LG G6 review Samsung Galaxy S8 Apple iPhone Edition Samsung Galaxy Note 8 HTC U 11 Sony Xperia L1
LG G6 review Samsung Galaxy S8 Apple iPhone Edition Samsung Galaxy Note 8 HTC U 11 Sony Xperia L1
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Ilse Jurriƫn : March 10th 2017 - 20:30 CET

Are we witnessing the downfall of the flagship phone?

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NewsThe downfall of the flagship phone : Smartphones have been around for a decade now, and have found their way into our everyday lives like no other gadget before them - except maybe for the wired phone, the radio, and the TV. In just ten short years, smartphones have spread to all corners of the globe, becoming the most sought-after devices anyone can think of. Today, there are about 3 billion active smartphones out there, and the speed at which they are replaced is amazing - according to studies, average users replace their old phones with new ones in less than a year. This is in part due to the strong marketing efforts of the phone makers pushing out new models at an incredible pace. Most of the times, the "flagship" handsets are the ones getting most of the attention, especially those made by Samsung.
But last year was different - Samsung's issues with its Note 7 and the disappointing specs of its Galaxy S7 (compared to the previous year's flagship, of course) have shifted the consumers' focus toward other models, often with a better price - performance ratio. Could this mean the beginning of the end for flashy flagships?

Flagship phone

Performance gap
The performance gap between flagships and more affordable models is shrinking year after year. This year's Samsung Galaxy A7, for example, is comparable to the Galaxy S7 from a performance point of view, and both of them are an overkill when it comes to what the average smartphone owners use their phones for. Most of the times, the high-speed internet connection they come with is used to read emails, watch videos, follow updates, and create Platinum Play casino bericht, as they say in Germany, the country with one of the fastest growing mobile broadband speeds in Europe. Yet Germans, and users in other countries, either play games like the ones you'll find at the Platinum Play Casino or they limit their gaming efforts to social games. Neither games are very hardware-intensive - this is especially true for the games at the Platinum Play Mobile, designed to work on an incredible variety of devices. For these, a flagship is not necessary - users can make do with a lower-performance, affordable smartphone, and that is what they are looking for.

Price gap
Although the performance gap between flagships and non-flagships is not spectacular anymore, the price gap between the two categories can be quite massive. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, released last year, costs around $670, while this year's "affordable" Galaxy A7 can be purchased for as low as $400. And the former has few features that would justify this massive price difference for the average user. We might see the downfall of flagship phones in the coming years, allowing more cost-effective solutions to gain more spotlight.

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