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Nikon D5 Digital SLR Camera

Mark Peters : 2015-12-26 16:16:16
Development of the Nikon D5 digital SLR camera : Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce that it is developing the Nikon D5 digital SLR camera, which represents the next generation of professional FX-format models. The new Nikon camera offers stunning 4K imaging possibilities and features innovate photography functions. The new Nikon WT-6 Wireless Transmitter and Nikon SB-5000 Speedlight, which will be positioned at the top of Nikon's Speedlight lineup, are also being developed. Through the combination of this next-generation professional camera offering an even higher level of performance, these advanced accessories and the rich lineup of existing Nikkor lenses, Nikon is pursuing further possibilities for imaging expression.

Wanderlust Travel Photo of the Year 2015

Mark Peters : 2015-08-31 15:10:00
Nikon sponsors the Wanderlust Travel Photo of the Year 2015 : Nikon is again sponsoring the UK’s biggest and best travel photo competition, the Wanderlust Travel Photo of the Year. The competition seeks out spell-binding photos from every corner of the globe, taken by intrepid explorers. The winning photos will be printed in Wanderlust and The Independent, as well as being showcased in a stunning exhibition at Destinations 2016, the UK’s top holiday and travel show. The four category winners of the Amateur competition (open to amateurs only) will have the opportunity of a lifetime, a Wanderlust photo commission to Western Australia, while the winner of the Portfolio contest (open to all) will take home a cash prize of £3,000.

Nikon official partner of FINA World Championships

Mark Peters : 2015-07-29 09:00:00
2015 FINA World Championships : Nikon to Support 16th FINA World Championships as Official FINA Partner. Nikon Corporation (Kazuo Ushida, President, Tokyo) is pleased to announce its official partnership with the Fédération International de Natation (FINA) at the 16th FINA World Championships, to be held from July 24 to August 9, 2015 in Kazan, Russia. As an official FINA partner, the Nikon logo will be conspicuous throughout, appearing on the men's bibs, photographers' bibs and at the pool side. Furthermore, for the professional photographers covering this event, Nikon Professional Services (NPS) will set up a service center to offer support and services, including equipment inspections, cleaning, minor repairs and the loan of equipment.

Production of NIKKOR lenses reaches 95 Million

Mark Peters : 2015-07-28 13:35:00
Production of Nikon lenses reaches 95 Million : Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce that total production of NIKKOR lenses for Nikon interchangeable lens cameras reached ninety-five million in the middle of July, 2015. In 1959, Nikon (then Nippon Kogaku K.K.) released the Nikon F, as well as its first NIKKOR lenses for Nikon SLR cameras, including the NIKKOR-S Auto 5cm f/2. The NIKKOR tradition has continued over the many years since those first lenses were released. Nikon continues its steady success, reaching total lens production - including those produced with expansion of its lineup of interchangeable lenses for Nikon 1, Advanced Camera with Interchangeable Lenses, the first of which was released in October, 2011- of ninety million at the end of October, 2014.

Nikon professional super-telephoto lenses

Mark Peters : 2015-07-28 09:45:00
Nikon introduces two new Nikkor super-telephoto lenses : Nikon had recently announced two new professional super-telephoto lenses with the lightest build in their class: the Nikon AF-S Nikkor 600mm f/4E FL ED VR, and the Nikon AF-S Nikkor 500mm f/4E FL ED VR. These new super-telephoto lenses see Nikon improve the performance and significantly reduce the weight of two renowned super-telephoto workhorses. The new Nikon 500mm f/4E is 20% lighter than its predecessor. The new Nikon 600mm f/4E is an incredible 25% lighter. Both Nikon lenses have all-new optical designs that employ lightweight fluorite glass elements, as well as Nano Crystal Coat and ED glass. The impressive weight reductions are made possible with the use of fluorite elements, and a construction that incorporates magnesium alloy.

Nikkor DX 16-80mm compact zoom lens

Mark Peters : 2015-07-28 09:30:00
Nikkor DX 16-80mm f/2.8-4 compact zoom lens : Nikon has introduced a new high-performance DX-format zoom lens. Equipped with the latest technology and boasting an incredibly compact build, the Nikkor DX 16-80mm f/2.8–4 is made for photographers with high expectations of their gear. The perfect go-to travel lens, this advanced, compact zoom weighs just 480 g and balances perfectly on the camera. From sweeping landscapes to intimate portraiture, the broad 16-80mm focal length range easily covers most shooting situations. The bright f/2.8-4 aperture offers a distinctive low-light advantage, and Nikon’s impressive four-stop Vibration Reduction keeps images sharp even at slow shutter speeds.

4K Video recording with the Nikon 1 J5

Mark Peters : 2015-04-20 11:15:00
Nikon 1 J5 4K video features : From action-packed Full HD footage to colourful 4K travelogues and smooth time-lapse movies, the new Nikon 1 J5 compact system camera is your perfect 4k video partner. Aside from 4K movies, you can shoot Full HD video at 1080/60p and harness the camera’s speed to record exquisite slow-motion (120-fps) HD movie clips. The phenomenally fast Nikon 1 hybrid autofocus system with quick and accurate phase-detection AF ensures smooth video action with precision subject tracking. E-VR (electronic Vibration Reduction) keeps your footage sharp, even when filming at full zoom. And thanks to the speed of the camera’s image processor, you can use Auto image capture or manual shooting to capture high-resolution stills whilst filming.

