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Samsung refrigerator test results

Mark Peters : 2017-09-06 14:20:00
Samsung refrigerator compressor test results : Samsung Electronics has published a report explaining how the Verban Deutcher Elektrotechniker (VDE) conducted over 300.000 tests on the compressors of Samsung's refrigerators. What did more than 310,000 tests on Samsung’s refrigerator compressors reveal? VDE recently conducted the in-depth test on Samsung Electronics’ refrigerators over 120 days to assess the performance and durability of its inverter compressors. The German-based test and certification association announced that Samsung’s inverter compressors, which are often considered the heart of the refrigerator, can last up to more than two decades without problems. Established in 1893, VDE has carried out countless tests on the functions, performance and standard compliance of electronic devices.

QuickDrive washing machine test by Samsung

Mark Peters : 2017-09-04 17:45:00
Samsung video review: QuickDrive washing machine - Samsung Newsroom has posted an interesting YouTube video how they tested their QuickDrive washing machine. In the video they used the newly introduced Samsung WW8800M machine to demonstrates its washing power. The innovative washing machine with Samsung QuickDrive technology - a revolutionary laundry technology that reduces the washing time by half with no compromise on washing performance - quickly and gently removing dirt, freeing up more time for consumers to enjoy their day. The washer’s performance is made possible by its unique Q-Drum, which consists of a main drum and a back plate that rotate independently, in the same or opposite direction, ensuring clothes move dynamically around the drum in multiple directions to provide a safe yet thorough wash.

Samsung QuickDrive laundry technology

Mark Peters : 2017-09-03 22:59:00
Samsung WW8800M IoT-ready QuickDrive washing machine : Introduced at IFA 2017 trade fair in Germany, Samsung Electronics’ QuickDrive technology was created to provide consumers with the time-saving laundry solution they’ve always wanted but never had, without compromising washing performance, energy efficiency, fabric care and durability. The result is a laundry solution that finishes cycles in half the time of conventional washers, while providing a thorough yet gentle clean. Because Samsung firmly believes in the glocalization, in which electronic products are optimized for consumers in different countries, the company strives to craft innovations that cater to the unique lifestyles of consumers in markets around the world.

Samsung Home Appliances to feature voice recognition

Mark Peters : 2017-08-25 08:55:00
Samsung adds voice recognition to Home Appliance products : Samsung Electronics announced recently that it will expand the voice recognition function of the Family Hub refrigerator to European countries in the second half of this year. The company will also introduce the Samsung Connect smart home feature for the first time at the IFA 2017 trade fair in Germany (Berlin). Samsung has already applied cloud-based voice features to the Family Hub in Korea and the United States, and will add European languages on a phased basis this year, starting with British English, German, French, and Italian. Visitors to Samsung’s exhibition booth at IFA in Berlin, beginning on September 1, can experience the Family Hub’s new voice recognition feature as well as Samsung’s smart home and IoT services implementing with Samsung Connect.

Samsung cordless vacuum cleaners at IFA 2017

Mark Peters : 2017-08-21 15:15:15
IFA 2017 - Samsung PowerStick Pro vacuum cleaners : Samsung Digital Appliances Business announced the release of the all-new cordless vacuum cleaner, the POWERstick PRO, which will be unveiled at IFA 2017 trade fair in Germany next week. The POWERstick PRO vacuum cleaner boasts the industry-leading suction power and establishes a new paradigm for cordless vacuum technology, resolving many of the challenges consumers experience as they vacuum their homes. The vacuum cleaner also packs a powerful charge, running on a 32.4V lithium-ion removable power pack that offers up to 40 minutes of battery life, enough to clean most homes. It can be quickly swapped for a replacement and used for 5 years with same level of power.

Samsung voice controlled home appliance products

Mark Peters : 2017-08-20 09:37:00
Samsung Home Appliances with voice-guidance technology : Recently, Samsung Electronics invited individuals living with various disabilities to its Research & Development Campus in Seoul to try out a selection of home appliance products designed for optimal accessibility. The goal of the ongoing research initiative is to identify common difficulties that the elderly and people with disabilities face when using household appliances. Each time Samsung invites these consumers to provide their valuable insight, they reveal new ways to improve its appliances’ accessibility, ultimately helping design innovations that make it easy for all users to experience seamless convenience at home. In addition, the company recently kicked off a global marketing campaign to promote their home appliance business to a broader audience.

