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Samsung Digimax i6 Camera review | Adjustments
Users of the Samsung Digimax i6 PMP have a large number of pre-programmed settings to choose from in addition to the A (auto) setting. These settings have been well thought out and offer a solution for nearly every situation. Taking pictures in snow, for example, requires a different aperture/shutter speed than standard and situations like this are where the pre-chosen program settings come into their own. In general, pictures taken in the automatic setting give great results. But there are some everyday objects where the pre-programmed scenes will give an even better result, so it's worth your while to try them out.
Samsung Digimax i6 | Digital Camera Samsung Digimax i6 | Digital Camera
Samsung i6 PMP - White balance
The Samsung i6 has an automatic white balance as well as several setting options each of which emphasises a particular colour temperature. There are settings for daylight, florescent lighting and light bulb, but you can also adjust the white balance manually. The automatic white balance can manage perfectly well, but occasionally it doesn't work well and you will then need to use the manual. The automatic white balance gives just a bit too much colour cast in settings with excessive artificial light. You will see an immediate difference if you adjust the white balance to the light source or set it manually.

Samsung Digimax i6 - Super Macro setting
The lens used by Samsung can focus from 50cm in the normal setting. In the Super Macro setting you can focus from 1 cm. The Auto Macro is useful and can be used for taking a quick picture of, for instance, a flower. In this setting, you can take a photo from 5 cm in the wide angle setting and you don't have to check whether you are outside the focal range. This is in contrast to the Super Macro where the focal range is between 1 and 5 cm. The results of the macro pictures are pretty decent. The sharpness is a bit soft, but can be improved considerably with a bit of final processing. There is some distortion in the corners but it is not annoying and also not uncommon. The distortion over the entire range is very good. Distortion is minimal in the wide angle setting the results are definitely above average. Chromatic aberration affects the wide angle pictures in particular. You can see purplish edges around the subject but this problem can be solved if your zoom in slightly.

Samsung Digimax i6 - Movie clip setting
A nice extra is the setting to embellish your digital photo with sound/speech. There are several possible options in the movie clip setting. Depending on the final storage possibilities you can save in 3 different resolutions; 640 x 480 / 320 x 240 / 160 x 128 pixels, whereby the first is preferable thanks to its quality. If you use a Secure Digital 512MB memory card, for example, you can save 34 minutes of video in the best setting. The same applies to the image speed, where you can choose between 30 en 15 fps; naturally the first is better, especially if you want to watch the video clips on a large screen.

Samsung Digimax i6 PMP - Flash
Although the flash is very small and completely worked away in the camera's body, it can give great results. Do you only want to work in the A setting? No problem - the flash will do its job. You can make some changes to the settings which urgently require a flash but then it has to be set manually.
There are also some exceptions to this: if taking photographs in the A setting it will not always be possible to make adjustments to the flash program. If you want to get the best results from the flash pictures, you will have to play around with the exposure compensation. The Samsung i6's flash is somewhat inclined to under exposure and a little over exposure gives visibly better results.

Samsung i6 PMP - ISO values & ASR
The Samsung Digimax i6 has a range of ISO value settings that can be set with the +/- button. The ISO values range from 50 tot 400 ISO. The signal/noise ratio of 50 up to 100 ISO is perfectly acceptable and as you would expect, free of any disturbingly visible noise. The 200 and 400 ISO settings have clear difficulties functioning at the same level. The pictures in these settings are rather soft and the active noise suppression leaves its marks. Seeing that the ASR (image stabilisation) function raises the ISO value, I had expected better quality from the high ISO values. This method of digital stabilisation is only functional if the quality on the whole is not damaged. I would much rather have had an optical image stabiliser in its place.

Samsung Digimax i6 - Color reproduction
The colour reproduction looks good and the pictures have a high degree of colour saturation. It's a bit strong for my taste but I can imagine that most users will appreciate this colour saturation. The emphasis that is placed on the red and blue colours does not result in inferior print quality; on the contrary, the prints stand out really well. With such high colour saturation, the skin tones of white people can sometimes get a purplish tint, but with the exception of a few test photos this was not generally the case with the Samsung i6.

Samsung i6 PMP - Built-in MP3 player
As well as the photographic and video options, the Samsung i6 PMP camera also has a MP3 function. The built-in MP3 player has a simple design; copy the collection of MP3 numbers to a folder with the name MP3 on the memory card and you're done. The sound quality is reasonable to good and the settings are reasonably basic. You shouldn't see the camera as a competitor of the Apple Nano, for example, but the MP3 is a fun extra. The Samsung Digimax i6 is not able to support all formats, but files can be transferred to a format that the camera will support via the Samsung Digimax Converter software that comes with the camera. One amusing detail is that you can take photographs (3 Megapixel setting) while listening to a MP3 number. There is also a background choice that shows the Samsung Digimax i6's fully fledged multimedia character.
Samsung Digimax i6 Samsung Digimax i6
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