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Pentax Optio T10 Digital camera review | Introduction
Pentax Optio T10 digital camera review : The Pentax Optio T10 is a typical example of a stylish design camera. The compact size, neat finish and surprising back side prove to be features that instantly draw your eye to the camera. The Pentax Optio T10 will be a true godsend to all those that are suffering from "button-fear"; the camera features only four buttons, an absolute record! The Pentax T10 became available several months ago, and will have to go head-to-head with camera heavyweights such as Canon, Sony and Nikon.

Pentax Optio T10 - 3 inch LCD screen
The Pentax Optio T10 was introduced in the month of the PMA 2006, and proved an instant eye-catcher. The impressively large 3 inch screen takes up a sizeable part of the camera's back side, which distinguishes itself by the absence of the, for instance, well-known multi controller. The type of monitor that we find on the Pentax Optio T10 is in fact rather surprising; a touch-screen with a resolution of 230,000 pixels. This immediately explains the absence of several "standard" buttons. The large format screen makes an optical viewfinder virtually redundant. The touch-screen monitor enables an altogether different operation, which requires a clear and well-arranged menu structure.

Pentax T10 - Digital camera market
Pentax have been part of the digital camera market for years, and never cease to amaze us with their surprising series of digital cameras. Since 2003, we have seen Pentax take their first steps into the world of the digital SLR camera. They are in fact somewhat of a late bloomer in this area, as they have always been a very strong and prominent presence in the world of the analogue camera. After the introduction of a handful of digital SLR cameras, Pentax have decided to combine forces with electronics giant Samsung. The expectations of this cooperation are high, and whilst the current series of digital compact cameras by Pentax and Samsung are still entirely different, it will be interesting to see whether this will change in the future.

Pentax Optio T10 camera - Touch-screen
Pentax have been working with the Optio name since 2001, and have managed to achieve a very decent level of brand awareness. Over the past few years, we have seen Pentax invest serious effort, which has resulted in an extensive range of models. Time and time again Pentax succeed in integrating innovative functions in their new models, something that is once again emphasised by the Pentax Optio T10. Although the use of a touch-screen isn't completely new, it remains surprising. Furthermore, the large screen enables the use of clearly larger pictograms, whilst illustrating it is even more important to have a menu that is both clear and easily accessible.

Pentax Optio T10 review
The stylish design, the touch-screen and the camera's compact size all prove attractive features for the consumer that values ease and knows how to appreciate detail. The touch-screen display presents possibilities for an entirely individual way of operating the camera, and will offer a new experience to many. The Pentax T10 has an image resolution of 6 Megapixel and is equipped with a 3x optical zoom lens. We were able to work with the Pentax Optio T10 in practice for a considerable amount of time, and have subjected it to extensive testing. Whether or not we found the Pentax Optio T10 camera to our liking can be read in the following Pentax Optio T10 digital camera review.

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Pentax Optio T10 | Digital Camera

  Pentax Optio T10
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