Samsung Home Appliance marketing campaign

Mark Peters : 2017-08-20 08:50:00
Samsung global marketing campaign for Home Appliances : Samsung Electronics has launched its new brand campaign for Kitchen and Home Appliances in ten countries around the world, highlighting its mission to make a meaningful difference in people’s daily lives. The new video campaign contains moments when consumers encounter Samsung’s home appliances and use them to improve an aspect of their day. The marketing campaign from Samsung is set to run in the United Kingdom, Germany, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Lebanon, Jordan, and Australia. Through this marketing campaign, Samsung aims to convey the purpose behind its continued efforts to develop new technology that puts the diverse needs of consumers first.

Smart induction cooktop connects with iPhone

Mark Peters : 2017-07-30 10:12:13
Affordable Bluetooth-enabled smart induction cooktop : BuzzFeed proudly introduced its first smart appliance solution, the Tasty One Top, a Bluetooth induction cooktop now available for pre-order for just for $149. The Smart cooktop with induction technology connects directly to the Tasty app for iPhone, which is available on the App Store today with almost 1,700 video recipes. The press announcement comes as BuzzFeed’s Tasty celebrates its second birthday on July 31, marking a two-year rise in which it has grown into the largest social food network in the world. Tasty now reaches one in four Facebook users worldwide and attracts 2.3 billion videos views every month, according to Tubular Labs.

Samsung premium built-in home appliances

Mark Peters : 2017-07-03 11:35:00
Samsung Chef Collection premium built-in Home appliance : Samsung America, the best-selling home appliance brand, recently unveiled its 2017 Chef Collection line of premium built-in home appliances. The redesigned line of Chef Collection was showcased at the 2017 Pacific Coast Builders Conference in San Diego. The event offers three days of exhibits, education, special events and networking. With Chef Collection, Samsung brings its best home appliance features to the premium built-in category, reflecting its industry expertise. Samsung Home Appliance division introduced two new built-in refrigerators, including the industry’s first 42-inch 4-Door Flex smart refrigerator. The 2017 lineup also includes signature features that only Samsung offers in a full suite of kitchen appliances that includes wall ovens, cook tops, Pro ranges, and dishwashers.

Samsung smart refrigerator connects with Galaxy S8

Mark Peters : 2017-06-20 23:19:00
Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator hits US market : Samsung powers the smart kitchen with the new family hub refrigerator. Samsung America unveiled its next generation Family Hub, a major advancement in the role and importance of the refrigerator in family life. The smart refrigerator comes with a new app integration and more diverse content partners to make shopping, communication, and entertainment more seamless than before. Samsung's Family Hub is transforming life in the kitchen and reshaping expectations toward refrigerators. Its enhanced integrated tools and technologies include innovative voice activation features, three built-in cameras that allow users to see inside the fridge from a companion smart phone app, more personalized family connection features, and new ways to enjoy music and television.

Samsung washing machines receive Design Award

Mark Peters : 2017-06-07 08:40:00
Samsung smart washing machines 2017 : Samsung Consumer Electronics proudly announced that its activ dualwash, AddWash and FlexWash smart washing machines have been honored with the Ergonomic Design Award at the Asian Conference on Ergonomics and Design. Developed based on in-depth consumer behavior analysis, the Samsung washing machines have gained rapid global popularity, as well as various industry accolades. For 2017 conference, the organization selected four winners in the sectors of software, automotive products, household furniture and home appliances, with Samsung’s activ dualwash, AddWash and FlexWash machines winning the Grand Prix award in the home appliances category. This recognition reflects the functionality and user-friendliness of the intelligent washing machines.

Samsung smart washing machine and laundry dryer

Mark Peters : 2017-05-08 20:40:00
Samsung intros new FlexWash & FlexDry models for 2017 : Samsung Electronics, a leader in smart home appliance, announced the availability of its FlexWash and FlexDry advanced laundry pair. Featuring two washers in one, and two dryers in one, FlexWash washer and FlexDry dryer usher in a new era in which the laundry appliance adapts to the needs of today’s modern family, instead of the family having to force-fit its needs to the machine. Samsung FlexWash and FlexDry provide an unprecedented amount of flexibility to let you do multiple cycles at the same time, so you can keep a wide variety of clothes in great condition. Now you can wash your baby’s cuddly pajamas in one compartment, while cleaning your kid’s muddy athletic uniform in another. Or you can dry a bulky load of towels at the same time as your favorite sweater.

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