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Samsung Digimax i6 Camera review | Camera
The Samsung Digimax i6 has an ergonomic design and despite weighing only 129.5 grams, it still feels comfortable to hold. The slight curve on the right side of the camera gives a good grip and together with the clip mounted on the front it functions as a sort of hand grip. The camera's finishing touches are particularly refined and the matt black casing bordered by a silver line running over the entire body gives the Samsung i6 a stylish and striking appearance. With a design like that, the Samsung Digimax i6 PMP sure knows how to catch your attention. This was something I noticed often during the trial period.
Samsung Digimax i6 | Digital Camera Samsung Digimax i6 | Digital Camera
Samsung Digimax i6 - Built-in optical zoom lens
The silver coloured clip on the front left of the Samsung i6 camera stands out immediately. To the above right of it there is an built-in optical zoom lens that does not protrude when activated. The entire lens system is inside the camera and zooming in also happens from within. Applying this technique is what enabled Samsung to make a camera as compact as this one. An auto focus that helps focus the camera by means of a bright orange LED when you are taking photographs in poor light conditions has been placed just underneath the flash. On the right side of the Samsung Digimax i6 compact camera there is a neatly sealed connection for a headphone next to the fastening for the clip.

Samsung i6 image stabiliser - ASR function
On top of the camera we see 3 buttons with a small microphone on the far left-hand side. The so-called ASR function has been placed in the middle. This ASR function is a digital image stabiliser that works simply; by raising the ISO value and prioritising faster shutter speeds, it reduces the risk of movement blur. The on/off switch is located beside the ASR button and finally, there is a large format shutter release button that nestles comfortably under your finger. On the right side (viewed from the back) we can see a connection that immediately distinguishes the Samsung i6 from its competitors; a connection for a head phone. The opposite side is free from any functionality.

Samsung i6 PMP - Battery & Memory compartment
If we turn the camera around to examine the underneath more closely, the first thing we see is the interface through which the camera can be connected to the camera station that is supplied with the camera.
Beside it is a compartment for the Lithium Ion battery and the Secure Digital memory card. The small plastic lid is not easy to open at first and requires some getting used to. The battery is neatly held in place with a safety lock so that the battery cannot fall out if the compartment is opened suddenly.

Samsung Digimax i6 PMP - 2.5 inch display
The rear of the Samsung Digimax i6 is occupied by a large format 2.5 inch display. The large format display is reason enough for Samsung not to include an optical viewfinder in the design. Above left of the screen there is a small LED that indicates the camera status. Right of the screen we come across the more or less familiar buttons; the multi-controller with a total of four buttons above and below. Totally above is the zoom button that rather eccentrically is not operated form left to right but from below to above. The zoom button also functions as a volume control and selection button for miniature reproductions. Together with the multi-control buttons, the other buttons cover diverse functions. These include multimedia as well as photographic functions.

Samsung i6 digital camera - Multimedia
The Samsung Digimax i6 is beautifully finished and looks stunning. Not only is it an eye-catching camera but a lot of thought has gone into its making. Its multimedia character could have lured the manufacturer into getting lost in a sea of buttons but this is certainly not the case with the Samsung i6. Ergonomically, the camera is well put together; it lies easily in your hand and is comfortable to carry.
Samsung Digimax i6 Samsung Digimax i6
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