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Kodak EasyShare V610 Camera review | Control
The Kodak V610 falls within the Kodak EasyShare concept of course, feeling very strongly about ease and friendliness. A few years ago, Kodak made an attempt to apply the ancient slogan “You push the button, we do the rest” to its digital camera selection. The result is the EasyShare concept, where the camera is the focal point en by pressing a button the possibility is created to print, transport and share, even via e-mail. The software that is used for this has been renewed recently and belongs to the standard accessories of the Kodak EasyShare V610 camera.
Kodak EasyShare V610 | Digital Camera Kodak EasyShare V610 | Digital Camera
Kodak EasyShare V610 - Easy operation
The Kodak EasyShare V610 is a camera meant for the beginning photographer or maybe for the more advanced photographer who is looking for an extra camera in a compact size. The operation of the Kodak V610 is simple and straightforward. This means at the same time that a lot of actions are performed automatically and there are not many manual settings available. It is therefore not possible to set the diaphragm or shutter speed. There is the possibility to give priority to speed or backgrounds out of focus by using the scenes. The Kodak EasyShare offers a large number of pre-programmed scenes, no less than 21, and besides that a possibility to save personally preferred settings.

Kodak V610 menu - Multifunctional buttons & Joystick
The Kodak V610 minimises the number of buttons, which increases the overview in itself. The menu of the camera is lucid and is presented clearly in the large display. One can navigate quickly through the menu via the multifunctional buttons and the small joystick. It is handy that the Kodak V610 offers the possibility to choose from many languages which makes it almost always possible to set the language you wish. Too bad Kodak didn't adopt the button compilation of the Kodak V570 on the backside of the camera. The buttons on the Kodak V610 are in fact too small. Especially the tiny joystick in the middle of the multifunctional button is annoyingly small and undermines the ease of use.

Kodak EasyShare V610 - Dual lens construction
The fact that an amateur digital camera like the Kodak EasyShare V610 is equipped with a large optical range in a sleek compact housing is unique. The dual lens construction is advantageous for the size of the camera. It is a pity that Kodak did not (yet) succeed in combining a wide-angle of for example 28mm and a large optical range in the dual lens concept, but maybe they still have something up their sleeves.
Fact is that Kodak quickly has managed to work out an interesting concept into two digital cameras which is easy to use for the beginning photographer. By using the 10x optical zoom, almost all subjects get within reach for the beginner and the Kodak V610 will do well during holidays where mostly new subject will be recorded.

Kodak V610 - Schneider Kreuznach zoom lens
Using the dual lens technique means hardly any adjustment for the user. The only thing you notice is that it is not possible to zoom in completely by pressing the zoom button, but that the button has to be pushed again when the first optical range is fully met (38 – 114mm) to get to full telephoto (380mm). This is shown on the display by a meter. From wide-angle to 114mm telephoto the Schneider Kreuznach zooms in five precise steps, after which it zooms into telephoto by another five steps. After that there is the option to zoom in digitally, which gives loss of quality as expected. Zooming in works simply, but unfortunately enough the amount of steps is limited, which makes precise zooming in a matter of taking real steps back or forward.

Kodak EasyShare V610 Megazoom digital camera
When the Kodak V610 Megazoom camera is activated, one can get to work almost immediately. The standard setting of the camera is automatic, which leaves nothing but pressing the release button to make the first image. Although there are no real manual settings besides white balance, light metering and ISO, you can put your own creative stamp on the images buy using the collection of scenes. Via the SCENE button the programmes can be directly approached and at will selected and activated.
Kodak EasyShare V610 Kodak EasyShare V610
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