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Ilse Jurriën : August 31th 2011 - 01:45 CET

Olympus VR-310 review

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OlympusOlympus VR-310 review : At the start of this year, Olympus introduced a new compact mega zoom camera, the Olympus VR-310. The Olympus VR-310 is a typical budget camera, although one with a 10x optical wide-angle zoom lens, which is handy for shooting close-ups and group portraits. The 14 megapixel Olympus VR-310 is very user-friendly and ideal for vacationers that like to travel with a compact camera that has a great zoom range. Despite the Olympus VR-310’s plastic body, the camera feels solid. This Olympus camera is available in four colors: purple, red, black and silver. The rear side of the camera has a black piano gloss finish, regardless of the color.
Review Olympus

Olympus VR-310 review
The Olympus VR-camera series offers a larger zoom in a smaller camera body. Additionally, this camera series is known for its user-friendliness. It has a clear menu structure, so that you can easily find and adjust the settings. However, the dial with which you can scroll through the settings is very small. This is understandable, otherwise this would cut down the size of the display, but this does not make the menu operation so easy. Next to the Olympus VR-310, which is currently available for 120 Euro, Olympus also brought out the VR-320, which has nearly identical specifications, except for the wide-angle zoom lens, which is a mere 12.5x. You pay an extra 20 Euro for this 2.5x extra zoom.

Review Olympus VR-310

Review Olympus VR-310
Next to the 10x optical wide-angle zoom lens of 24-240mm, the Olympus VR-310 is also equipped with double image stabilization. The image quality is not influenced negatively by the use of the zoom, which is quite an achievement. However, it must be said that this budget camera does not offer the best image quality. Above ISO 400 noise starts to take the overhand. The photos also often look overexposed. This is the case while looking at the photos on the computer as well as on the display. On the computer the photos do look more natural than on the 3" display

Olympus VR-310 digital camera

Olympus VR-310 digital camera
The Olympus VR-310 is further equipped with diverse technologies, such as face detection and seven magic filters, to add special effects to your photos. Taking macro and panorama shots is also possible. You can also shoot video in 720p resolution, at 30fps. The image stabilizer also works while shooting video; however, the zoom function cannot be used for video.

Olympus VR-310 test

Olympus VR-310 test conclusion
The 14 megapixel Olympus VR-310 is a unique digital camera when you consider the price and the amount of zoom that this camera offers. However, for just a bit more money and/or a camera with less zoom, you can expect better image quality. The Olympus VR-310 is easy to use and very compact to carry with you.

Olympus VR-310 review

Olympus VR-310 review rating
• User friendliness : 4
• Features : 3,5
• Picture quality : 3
• Design : 3,5
• Price : 4
Rating : 3,5 out of 5

Olympus VR-310 test photos

Olympus VR-310 test photos
The Olympus VR-310 test photos were shot with a full production camera. This means that this Olympus VR-310 is the same as the digital camera that is found in stores. The Olympus VR-310 will soon be completely tested on technical aspects in our DIWA test lab, under laboratory conditions. The Olympus VR-310 test photos in this article were shot in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The original Olympus VR-310 photos can be downloaded via the links found underneath the photos.

Olympus VR-310 test photos

Olympus VR-310 photo

Download original : Olympus VR-310 photo (Warning: 3.13MB)

Olympus VR-310 picture

Download original : Olympus VR-310 picture (Warning: 3.04MB)

Olympus VR-310 test photo

Download original : Olympus VR-310 test photo (Warning: 2.99MB)

Olympus VR-310 test picture

Download original : Olympus VR-310 test picture (Warning: 2.99MB)

Olympus VR310 photo

Download original : Olympus VR310 photo (Warning: 3.05MB)

Olympus VR310 picture

Download original : Olympus VR310 picture (Warning: 3.05MB)

Olympus photos

Download original : Olympus VR-310 test photo (Warning: 2.94MB)

Review Olympus VR-310

Download original : Olympus VR-310 test picture (Warning: 3.05MB)

Olympus VR-310 video review

Video review Olympus VR-310

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