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Digital Camera Specifications

Samsung Digimax i6 Camera review | Control
Multimedia digital cameras like the Samsung Digimax i6 have been specially designed to give maximum digital performance in the simplest way possible. The Samsung i6 is not meant for the demanding photographer, but for beginning photographers or users who prefer convenience to extensive manual settings options. It is then not surprising that Samsung has chosen for a relatively limited number of buttons and setting options. Many of the settings have been set at their optimal position in the factory and most changes are only part of a more creative process. If you still want to be more creative, you can always look in the menu. You can choose from 14 pre-programmed settings such as children or sunset and there is also a text setting especially to record text.
Samsung Digimax i6 | Digital Camera Samsung Digimax i6 | Digital Camera
Samsung Digimax i6 - Zoom & Macro setting
Most users will appreciate the Samsung Digimax i6 in the A setting. The zoom setting can be changed easily via the large zoom button on the rear of the camera. By combining the 3x optical zoom with 5x digital you can reach a total zoom range of 15x. Of course a digital zoom doesn't contribute to the quality, but it can come in useful anyway. The macro setting works automatically in the A (auto) setting but can be adjusted according to choice. The camera has a focus-lock that is simply operated by the shutter release. The flash setting has six other settings in addition to the Off setting. These are more than adequate to use. Like any other camera, the Samsung Digimax i6 compact camera has a self timer.

Samsung Digimax i6 PMP - ISO settings
The digital image stabiliser (ASR) enables you to take good pictures in difficult circumstances. In poor light with a moving object the camera will give a warning and turn on the ASR. It is a pity that Samsung hasn't (yet) seen an opportunity to equip a camera like the Samsung i6 with an optical image stabiliser. Among other things, the digital version makes use of raising the ISO value, a method that I do not approve of. The same rule applies as always: high ISO, more noise. The +/- button can be used to adjust the values for the RGB setting, the ISO setting, the white balance, exposure compensation and LT setting. The RGB represents the relation between the colours Red Green and Blue and the LT setting relates to shutter speed/aperture values that will change according to the zoom settings.
Samsung i6 - Special effects & Recording
The Samsung Digimax i6 PMP camera also has an E (effect) program that allows you to add quick and simple special effects to the pictures. The so-called photo frames are nice; these are frames, or borders around the pictures. You can choose from nine themes. The final sharpness of a picture can be set afterwards. All changes and settings that the user has made themselves can be seen on the LCD screen on the rear of the camera. All steps taken in the menu are also shown. Naturally, all changes made to the size, quality and framing of the pictures are clearly stated on the LCD. As well as taking digital photos, the Samsung Digimax i6 compact digital camera can record simple video clips, add spoken texts to photos and is a fully fledged compact MP3 player. The operation of all the functions is straightforward to install, change and adjust to meet personal user requirements.

Samsung Digimax i6 PMP - PictBridge support
If you connect the Samsung Digimax i6 to a printer that supports PictBridge you can print a picture directly from the printer quickly and easily. You can choose if you want to have one or more prints of the selected picture. You can also arrange all sorts of quality settings from within the camera, such as the quality and format of the paper, but also the quality of the print. In fact the combination of the Samsung i6 and a PictBridge supporting printer gives you a mini printing centre at your fingertips. If you don't have a PictBridge supporting printer, you can always print a picture via your home computer.
Samsung Digimax i6 Samsung Digimax i6
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