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Kodak EasyShare V610 Camera review | Storage and Energy
The Kodak EasyShare V610 is equipped with an internal memory of 32MB of which 28MB is reserved for saving pictures. Of course, such a capacity is not enough and it is necessary to invest a little in one of the many memory cards of SD or MMC size. Contrary to the Secure Digital memory card the MultiMedia Card is not actually widespread. In general, one of the many kinds of the Secure Digital cards will be decided upon. There are many kinds differing in speed and storage capacity. The card slot for the memory card is moved to the underside of the camera at the Kodak V610, where it is placed next to the Lithium Ion battery in the compartment. Because a six Megapixel image is about 2MB, it seems useful to us to buy at least 256MB or 512MB.
Kodak EasyShare V610 | Digital Camera Kodak EasyShare V610 | Digital Camera
Secure Digital memory card - SanDisk Ultra II
That Kodak is compatible with the Secure Digital memory card, should not be a surprise anymore. Ninety-nine per cent of all its cameras are equipped with an SD slot, except for a rare excursion to an xD Picture card. The Kodak EasyShare V610 is no racer: it gets up to 2fps, which is an average performance. In practice it is found that there is no use in putting a very fast memory card in the camera. It's true that the reproduction of the picture will be a bit faster and it is saved a fraction faster, but this is to be sneezed at and should not be the reason to buy a faster card. The Kodak V610 can be combined very well with a standard or average speed card such as the SanDisk Ultra II memory card, which we have used in the field test.

Considering 512MB of storage capacity:
6 Megapixels - 2832 x 2128 pixels - JPEG - 266 pictures
5.3 Megapixels 3:2 - 2832 x 1888 pixels - JPEG - 298 pictures
4 Megapixels - 2032 x 1728 pixels - JPEG - 392 pictures
3.1 Megapixels - 2048 x 1536 pixels - JPEG - 485 pictures
1.1 Megapixels - 1200 x 900 pixels - JPEG - 176 pictures

Video resolution VGA 640 x 480 pixels - 16 min 28 sec
Video resolution VGA long 640 x 480 pixels - 31 min 57 sec
Video resolution QVGA 320 x 240 pixels - 41 min 46 sec
SanDisk Secure Digital Ultra II Plus card
Since some time now in the field tests we use the SanDisk Secure Digital Ultra II Plus card, amongst others. This memory card handles the data with an average speed and forms a great combination with digital camera such as the Kodak EasyShare V610. Next to the constant quality the Ultra Plus II SD card offers a unique aspect; the card has a built-in USB interface. By taking the card out of the camera and literally snapping it in half, the USB interface is released and the card can be directly put into a USB slot. This is very useful in practice and the card can be used as a universal storage medium for all kinds of data.

Kodak V610 - Speed & Buffer
The Kodak EasyShare V610 has an average performance when it comes to speed. The speed of starting up is good, but when compared to the competition (internal zoom lens), not spectacularly fast. The so-called shutter lag has been well-mastered by Kodak and the camera doesn't react slowly when taking a picture. In the single mode the speed is limited to about 2.5 seconds per frame for a picture taken with the highest quality settings (JPEG/Fine). The buffer is filled after about 8 pictures and then the pictures have to be written to the flash memory card. During this time the Kodak V610 will slow down a bit more until the buffer is emptied. The continuous pictures of 2fps are more like it for recording action moments. Here, there is also a maximum of about 8 photos per series.

Kodak EasyShare V610 - Lithium Ion battery
The Kodak EasyShare V610 is equipped with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. When the battery is fully loaded about 130 pictures can be taken, which amount is quite average. Nowadays the measurements in the area of battery capacity and number of pictures are given following the CIPA protocol (standard). During holidays or a party it does happen that you will take more pictures than expected, a second battery is then advisable.
Kodak EasyShare V610 Kodak EasyShare V610
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