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Nic Rossmüller : June 17th 2006 - 21:15 CET

2D Color analyzer at SID 2006 from Konica Minolta

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Konica-Minolta2D Color analyzer at SID 2006 from Konica Minolta : For applications requiring accurate 2D measurement of the luminance and chromaticity distribution of projectors, backlights, televisions, monitors and other related devices, Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc. introduced the new 2D Color Analyzer Konica Minolta CA-2000 at SID 2006, San Francisco, CA The CA-2000 incorporates XYZ filters and a high-resolution CCD to offer sensitivity closely matching that of the human eye. CA-S20w software, included with the Konica Minolta CA-2000, provides quick and efficient measurement, data analysis and evaluation. The combination of the CA-2000 and CA-S20w software is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for development, evaluation or inspection.
2D Color analyzer at SID 2006 from Konica MinoltaKonica Minolta CA-2000
"The flexibility and versatility of the Konica Minolta CA-2000, with its various lens options, including standard, wide and telephoto, and its compact lightweight design give our clients the capability to configure the CA-2000 to handle a wide range of measurement requirements," said Kaoru Morishita, President, KMSA. "Konica Minolta has a long legacy of innovation and technological breakthroughs in products that measure color, light and appearance and precision dimensional measurement. The CA-2000 illustrates our commitment to continue to develop new products that solve real-world problems in improving product performance, accuracy and quality."

Konica Minolta CA-2000 Features
Sensor with XYZ filters for correlation to the sensitivity of the human eye - The XYZ filters offer spectral response that correlates closely with the CIE1931 color-matching functions to ensure luminance/chromaticity measurements that match with evaluation by human eyes. High-resolution one million pixel CCD - Provides approximately 25 times higher resolution than previous Konica Minolta models.

Wide angle and Telephoto lensen - Calibration
Interchangeable lenses for measurement of various objects - Select the optimum lens from standard, wide angle and telephoto lenses, plus two types of macro rings for the telephoto lens, according to the size of the object being measured. Individual lens calibration using multiple focus points. Each lens is individually calibrated for the sensitivity fluctuations caused by sensors, optical filters and the lens itself, using multiple focus points. Synchronized measurement - Available by numerical input of the sync frequency for the subject device, and allowing integration of a maximum of 256 measurements for accuracy even in low luminance.

Konica Minolta lens option - LCD televisions
Standard lens, Medium to large displays, LCD televisions, monitors, automotive instrument panels, car navigation systems. Wide lens, Short-distance measurement of larger displays -large screen televisions, short focal length projectors. Telephoto lens - Small display or long-distance measurement - backlights, automotive taillights, large outdoor displays. Macro rings Close-up measurement of small areas, small LCDs, organic ELs and LEDs of cell phones and cameras.

Konica Minolta CA-S20w software
Using this software enables the control of the CA-2000 instrument from a PC for operations such as displaying sample data in various graphs or lists, or sending data to an Excel spreadsheet. This allows quick management, analysis and evaluation of data, design and inspection.

About Konica Minolta Sensing Americas
A wholly-owned subsidiary of Konica Minolta Holdings USA, Inc., Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc. is a top-tier company in the measurement of light and color and precise representation of shapes and dimensions. The company developed and introduced the first portable spectrophotometers and colorimeters, adding new dimensions of convenience and functionality and dramatically changing the way light, color and appearance, and shape dimension is measured. Products include colorimeters, spectrophotometers, spectroradiometers, 3D digitizers, display products and more. The thousands of companies that use KMSA instruments range from food, plastics, paints and coatings, automotive, to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. 3D digitizers are used in medical, surgical and dental applications as well as in industrial design, game software development, animation, virtual reality, architectural and fashion applications, to name just a few.

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