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Mark Peters : December 11th 2009 - 22:10 CET

Satmap GPS review

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NewsSatmap GPS review : Satmap launched its outdoor GPS in 2007. The launch in itself was a good initiative, while there are not that many suppliers for this type of GPS devices, and it is always good to have a bit of a competition. Reading on the Internet about the Active 10, particularly at the time the business was just taking off, we find many complaints, partially correct and partially caused by the greater comfort other devices offer. The latter offer the same options yet come at a lower price. Gradually through time, the tone of the comments has changed, although this did require several updates and a price cut. Nowadays, more enthusiastic stories can be found, since the Satmap GPS clearly also has its strong points.
Satmap GPS

Satmap GPS review
The Active 10 is rather big for a GPS handheld. The front is mainly dominated by the touchscreen monitor. With its 5 x 7 cm surface, this is the largest display I have come across so far on this type of device. It does offer you a clear and broad view on the map page. Visibility is further enhanced by the fact the indications for the buttons disappear after having been displayed for a few seconds. They will reappear upon pressing one of the operating buttons. The multi-functions buttons encircle the monitor in a nice-looking way. In order to activate them you do have to use a little bit of force, which sometimes makes you unintentionally press a button on the other side of the screen at the same time.

Satmap Active

Satmap Active 10 GPS receiver
The exterior of the device makes a fairly decent impression, with only very few protruding parts and a good seal on the USB connector. The battery compartment on the back can easily but solidly be opened and closed. If we are to believe the stories on the website, the device is able to withstand heavy attacks. The removable protective cover seems to be the odd one out, as it is a fairly lightweight construction and I do not quite understand exactly what it does. If I look at the scratch-proof glass of my watch, still without damage after 5 years of daily use, I consider the cover an unnecessary accessory. We need not doubt the waterproof feature either.

Satmap GPS review

Satmap Outdoor GPS review
I am ending this review the same way I started it: ambivalent. On one hand, I am surprised by the long battery life and high accuracy GPS, even in difficult situations. Yet at the same time, I question the absence of routing possibilities and the lack of POI information. You have the solid build of the device, at least in my opinion, but then on the other hand, you have the vulnerable attachment to the energy source. Read the full Satmap GPS review at LetsGoMobile.

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