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Canon Digital IXUS 800 IS Digital camera review | Introduction
Canon Digital IXUS 800 IS review : The successful series of digital IXUS cameras brings us the Canon Digital IXUS 800 IS digital camera. This new top model from the Digital IXUS series is equipped with the latest technology, and comes in the trendiest "jacket" of the series. As far as specifications are concerned, the Canon IXUS 800 IS leads Canon's compact camera range; not only does the camera have the stylish looks that the IXUS line is famed for, it also features a 4x optical zoom and the same optical Image Stabilizer (IS) technology that is used in Canon's professional EF lenses to reduce blur caused by movement of the photographer's hand.

Canon Digital IXUS 800 IS digital compact camera
The Canon IXUS 800 IS was introduced early this year, right before the start of the PMA 2006. It did take three months for the camera to actually become available, but as the holiday season approaches, the time finally seems to have come for the Canon IXUS 800 IS to make its mark. Canon find themselves in the middle of a particularly successful period, which seems far from over. IDC recently published a report in which Canon is declared market leader of the Western European market for the fourth consecutive year. Despite the increased competition, Canon easily managed to hold on to their clear number one position in 2005. In the past year, 27 million digital compact cameras and digital SLR cameras were sold in Western Europe alone (as opposed to 25 million in 2004). As the ultimate number one in this market, Canon hold a 16.5% share.

Canon Digital IXUS 800 IS - Optical image stabiliser
The new Canon IXUS 800 IS aims at securing yet another successful period for Canon. It should be said that the specifications of this new camera certainly show promise. Canon's strength is not only shown by the camera's attractive design, but also by the fact that each introduction is accompanied by the integration of considerable innovations. New elements, or elements borrowed from Canon's professional line, are carried through to the amateur line both rapidly and effortlessly. Therefore, it doesn't come as a surprise that this is one of the most striking features of the Canon Digital IXUS 800 IS; besides a renewed design, the camera comes with first-rate technology, such as an optical image stabiliser, and the powerful DIGIC II processor.

Canon IXUS 800 IS - DIGital Imaging Core image processor
The DIGIC II (DIGital Imaging Core) image processor, designed and produced by Canon themselves, guarantees a swift start-up time, a short shutter release lag, fast image processing and excellent image quality. Although one might argue this comes across as nothing short of a commercial slogan, it should be said that the powerful image processor has already more than proven itself in the past. The fact that Canon are able to introduce innovative developments from the professional reflex world into their amateur product line, shows an impressive degree of progressive effort and perseverance.

Canon IXUS 800 IS review
The Canon Digital IXUS series of digital cameras has been successful for many years. At this time, the new Canon Digital IXUS 800 IS leads the series, and will undoubtedly enjoy a warm welcome from the IXUS enthusiasts. We had the opportunity to test the Canon IXUS 800 IS during a long period of time. Whether or not Canon set a new benchmark for their compact camera line can be read in the following Canon Digital IXUS 800 IS digital camera review.

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Canon Digital IXUS 800 IS | Digital Camera

  Canon Digital IXUS 800 IS
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