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Mark Peters : June 23th 2017 - 22:55 CET

Why QLED is the best TV for gaming

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SamsungSamsung QLED the best smart TV for video game enthusiasts : In recent years, there have been huge movement in gaming. Think about the old days when we played Commodore 64 games with 16 colors on a 12-inch square TV. Today, console manufacturers are producing game systems that support 4K graphics and High Dynamic Range (HDR), taking gaming to the next level. In line with this trend, TV vendors have also been producing new televisions to come alongside these game consoles in producing the crisp and colorful images expected by gamers, and ultimately elevate the overall gaming experience. The 2017 QLED TV series is the best choice for game enthusiasts. For example being free from the troublesome issue of image retention (burn-in screen) which can occur after longtime game play.
Best gaming TV

What makes QLED the best gaming TV
One of the serious problems plaguing gamers is image retention. Image retention is a phenomenon that occurs when a static image gets imprinted on a TV screen after being displayed for an extended period.

When this imprint becomes permanent, it is then referred to as 'burn-in.' It is a problem for gamers because they often have parts of the screen and gameplay that are static, which are more likely to cause burn-in.

While image retention is not an issue for QLED TVs, OLED TVs where each pixel is individually controlled continue to suffer from the problem. For OLED, each pixel has different lifespans because they are lit individually. The longer the pixel is turned on, the shorter its lifespan, compromising the brightness of the light and causing part of the image to be retained.


Samsung OLED TVs provide a high contrast due to their ability to render deep blacks in a dark room. However, while this quality may be an attractive option for watching movies in darkness, it is less of a concern for gamers.

Unlike people who primarily use their smart TVs to watch movies, gamers tend to use their devices in rooms with some ambient lighting. Samsung smart TVs with QLED technology offer better performance in terms of peak luminance.

Most OLED TVs offer peak luminance levels in the 600-700 nit range while QLEDs can get significantly brighter, with the latest models reaching 1500 nits and even 2000 nits.

Best smart TV for game consoles

QLED TVs deliver the lowest input lag
Input lag is the delay between performing an action (pressing a button or moving a joystick) to the intended affect occurring on screen. When measuring input lag, a high number means the more sluggish the game will feel, especially first-person shooter or racing games.

Too much latency can literally kill your videogame character if the TV is too slow to process the action. Samsung QLED TVs consistently deliver the lowest input lag, with times measuring between 20ms and 25ms once Game mode has been engaged whereas current-generation OLEDs are hampered by high input lag when compared to QLED displays.

Best TV for games

Best TV for color reproduction
Many video games are more colorful than movies, so gamers should look for smart TVs that can provide enhanced color volume for better picture quality. Samsung Quantum Dot QLED TVs can provide higher levels of color saturation in highlights compared to OLED TVs.

Samsung’s 2017 QLED TV received verification from world-class testing and certification association, Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE), for its ability to produce 100 percent color volume, meaning it can capture even the subtlest differences in color pertaining to brightness.

TV with game mode

Smart TV with Game Mode
Additionally, Samsung has also made it easier for users to activate Game Mode - a new feature that optimizes image settings when connected to a computer or a game console by disabling the standard image processing the TV normally performs and allows the game itself to adjust the settings to provide the best picture for that game.

Previously, Game Mode was buried deep in the user menu, making it difficult to activate. Samsung’s 2017 models have made it more accessible, placing it within the Picture menu. For gamers, think twice when you buy your next gaming TV. Both QLED TVs and QLED monitors deliver state-of-the-art graphics and are built for the next generation of video games.

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