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Nic Rossmüller : June 11th 2006 - 15:08 CET

Casio XJ-S30 and XJ-S35 Super Slim Projectors

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CasioCasio XJ-S30 and XJ-S35 Super Slim Projectors : Casio Europe GmbH and its parent company, Casio Computer CO., LTD., have announced the release of the Super Slim Projector, a new data projector product. Two models will be available: the Casio XJ-S35 Super Slim projector and the Casio XJ-S30 Projector. Casio Computer Co., Ltd., will start shipping the new projectors in the third quarter of 2006. Casio's series of data projectors, initially released at the end of 2003, is well known for compact size and brightness. The series also won kudos for being the first data projectors with a wide-angle 2X zoom lens. This series of projectors has won rave reviews from both businesses and schools, and are used for a broad range of applications.
Casio XJ-S30 and XJ-S35 Super Slim ProjectorsCasio XJ-S35 and Casio XJ-S30
With the new Super Slim Projector (models Casio XJ-S35 and Casio XJ-S30), Casio has made components such as the projection lens and light source much smaller, achieving a significant reduction in the height of the unit to just 43 mm (32 mm at the thinnest point). In addition, the high-end Casio XJ-35 model enables users to make PowerPoint and other presentations without a PC. A whole new breed of communication tool, the Super Slim Projector expands on what users can do through innovations in both form and function.

Super Slim Projector - Wide angle zoom lens
The Super Slim Projector's wide-angle 2X zoom lens gives it the best range of any data projector on the market images can be projected from as close as 0.84 m. It also delivers remarkable brightness of 2000 ANSI lumens, so users can make presentations without dimming the lights. This groundbreaking new mobile projector is great for small, everyday meetings and major presentations-and everything in between. Accompanying the new data projectors,

Casio YP-100 - Presentation Kit
Casio is also introducing the YP-100 Multi-functional Presentation Kit, an accessory that acts as a support tool for presentations that use data projectors. Casio Computer Co., Ltd., will start shipping the YP-100 in the third quarter of 2006.

Casio Projectors and Presentation Kit - Models
• Casio XJ-S35 Super Slim Projector
• Casio XJ-S30 Super Slim Projector
• Casio YP-100 Multi-functional Presentation Kit

Casio XJ S30 Projector - Condenser lens
The Casio XJ-S35 and Casio XJ-S30 data projectors deliver 2000 ANSI lumens of brilliant light in a 43mm thin package (32 mm at thinnest point), thanks to Casio’s proprietary light source and cooling technologies. This makes it easy for users to carry the Casio XJ-S35 and Casio XJ-S30 along with a notebook PC for use in client meeting rooms and other bright locations, with no need to dim the lights, High-efficiency, thin-design optical unit An aspherical reflector and a condenser lens with a new shape maximize the characteristics of the light source lamp, enabling a dramatic reduction in the unit’s size. Single-fan, two-chamber cooling system The body is divided into two sections with a high static pressure fan located between the two. In addition, a heat pipe is provided in the exhaust section, a first for a projector, to disperse heat and provide efficient cooling in a small space.

Casio XJ S35 - Presentation without PC
Still images (JPEG/BMP) and video files (AVI format files compatible with MPEG 4 or Motion JPEG) stored on portable USB memory can be projected simply by inserting the USB memory device into the projector’s USB port. Even Microsoft PowerPoint files can be projected after converting them on a PC (with Windows 2000 or XP) using software that comes with the unit, enabling users to make smart and speedy presentations without a PC. Additionally, Casio’s YC-400 multi-functional camera system, which can project non-digital documents and three-dimensional objects on a screen, can also be directly connected without using a PC.

Casio S35 - Wireless Connection
Supports Wireless Connection with Windows PC (XJ-S35 Only) The Casio YW-2S USB Wireless Adapter is available as an option. Up to four Windows (2000 or XP) PCs can be wirelessly connected after installing simple software. This makes it easy to conduct meetings that bring together multiple presentations on different PCs in locations removed from the projector.

Casio Wide angle projectors - Zoom lens
The Casio XJ-S35 and Casio XJ-S30 projectors feature a wide-angle 2X zoom lens that is highly compact thanks to the use of a molded-glass aspherical lens for high image quality and a lead-screw drive system that puts lenses in-line within the lens tube. This enables images to be projected from as close as 0.84 m, or as far away as 1.7 to 3.4 m when using a 60” screen. This versatility allows for use in small meeting rooms to larger conference halls and classrooms.

Casio XJ-S35 and XJ-S30 projector - Specifications
• Display Features: 1 x 0,55" 12°DLP™
• Resolution: XGA 1.024 x 768 Pixel
• Picture Brightness: 2.000 ANSI lumens
• Contrast relationship: 1.800 : 1 (tele mode)
• Color Reproduction: 16.7 million
• Lens Features: 2 x optical power zoom
• Focusing: Manual Focus (Electric)
• Lamp Type: 200W high-pressure mercury lamp
• Computer: 1 x 15pin HD
• Video: 1 x RCA
• Component Video: Opt. adaptor via 15pin HD
• Casio XJ-S35: TypeA x 1, USB (1.1) Host
• Casio XJ-S30: Supported by the YP-100 Multi-functional Presentation Kit
• Casio XJ-S35: USB memory (commercially available),
• Casio YW-2S: Wireless (IEEE802.11b) Adapter
• Casio YC-400: Multi-functional camera system
• Resolution: 800 x 600 (expanded) to 1280 x 1024 (compressed)
• Input Terminals: Composite-Video, YC, YPbPr
• Remote Control: Wireless IR
• Dimensions: 270 x 43 x 199 mm
• Weight: 1.8 kg
• Casing: Resin
• Color: Silver
• Power Supply: 100 to 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
• Security: Kensington-compatible/Power On Password

Super slim wide angle Projectors - Screen angle
Projector-to-screen angle is detected to automatically correct top distortion, and unit also allows for manual correction to bottom distortion: each by 30 degrees. These data projectors employ DLP projection technology for true XGA (1024 x 768) display and SXGA (1280 x 1024) compressed display. They also feature video input ports compatible with a wide variety of image sources.

Casio YP-100 - Presentation tool
The YP-100 is a pocket-sized presentation support tool compatible with a wide variety of data projectors, including the Casio XJ-S30. It supports PC-free presentations using commercially available USB memory and can be used with the Casio YW-2S USB Wireless Adapter and the Casio YC-400 multi-functional camera system.

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