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Dennis Hissink : April 30th 2010 - 01:33 CET

BenQ DC T1260

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BenQBenQ DC T1260 digital camera : BenQ DC T1260, the 5th generation touch camera, featuring the most intuitive user interface, also lets you experience photography like never before- built with BenQ’s latest HDR image enhancement technology to compensate for high contrast lighting conditions. So you get to look more fabulous in every picture you take with just a single touch. Sometimes, it can feel like a struggle to take amazing photos. You may have the perfect background setting, the perfect company, the perfect pose - just never the perfect lighting condition. This is especially true when you get a bright sunny day. Well, things are about to change with BenQ’s HDR image enhancement technology.
BenQ DC T1260

BenQ DC T1260 with HDR image enhancement
The HDR technique of the BenQ DC T1260 is a unique feature that empowers the camera to overcome lighting challenges by differentiating between the tiniest increments in highly contrasting light levels of an image. Imagine this. Just one touch! And voila - a masterpiece! Lighting can be real tricky at times - and it’s not just backlights that can be challenging. Built to be more than just a backlight solution, the BenQ T1260 camera’s HDR image enhancement technology is the perfect tool to overcome all your high contrast lighting condition challenges!

Capture finest details with BenQ DC T1260 camera
BenQ’s exclusive HDR image enhancement technology is designed to bring out the finest details in the darkest and brightest parts of an image - allowing you to generate stunningly faithful photos under even the highest contrast lighting conditions. Not too bright. Not too dark. Just right. The next time you’re faced with high contrast lighting conditions such as the first light of dawn or the dimming light sunset, just whip out your BenQ DC T1260. Let HDR take care of the rest for you!

BenQ T1260

BenQ T1260 touch screen operation for entry level consumer experience
BenQ’s 5th generation touch screen digital camera - the BenQ DC T1260 - is now even more intuitive to your touch! Featuring a thoughtfully designed user interface and a remarkably optimized touch screen sensor, this brilliant creation brings you a whole new photography sensation of tap, circle and swipe! Together with superior color saturation and an ultra high image resolution, a true-to-life color presentation is all you’ll get whether you’re taking pictures or reviewing photos! The latest industry-leading touch screen innovation from BenQ is the ultimate in ease of use: All you have to do is tap to focus and select - and then let go to shoot! With the BenQ T1260, who needs the shutter button?

Arrange and browse your photos with BenQ DC T1260 image tool
Circle a specific part of the photo to get a swift automatic zoom! Cut and save the enlarged section using the photo-cropping tool for your own personal fun!.Swipe your finger across the screen while browsing existing photos. Manage your browsing speed by controlling how fast you swipe your finger. Enjoy a whole new array of panoramic photography experience with the advanced 28mm wide-angle lens of the BenQ DC T1260 - everything from group photos at parties to expansive scenery shots in the great outdoors!

BenQ T1260 review

BenQ T1260 review
It’s time to say goodbye to lugging around separate still and video cameras! All you need is the BenQ T1260 to turn every moment into a true-color, high-definition 720p movie! The BenQ DC T1260 comes with an upgrade on the advanced smart scene modes - automatically detecting up to 12 different scenes! With this many scenes to select from, taking the perfect shot is ever so easy! Taking a picture can’t get any easier with the T1260’s thoughtfully designed user interface! Besides the easy-to-remember icons and helpful explanatory text, the BenQ DC T1260 even offers visualized shooting modes with real pictures to show you which appropriate shooting mode to select. We hope to publish a BenQ T1260 review as soon as we receive a BenQ DC T1260 test sample.

BenQ DC T1260 offers enhanced file management
Additionally, the BenQ T1260 features preview effects with three live preview windows for you to pick out your best shot! Organize your photos with the BenQ DC T1260’s smart-file management feature! Arrange your photos in categories of your own choosing, as well as perform searchs by date, by our own categories or by the built-in My Favorites folders. The BenQ T1260’s G-sensor support allows you to view your photos with the right side up no matter how you hold it! And with a gentle shake, you’ll get the next photo coming right up!

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