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Samsung Press Newsroom in Hindi language

Mark Peters : 2017-08-05 10:07:00
Samsung Electronics launches press site for Hindi language : Samsung India today recently launched Samsung Newsroom Bharat, a news resource that will publish press releases, stories, interviews and opinions from Samsung India in Hindi language. Samsung Press Newsroom Bharat follows the successful launch of Samsung Newsroom India, Samsung India’s English language newsroom introduced in October 2016. Like Samsung Newsroom India, Samsung Newsroom Bharat will provide a one-stop shop for information regarding Samsung’s operations, local events, new consumer products and services, as well as inspirational stories about its people and citizenship activities. In the past months Samsung has launched press resources in Argentina, United Kingdom, Mexico and Russia.

Samsung news media channel for United Kingdom

Mark Peters : 2017-07-03 20:34:00
Samsung Electronics opens news site in United Kingdom : Samsung Electronics launched Newsroom U.K., a new media channel for Samsung news, press releases and country-based activities. The new press site will keep consumers and journalists informed about Samsung’s latest news and consumer products while also covering locally relevant launches, services and citizenship activities, as well as Samsung’s business insights and vision. In the last three months Samsung Korea has launched three new press sites in Argentina, Mexico and Russia. These press sites are added to the existing newsrooms in the United States, Korea, Vietnam, Brazil and India. Samsung headquarters plans to continue expanding its local newsroom service to share its stories and product press releases with more regions and in more languages.

Samsung press newsroom for Argentina

Mark Peters : 2017-07-01 09:30:00
Samsung news and press information for local media : Samsung Electronics launched Samsung Newsroom Argentina, a Spanish-language news and communication platform that will provide Samsung-related content to local media and consumers. Argentina is the second Spanish-language site in the region after Mexico. Globally, Argentina’s Newsroom is Samsung’s eleventh, following the global and local editions in the United States, in addition to Korea, Vietnam, Brazil, India, Germany, Russia, Mexico, and the U.K. Samsung anticipates launching additional Newsrooms in other regions to share company information in even more languages. Samsung Newsroom Argentina aims to share latest news about the company, recent innovations, corporate vision, CSR activities and other business insights.

Samsung press platform for Mexico

Mark Peters : 2017-05-25 07:50:00
Samsung Newsroom Mexico : Samsung Electronics launched the Samsung Newsroom Mexico, a new Spanish-language press information platform, with the objective of offering all the latest Samsung product announcements, news and information to media outlets and consumers. Earlier this week, Samsung also launched a Russian Newsroom. Samsung Newsroom Mexico will be the official site for the company to share its latest press releases, news, recent innovations and services, corporate vision, as well as various activities carried out in different markets across the globe. Mexico’s newsroom will offer a wide variety of engaging content, including feature articles, infographics, high-definition photos and video, as well as a space dedicated to live video streaming of important Samsung events.

Samsung Newsroom Russia

Mark Peters : 2017-05-22 17:40:00
Samsung Electronics launches Samsung Newsroom Russia : Samsung Electronics launched Samsung Newsroom Russia, the new Russian-language news and press information hub that will provide contents targeting local media and consumers. The Samsung news site will be updated on the fly. It is an official Samsung Russian-language press information portal with a convenient search tool for press released, product introductions, local events and press images. Samsung Newsroom Russia seeks to keep media and consumers up-to-date with the latest company news and cover other interesting topics including the company’s latest activities in the country, complemented by video and photo content as well.

Samsung QLED TV 2017 social media campaign

Mark Peters : 2017-04-05 18:22:00
Samsung QLED global marketing campaign has kicked off : Samsung Consumer Electronics has launched a global social media campaign called 'Find Your Color', allowing people to identify their most preferred color among one billion colors, based on the social media pictures they have shared. The figure of one billion colors is similar to the full range of colors Samsung is able to display on the 2017 QLED TV models. The marketing campaign, which will run across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, consists of a newly designed mobile website that people can access with their smartphone and allows users to share and participate with the hashtag #FindYourColor #QLEDTV. The Samsung microsite analyzes a consumer’ images shared on her/his social channel to find the most frequently used color for the user, and return a unique color on the user’s profile images.

Galaxy S8 spec comparison

Mark Peters : 2017-03-29 23:18:00
Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S7 comparison : Samsung Electronics (Mobile Division) has published an interesting Galaxy S8 infographic spec comparison. As a continuation of the Galaxy series, the 2017 Galaxy S8 series offer an entirely new mobile experience with enhanced features such as a bezel-less, dual-edge Infinity Display and Bixby, an intelligent interface, that offer a new level of functionality and convenience. The Galaxy S8 builds on Samsung’s heritage of creating stunning designs with a large Infinity Display - an end-to-end, bezel-less screen that spills over the phone’s sides. The Galaxy S8 will be available in 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch models, the seemingly endless Infinity Display defies the borders of conventional framework.

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