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Dennis Hissink : March 24th 2011 - 09:15 CET

Adobe Photoshop review

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AdobeAdobe Photoshop CS5 review : Adobe Photoshop, does anybody not know this extensive image editing package? Many generations of Adobe Photoshop software have already passed before arriving at the version CS5. Adobe Photoshop CS5 is staying on the same road as the previous versions (Adobe Photoshop CS2, CS3, and CS4) and adds quite a few remarkable new functions. For the first time, Adobe Photoshop CS5 adds integration with online content and further optimization supports performance on mobile phones. The popular tablets and Smartphones are content carriers with enormous potential and will shortly take over the role of the desktop and the notebook in terms of online traffic.
Photoshop review

Photoshop review
Adobe Photoshop CS5 software is completely up-to-date and offers the professional and serious amateur photographer all that they could desire. Nowadays, photographers have a broad range of choices to manage their digital workflow with software. For twenty years, Adobe has been offering an extensive package, but in the past few years the competition has been busy as well. This development undoubtedly played a role in Adobe’s decision to integrate certain functionality in CS5, so that Photoshop offers the most extensive image solution.


Adobe Photoshop versions
Adobe Photoshop CS5 is available in two versions, the comprehensive Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended and Photoshop CS5. Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended includes the possibility of working with 3D objects and 3D video. The photographer will focus on photos, making the standard Adobe Photoshop CS5 package a logical choice. Moreover, Adobe also offers so-called Suite packages in which several Adobe software products are included, which is more economical to purchase.

Adobe photoshop

Adobe Photoshop CS5 interface
The first thing that you notice, compared to the previous Adobe Photoshop software version, is the slightly renewed interface. Luckily no dramatic changes have been made. There are now several buttons placed on the top right side of the tab, so that you can quickly switch between different work spaces, for example between a design space and an image editing / photography work space. Changes are possible in every work space, such as the pallet which is automatically saved right away.


Adobe Photoshop CS5 functions
A remarkable new Adobe Photoshop function is the so-called Content Aware function. This is a sort of intelligent fill function, with which, according to Adobe, outstanding results can be achieved. Parts of an image that are ‘contaminated’ by certain details can simply be filled up with background or other details by using the Content Aware function. In any case, that is in theory. In practice, it delivers varying results. We were very successful in making a road sign disappear and filling it up with background. Still, it is inevitable that this sometimes does not work. Sometimes a seemingly simple retouch can hopelessly fail by removing the subject, and filling it up with something unintended.

Adobe review

Adobe Photoshop content aware function
It seems that it is not enough to just push a button. Adjusting the brush, for example, could deliver the desired result. The uncertain end results and the need to intervene manually made us decide that the Content Aware function is not worth it. Whoever has already mastered the cloning at a level that they are satisfied with, will not be tempted by the Content Aware function and let the cloning go. We had expected more from it, especially after having seen the first Photoshop demos that were released by Adobe. Perhaps feedback from Adobe Photoshop users will lead to the optimization of this promising function in Adobe Photoshop CS6?

Adobe photoshop CS5

Adobe Photoshop tools
Adobe Photoshop CS5 software also offers an improvement in selecting the isolation of certain details in an image. In practice it works great. The nice thing about it is that it only requires a few steps to achieve results. Via the Adobe Photoshop tools Quick Selection and Refine Edge, you can change the background via a dialogue window to get a clear display of the selection. Via Edge Detection, Adobe Photoshop CS5 makes the selection automatically. Selecting people and especially the hair is always difficult, but now you can brush, as it were, the hair with a paintbrush and the details are maintained and it is automatically added to the selection. This Adobe Photoshop tool is for photographers that often photograph people in not always ideal situations. It is an ideal tool and saves a lot of editing work.

Adobe photoshop review

Adobe Photoshop review
HDR (High Dynamic Range) has had a large group of fans for several years, which, often too, exuberantly live it up with HDR. This often leads to exaggerated HDR shots that rather belong in an art gallery. Still, there are many compositions and lighting situations thinkable in which HDR is a great solution to make the shot successful. Adobe Photoshop CS5 answers to the need of gaining more control of the dynamic range. Even HDR toning has been thought of, with which a single shot can be given an HDR effect with the use of different parameters such as color tone and detail. The result is surprisingly powerful for certain shots and it saves you work for future shots. You only have to use bracketing to make several shots. This puts Adobe Photoshop CS5 ahead of the competition such as Photomatix, a smart move.

Adobe photoshop CS5 review

Adobe Photoshop lens correction filter
Another handy function inside Adobe Photoshop for photographers is the so-called Lens Correction filter. Lens shortcomings such as chromatic aberration and distortion can be effectively corrected with this function. Adobe Photoshop CS5 makes profiles of the lenses with which you make shots and this information makes the lens correction possible. By photographing a test card and having it analyzed by the free Lens Profile utility, you can set up Adobe Photoshop CS5 software so that the lens shortcomings are corrected automatically whenever you shoot with the lens that corresponds with the profile. For these lens corrections there is already software is existence, but it is handy to have all the functionality in one package.

Adobe photoshop RAW

Adobe Photoshop RAW
The introduction of a new version of Adobe Photoshop also includes a new Camera RAW plug-in. Adobe Photoshop CS5 software is equipped with Camera RAW 6 with which RAW files from nearly any camera can be directly imported, converted and edited. The new version is improved with a renewed algorithm which preserves color and detail better. Also, noise processing has improved. Adobe Camera RAW is updated often in order to support the new generation of DSLR, system and compact cameras. The most recent update at the moment is Camera RAW 6.4 with support for all the cameras that were introduced in the period just after the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging show in Japan.

Adobe photoshop 3D

Adobe Photoshop 3D
There are many new small improvements and functions integrated in Adobe Photoshop CS5 which sometimes quite subtly makes image editing faster and more effective. Adobe Photoshop software has clearly improved a lot from generation to generation to achieve the product that it is now. It is an unprecedented pallet of possibilities for a creative mind. With 3D on the rise, we expect that there will be more emphasis on this third dimension in the coming updates and versions, assuming that 3D will be commonly used.

Adobe Photoshop review

Adobe Photoshop review
For whoever approaches Adobe Photoshop with a new and fresh view, will experience Adobe Photoshop CS5 as an impressive software package around which you can build every thinkable digital workflow. Adobe Photoshop is still a pricey expenditure, but more than worth it. At least, if you truly edit and manage pictures intensively. For whoever only uses a fraction of Adobe Photoshop CS5’s potential, Adobe offers, for example, Adobe Lightroom 3.

Photoshop review

Adobe CS5 Photoshop review
If you are thinking of updating your ‘old’ Adobe Photoshop, you will be completely up to date again, but you will have to assess if the improvements that Adobe Photoshop CS5 has to offer truly suit your needs. For example, we were not really convinced of the Content Aware function, but other functions such as the intelligent selection tool make the life of an editor a lot easier. While maintaining most of the interface, the switch can be made quickly and effortlessly, and Adobe Photoshop CS5 also offers a set of tools to achieve the highest level of performance. How high depends on your own creativity and skill, but at least Adobe is ready for it!

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