsung. As far as electronics are concerned, there isn't much left to teach Samsung. For the actual camera technique, the brand paid a visit to Pentax. This resulted in the Samsung GX-1S and the GX-1L; cameras that are based on the Pentax *ist DS2 and the *ist DL2, respectively. In fact, we can even say that the Samsung cameras are identical twins of the two Pentax models. A different name tag is the only thing that tells them apart.

Samsung GX-1S - Small & light-weight SLR camera
With the Samsung GX-1S digital SLR camera, Samsung take their first steps into the lowest segment of this strongly growing market. A logical step, especially as the range of professional models is generally hard to enter, and the battle is fought between Canon and Nikon. (Professional) Photographers are often more conservative than one would perhaps imagine. The Samsung GX-1S is a pleasantly small and light-weight digital SLR camera, one that isn't likely to be left at home, which makes the GX-1S an excellent alternative for those that are interested in taking the step from a compact camera to a digital SLR camera, without having to compromise on ease and convenience.

Samsung GX 1S DSLR - 6.1 Megapixels
With a resolution of 6.1 Megapixels, the Samsung GX-1S has enough on board to produce attractive A4 prints. Although we see many of its rivals offering a higher amount of pixels, a consumer should never trust blindly in the amount of pixels alone. Moreover, the difference between six and eight Megapixels isn't even all that significant, and the actual pixel quality is known to be much more important than the amount itself. The image sensor in the Samsung GX-1S isn't exactly a stranger; besides the Pentax, it is also found in the, for example, models of Konica Minolta and the Nikon D50 and D70s. From a marketing point of view, it goes without saying that 6 Megapixel DSLRs will have trouble proving themselves, especially when compared to the compact 10 Megapixel cameras. Granted, perhaps an odd comparison, but it just so happens that the tendency leans towards Megapixels.

Samsung GX-1S - 2.5 inch LCD screen
Just as with the Pentax *ist DS2, the Samsung GX-1S offers eleven focus points. In combination with a recording speed of 2.8 frames per second and a buffer of 8 JPEG or 5 RAW photos, this makes the GX-1S suitable to capture moving subjects, or at least on paper. Afterwards, the photos can be viewed on a large 2.5-inch screen located on the back side of the camera. Another advantage of the large LCD monitor is that the menu is both clear and easy to read. All images are stored on a Secure Digital memory card. Once again a logical choice, as the small housing simply does not leave all that much space. Furthermore, Secure Digital offers the user a wide choice in storage capacity, speed, etc.

Samsung GX-1S digital SLR review
Samsung have taken a wise decision by keeping the bayonet identical to that of Pentax. As a result, the Samsung can also be equipped with Pentax lenses, even the very old ones, although it should be said that this will cause a slight loss of functionality, which means you will eventually lose out on a certain degree of user convenience. The Samsung GX-1S is delivered as a kit with a Schneider Kreuznach D-Xenon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, which looks suspiciously much like the kit lens that comes with the Pentax models. Either way, it offers an attractive range, which is the equivalent of 28-84mm with a 35mm camera. The focal length multiplier is 1.5x, which is the same as that of the Nikon digital SLR cameras. We had the opportunity to submit the Samsung GX-1S to some extensive testing during a longer period of time. The results can be read in the following Samsung GX-1S digital SLR review.

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Samsung GX-1S preview

"The Samsung GX-1S is easy to handle, its Custom settings feature is a pleasure to have on board and will be welcomed by the amateur user. The available features will give the amateur photographer plenty of opportunities to capture the moment. Compared to its competition the specifications of the Samsung GX-1S are trailing a little bit behind, but I am sure that if Samsung is really serious about getting the tough-to-get market share, they will already be working on their own digital SLR system…."

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Samsung GX-1S | Digital Camera

  Samsung GX-1S
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