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Dennis Hissink : March 13th 2009 - 11:45 CET
Sigma DP2 test photos from Las Vegas

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SigmaSigma DP2 photo gallery : In addition to the many interviews, attending various lectures, and receiving the information about (upcoming) product introductions, I went out to take photos with several new digital cameras. One of which is the Sigma DP2 compact camera, and although not a final production model, we are already able to provide you with a number of test photos which were made in Las Vegas with the Sigma DP2. The Sigma DP2 digital camera was first mentioned during the Photokina 2008. At that time, the process of the development of the Sigma DP2 camera was announced. This time, however, during the PMA 2009, it has become clear that Sigma is ready to launch the Sigma DP2 and deliver the new camera to its distributors.

Sigma DP2 digital compact camera

Sigma DP2 digital compact camera
The Sigma DP2 features a 14 Megapixel FOVEON X3 image sensor (2652x1769x3) which is also found in the Sigma DLSR camera. The Sigma DP1 (View : Sigma DP1 test photos) was the first compact camera using a FOVEON sensor, whilst the Sigma DP2 (View : Sigma DP2 features) is the latest generation equipped with a 41mm f/2.8 high quality lens. Two aspherical glass lenses offer superior quality. The Super Multi-Layer Coating of the lens reduces flare in the lens caused by sunshine or light and ghosting. In combination with the 14 Megapixel FOVEON X3 image sensor, this lens provides a natural superficial depth of field with an attractive bokeh effect.

Sigma photo gallery

Sigma photo gallery: DP2 in action
The status of this Sigma DP2 camera is not yet final. I took the sample pictures in RAW format and converted them to JPEG images through the special Sigma software. The photos show the reproduction ability of the Sigma DP2 at this moment, but we have to emphasize that the camera is not yet a final production model. The firmware will still undergo some adjustments, and settings that I found in this early sample will also still be fine-tuned.

Sigma DP2 Test photos

Sigma DP2 photo gallery
The Sigma DP2 test photos were taken with a pre-production camera, which means that this Sigma DP2 camera is not yet equal to the model that the consumer can expect to purchase. Additionally, the Sigma DP2 will also be thoroughly tested in our DIWA test lab. As soon as a Sigma DP2 evaluation sample becomes available, we will carry out a full test in practice with the DP2. The Sigma DP2 photos in this article were taken during the PMA 2009 in Las Vegas. Please use the link below the photos to download the original Sigma DP2 test photos and to be able to check the quality of these Sigma test photos yourself.

Sigma DP2 photos
Download original : Sigma DP2 test photo (Warning: 4.87MB)

Sigma DP2 photo gallery
Download original : Sigma DP2 photo (Warning: 4.72MB)

Sigma photos
Download original : Sigma DP2 sample photo (Warning: 5.53MB)

Sigma test photo
Download original : Sigma test photo (Warning: 3.91MB)

Sigma Las Vegas photo
Download original : Sigma photo (Warning: 4.17MB)

Sigma sample photo
Download original : Sigma sample photo (Warning: 2.20MB)

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