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Samsung digital camcorders
Ilse Jurriën : January 9th 2010 - 22:55 CET
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SamsungCES 2010 - Stylish Samsung digital compact camcorders : Samsung announce three new stylish, ergonomically designed compact digital camcorders which come fully equipped with an array of useful features. The Samsung SMX-C20, SMX-C24 and HMX-M20 all feature the same built-in 25 degree Active Angle Lens that was the hallmark design feature of their predecessors - the SMX-C10 and HMX-R10. Samsung’s innovative Active Angle Lens allows consumers to hold the camera more naturally, and has earned Samsung design awards and accolades from all over the world since first appearing in the SMX-C10 and HMX-R10 last year. The SMX-C20, SMX-C24 and HMX M20 will be on display during the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show, January 7-10, 2010.

Samsung digital camcorders

Samsung camcorders record in style and comfort
The new Samsung SMX-C20, SMX-C24 and HMX-M20 add a level of style and beauty to shooting home videos. Both SMX models offer Samsung’s signature ToC design, which features a hint of color that is naturally blended into the deep black body of the camcorders to create an attractive crystalline appearance. To make shooting home videos more comfortable, all three of the new models boast Samsung’s Active Angle Lens design. Unlike traditional camcorders that force users to hold their arm up at a 90-degree angle while recording video, the Active Angle Lens design, exclusive to Samsung, allows users to hold the camcorder in a more relaxed and natural position due to the fact that the lens is angled downward by 25 degrees. This more natural recording position reduces the overall stress on the wrist and elbow and also removes the LCD screen from the user’s line of sight, enabling them to always keep an eye on their subject while recording.

Digital camcorders

Samsung digital camcorders offer simplicity
"The Samsung SMX-C24, SMX-C20, and HMX-M20 are ideal for a wide-range of consumers, said Mr. SangRyong Kim, Senior Vice President of Camcorder Team, Samsung Electronics. “These camcorders appeal to consumers’ demand for simplicity and features in a camcorder that allow them to get great results with minimal effort. Additionally, with Samsung’s Active Angle Lens as well as head-turning ToC design, consumers are able to look good and enjoy an added level of comfort while recording video.”

Samsung digital

Record high-quality videos and digital still images
Whether it’s documenting an unforgettable vacation or simply capturing the day to day antics of family and friends, Samsung’s new HMX-M20, SMX C24 and SMX-C20 give you access to the highest-quality video and still images. The SMX-C20 and SMX-C24 offer remarkable standard definition video recording at a resolution of 720x480. In addition, both camcorders offer the ability to quickly and easily capture still images at a resolution of two mega pixels.

Samsung HMX-M20

Samsung digital camcorders record in style and comfort
For those who want even higher-resolution or wish to enjoy the best possible results for viewing their content on their HDTV, the HMX-M20 offers full-HD, 1080/60p video recording. The Samsung HMX-M20 also utilizes Samsung’s Back Side Illumination (BSI) CMOS imaging sensor, which was created specifically to absorb more light than other conventional sensors and delivers unprecedented low-light performance. The Samsung HMX-M20 also boasts an 8x optical zoom / 12x intelli zoom and the ability to capture still images in stunning 12 mega-pixel resolution, further setting it apart from other camcorders in terms of image quality, versatility and ease of use.

Digital camcorder

10x optical zoom lens integrated in the new Samsung camcorders
All three camcorders utilize H.264 compression, which allows you to record longer than camcorders using the typical MPEG2 format. The new Samsung SMX-C20 and SMX C24 also come with impressive 10x optical zooms and all three models are paired with Hyper Image Stabilization. Ideal for recording events from a great distance, the camcorders’ impressive optical zooms allow you to get in close to the action no matter how far away you may be. Access to such a powerful optical zoom can come in handy for any number of scenarios, ranging from recording your child’s soccer game from the sidelines to the sights and sounds of a trip to the city. Additionally, Samsung’s Hyper Image Stabilization gives you the ability to capture clear and stable video as it counteracts the negative effects of a shaky hand while recording, which can lead to blurry footage. Samsung also provides different memory options for recording footage with the new SMX-C20, SMX C24 and HMX-M20. With the SMX-C24, users can take advantage of 16GB of built-in flash memory. Users can also expand the camcorder’s memory capacity using the SD/SDHC memory card slot. The SMX-C20 and HMX-M20 do not feature internal memory and require the use of SD/SDHC media cards.

Samsung SMX-C20

Samsung SMX camcorders offer Smart Features for editing and sharing
The Samsung HMX-M20, SMX-C24 and SMX-C20 come equipped with Samsung’s play-edit-sharing program called intelli studio. The built-in intelli-studio software gives users the ability to connect the camcorder to any computer via USB and edit and play their video without having to install supporting software. The built-in intelli-studio software also helps simplify the way users upload and share their footage using today’s popular video sharing Web sites. For added convenience, a one-touch “upload” button, available directly on the camcorders, provides a direct connection to YouTube, taking the hassle and confusion out of uploading footage. In addition, the SMX C20, SMX-C24, and HMX-M20 also provide options for basic on-camera editing, including the ability to merge and split video files. This can be done directly on the camcorders using their 230K-pixel, swiveling 2.7-inch wide LCD screens.

Samsung digital camcorder

Samsung camcorders include a time lapse recording function
Samsung also enhances the video recording experience for end-users thanks to several unique features, including time lapse recording, animated thumbnails and a versatile charging system. Time lapse recording allows users to program the camcorder to record at a pre-set interval of one image every one, three, five, 10, 15 or 30 seconds. Time lapse recording is especially useful for condensing extremely long events, such as rolling clouds on a sunny day, into a short, easy to-view video.

Samsung SMX-C24

Samsung digital camcorder features a battery charging system
Samsung’s animated thumbnail feature simplifies the way users search for video clips on the Samsung SMX-C20, SMX-C24, and HMX-M20. Each video clip saved on the camcorder is represented by a small thumbnail on the LCD screen. When scrolling through one’s videos, each thumbnail will provide a short playback of the video file when highlighted by the user allowing them to quickly preview each clip without having to view the entire shot. The camcorders also feature a versatile charging system. Users can either recharge the battery by connecting the camcorder to the supplied AC adapter or via USB while the camcorder is connected to a computer. The new Samsung SMX camcorders will be available from March 2010.

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