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LG G6 review Samsung Galaxy S8 Apple iPhone Edition Samsung Galaxy Note 8 HTC U 11 Sony Xperia L1
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Mark Peters : April 2nd 2017 - 23:06 CET

Samsung Biometric smartphone explained

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SamsungFirst premium Samsung phones to offer biometric features : Samsung Mobile Electronics has recently launched two new models in its premium S-series smartphones with enhanced biometric features. The Samsung biometric phones provide new security features and enhanced convenience through a combination of advanced biometrics, including iris recognition technology, fingerprint scanning and new facial recognition capabilities. Facial recognition technology has been added to the premium 2017 S-series phones enabling owners to unlock their biometric smartphone safely and quickly by looking straight to the front of the device. When a user wants to access their biometric smartphone using facial recognition verification, the phone detects and compares facial landmark points such as the width of the user’s nose or the distance between their eyes.
Samsung biometric smartphone

Samsung Biometric smartphone
If you use facial recognition often, the biometric smartphone will learn and optimize its scanning process to enable fast access to your device. The stored data from the face recognition process is encrypted in the 'Trust Zone' protected by Samsung Knox. Samsung Pass enables biometric smartphone users to easily log into mobile banking applications and secure sites on the secure browser using Samsung biometric authentication. Because biometric smartphone users don’t have to spend time repeatedly typing usernames and passwords, Samsung Pass adds an element of convenience to the mobile handset. Supporting multiple types of biometric authentication, Samsung Pass will allow better flexibility to deliver a secure mobile solution across multiple industry verticals.

Samsung iris scanning

Samsung iris scanning
Another biometric feature that has been added to the premium 2017 S-series phones is iris scanning, a secure method for biometric smartphone identification that uses mathematical pattern recognition of recorded images of an individual’s iris. To capture these precise images, an authentication device scans the iris first. Each person on this planet has a unique iris pattern in each eye, which is completely developed at a very young age and remains unchanged throughout the years we life. The biometric solution is highly secure, iris patterns are fairly impossible to duplicate. Samsung iris scanning technology consists the best biometric techniques available in the world.

Biometric smartphone

Biometric smartphone explained
The Samsung Galaxy biometric smartphone is equipped with an special iris camera to enable accurate eye scanning. The iris camera uses a built-in filter to recognize the reflected images of the irises with a red infrared LED light. The red LED light allows the best range for iris scanning. Samsung biometric technology also makes use of the light emitted from the infinity display of the smartphone to optimize eye recording in low lit areas. How will the biometric data be saved on your smartphone? Once you have completed the iris scan your personal image data will be stored as an encrypted code in a secure folder on the phone. When you access content, such as a protected smartphone application, the iris camera pulls out the data from the secure folder and compares the digitized pattern with the encrypted code to verify identification process. The Samsung Secure folder can also be used to keep private and personal data, such as banking details separately on the biometric smartphone for additional security.

Fingerprint biometric data

Fingerprint and facial biometric data
Just like fingerprint and facial biometric data, the user’s iris scan output is also encrypted and stored safely in the hardware protected by the Samsung Knox platform. Only one person can register iris information, which means that even if the mobile handset is lost and someone else is able to gain access to the smartphone, your data and personal information won’t be accessible at all. Compared to regular smartphones that employ iris scan technology, the premium 2017 S-series offers a smoother user experience. In addition, Samsung Biometric smartphone users don’t even need to touch their mobile device to verify their identity since the iris verification process is initiated immediately once the user turns on the screen.

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