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Samsung Digimax i6 Digital camera review | Introduction
Samsung Digimax i6 PMP review : The new Samsung Digimax i6 PMP was immediately enthusiastically received by the specialist publications. As well as being a compactly designed digital camera, the Samsung i6 is also a video camera and, surprisingly enough, a fully-fledged MP3 player. The Samsung Digimax i6 has a stylish, ergonomic design and is extremely compact. With 6 Megapixels the Samsung NV i6 is a digital compact camera with a lot of extra's up its sleeve. The Samsung Digimax i6 has a 3x optical zoom and a 5x digital zoom. The camera has an adjustable image stabiliser (ASR) that can be used to reduce the often annoying consequences of movement in the digital picture. The term PMP refers to the Personal Media Player and encapsulates the multimedia character of the Samsung Digimax i6 camera.

Samsung i6 - SHD lens & 2.5 inch LCD monitor
The SHD lens has a focal distance of 39 - 117mm (equivalent of a 35mm camera). The user gets an average wide angle up to an average tele. The type of camera that Samsung has produced with the Digimax i6 is aimed at the modern young user that as well as being comfortable with digital photography is familiar with compact media players like the popular Apple iPod or SanDisk Sansa media players. On the back of the camera is a 2.5 inch format LCD monitor which has given Samsung an excuse to leave out the optical viewfinder. The refined appearance and multiple user possibilities will appeal to many beginning digital photographers but anyone with an eye for design will also feel attracted to the Samsung i6.

Digimax i6 PMP - Samsung digital cameras
Samsung has been active on the digital camera market for quite a while now. I think that we can safely say that since 2005, Samsung has been catching up fast and is demanding a share of the market in rapid tempo. The intense collaboration with camera manufacturer Pentax that was announced last year has already produced two digital reflex cameras and a 10 Megapixel DSLR is waiting in the wings to be launched at the Photokina 2006. With the Samsung Digimax i6, Samsung is demonstrating that it can offer consumers an assortment of cameras ranging from entry-level models to advanced and from multimedia to serious digital reflex cameras. A range that is every bit as good as any camera from a renowned camera manufacturer.

Samsung Digimax i6 PMP - MP3 player
Thanks to its compact size and design, you can take the Samsung i6 everywhere with you, which is of course one of the criteria required of a portable media player. The Samsung Digimax i6 PMP comes with a luxurious case to protect it from unnecessary damage and dirt. With its measurements of 96 x 61 x 18.5mm and a weight of only 129.5 gram, having this camera on hand all the time is a natural choice.

Samsung Digimax i6 review
Samsung knows by now how to take advantage of the latest developments and package them in attractive cameras. It is clear that this camera can be seen as a new development with lots of possibilities and loads of fun for users. Maybe Samsung will launch a new trend with this model. We were able to try using the Samsung Digimax i6 PMP for an extended period and you can read our findings in the following Samsung Digimax i6 digital camera review.

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Samsung Digimax i6 | Digital Camera

  Samsung Digimax i6
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