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Pentax Optio T10 Camera review | Control
Those who carry along a Pentax Optio T10 are probably not out to capture a photo shoot or other technical photographic masterpieces; they will be more interested in capturing the daily moments around them in the most comfortable and effortless way. The Pentax T10 is a true snapshot camera, which is by no means intended to degrade the camera. On the contrary even, the Pentax Optio T10 proves ground-breaking in certain areas, and shows a new way of operating a camera - one that could in fact turn out to seriously appeal to the consumer. Pentax prove that things don't necessarily have to end with a large format display; they show that a touch-screen, for instance, could add an indisputable surplus value to a camera.
Pentax Optio T10 | Digital Camera Pentax Optio T10 | Digital Camera
Pentax Optio T10 - 3x Optical zoom
The Pentax Optio T10 is activated by the main switch on the top side of camera, and requires approximately 1.5 seconds before it is ready to capture the first shot. This is a reasonably average speed, which easily suffices. The 3x optical zoom lens extends approximately 2cm, which is also the maximum distance it can extend. Deactivating the Pentax T10 camera can be done within a second. The 3x optical zoom lens has a focal range of 37.5 - 112.5mm (equivalent of a 35mm camera) and zooms in on the subject with average speed. Zooming in from wide-angle to tele takes approximately 0.9 seconds However, zooming in accurately with six small steps may at times prove a little limited when you need to assess a composition with precision.

Pentax Optio T10 - Focussing
Although the focussing of the Pentax Optio T10 isn't fast as lightning, it certainly is accurate. The camera does occasionally take its time to focus on the subject via one of the five focus points. The standard minimum focus distance of 40cm generally suffices to capture the average daily subject. Those who wish to venture into the macro world, may opt to switch to the macro mode, in which the distance is shortened to 15cm. The six Megapixel resolution is more or less regarded as the standard these days, although we have seen an increase of cameras with higher resolutions, ranging as far as 10 Megapixels. However, 6 Megapixels proves more than enough to convert the digital file to a beautiful photorealistic print.

Pentax T10 - 3 inch LCD screen
It goes without saying that the most remarkable feature of the Pentax Optio T10 digital camera is the large 3 inch LCD monitor. At the same time, this type of large monitor proves a very good reason to permanently remove the optical viewfinder from the design. However, this does oblige Pentax to produce a high quality monitor, and I think it is safe to say they have achieved just that. The 230.000 pixels resolution is convincing and offers an attractive and sharp rendition of the recorded images. The angle of view is very wide indeed, so the image can easily be shared with others.
However, it has to be said the angle of view does change when holding the camera overhead. In this case, the view decreases virtually instantly, which is an absolute pity, especially as this is a position photographers will often run into. Perhaps Pentax could apply the solution that Panasonic have for this problem (High Angle - large angle of view overhead) in their next generation?

Pentax Optio T10 - Touch-screen
Besides the large format monitor, the use of the touch-screen is without question the pinnacle of the camera. The Pentax Optio T10 is virtually free of buttons, which is admittedly quite unique. Simply tap the monitor with your finger or the Stylus pen to display a number of pictograms through which frequently used functions such as P, AF, flash and series of images can be set. Pressing one of the two buttons that are found next to the screen, allows you to see the remaining functions, which enables you to alter or adjust things instantly when needed. I have to say I find working with the method that Pentax provide quite enjoyable indeed. The advantage is formed by the fact that the user is able to operate the camera in a very simple - perhaps even childlike simple - manner; pointing to alter functions and edit images. However, the fact that you virtually always have to resort to the monitor may also prove a disadvantage; after all, this could turn out to cost more time than one would generally need.

Pentax T10 - User friendly digital camera
Pentax have seen to it that the camera's menu is both straightforward and very clear. Not once did I catch myself thinking of the user manual whilst working with the Pentax Optio T10; all features and functions simply speak for themselves. The fact that Pentax have seized the opportunity to extend the language selection to fourteen languages proves very handy indeed; after all, this greatly increases the chance of being able to set the camera in your own language. Although this might be a small detail to the fast Digipros, many consumers have indicated that they see this as a very important asset of a camera.
Pentax Optio T10 Pentax Optio T10
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