Nikon 1 J5

Mark Peters : 2015-04-13 09:45:00
Nikon 1 J5 digital camera features : The Nikon 1 J5 is a camera where compact doesn’t mean cramped, and sharing every brilliant shot just got easier than ever. Ample spacing between dials lets you adjust camera controls without taking your eye off your subject. Easily switch between PSAM and Sports modes via the Mode Dial. Change settings with the command dial, and assign frequently used settings to the function button. Front and rear grips ensure you can keep a firm hold on the camera, and the 3-inch, 1037k-dot LCD monitor offers great responsive touch control. Easily shoot from a high vantage point thanks to the 86-degree reverse angle. Capture self-portraits simply by tilting the monitor up 180 degrees and use the new Self-portrait mode to soften skin or set the Self-timer.

Nikon 1 J5 system camera

Mark Peters : 2015-04-12 11:45:00
Nikon 1 J5 compact interchangeable lens camera : Nikon adds the Nikon 1 J5 to its range of compact interchangeable lens cameras. Boasting world-beating shooting speeds, next-level image quality and 4K video recording, this new system camera will propel your photography forward, fast. With a new design that allows more creative control, the Nikon 1 J5 camera is a great chance to step into the world of real photography. Offering the perfect balance of speed, portability and image quality, the Nikon 1 J5 digital camera excels in any situation. Thanks to a new back-illuminated CX-format sensor that’s four times larger than the sensor found in most compact cameras, it leaves compacts and smartphones far behind.

Nikon D7200 video functions

Mark Peters : 2015-03-06 08:30:00
Nikon D7200 records Full HD movies : With video features inherited from Nikon’s professional cameras, the D7200 is a highly capable moviemaking tool. The Nikon camera records Full HD movies at up to 25p/30p, or you can switch to 1.3x crop mode and record at up to 1080/50p/60p. A dedicated movie menu lets you store all movie settings in one place, and footage can be recorded to the dual SD memory card slots, or simultaneously output to an external recorder or monitor via HDMI. You can shoot with Auto ISO control in M mode in order to transition smoothly between dark and bright areas, use Zebra mode to see exactly where highlights are blown, and apply the Flat Picture Control setting for easier colour grading in post.

Nikon D7200 digital SLR camera

Mark Peters : 2015-03-05 13:00:00
Nikon D7200 digital SLR camera : The new D7200 D-SLR camera is loaded with interested features. A range of features harness the power of the D7200’s core technology, ensuring you’re free to experiment and get as creative as you please. When shooting, the 8cm (3.2-inch), 1.229k-dot colour-tune monitor lets you push the colour balance and brightness in any direction to suit your personal preference. The viewfinder boasts an organic EL display element for a bright, high-contrast information display with low power consumption. Whether shooting pictures or recording Full HD video, Nikon’s second-generation Picture Control System provides invaluable tools for control over sharpening, contrast, brightness, hue, clarity, and saturation.

Nikon Photo Sharing App

Mark Peters : 2015-03-04 14:10:00
Nikon Image Space Photo Sharing Service Application : Nikon has announced an update to the mobile application for its photo sharing service, Nikon Image Space, featuring a new and improved intuitive design and overall usability improvements. Launched in January 2013, Nikon Image Space is a free photo sharing service designed not only for Nikon digital camera users, but anyone who enjoys capturing still photos or recording videos. With this software update, an improved flat design has been incorporated for iOS (including Apple iPad) and Android apps, optimized for operability in each operating system. The mobile application can now be used while images are being uploaded or downloaded. In addition, multiple uploads and downloads can be scheduled beforehand, and then performed one after the other.

Nikon Imaging software

Mark Peters : 2015-03-04 13:40:00
Nikon Imaging editing software : Nikon announces two new software applications: the ViewNX-i image hub and the ViewNX-Movie Editor. Both software applications are available as free downloads. Designed to help you continue the creative process after the shoot, Nikon ViewNX-i is an intuitive image hub that makes it simple to organise, edit and share stills and movies from one central platform. The imaging software offers total control over images and features three dedicated workspaces that allow instant switching between image sorting, map and web upload operations. ViewNX-i integrates tightly with Nikon’s popular image editing software for total control over your stills and movies. The Nikon Imaging software is free of charge.

Nikon Coolpix P900

Mark Peters : 2015-03-04 12:38:00
Nikon Coolpix P900 megazoom camera : Nikon introduces the Coolpix P900 superzoom, which boasts an incredible 83x optical zoom, capturing details not visible to the naked eye. The astonishingly ultra-high-power optical zoom covers from 24mm to 2000mm and is extendable to 4000mm - calculated from the maximum wide-angle position of optical zoom - with Dynamic Fine Zoom, bringing the natural world closer than ever before and recording it in fine detail in both stills and Full HD movies. The large calibre f/2.8–f/6.5 bright lens is able to deliver crystal clear image definition at high resolution even when zoomed all the way out to 2000mm telephoto (35mm format equivalent). The Nikon P610 price is set at $599 USD. Prices may vary from country to country.

Nikon D7200

Mark Peters : 2015-03-04 11:11:11
Nikon D7200 D-SLR camera : Nikon is proud to present the versatile and fully connected D7200. The Nikon D7200 digital SLR camera delivers sumptuous stills and excels at video. With a host of features inherited from Nikon’s renowned FX models, the new D7200 has plenty to offer avid photographers. This is a camera that’s ready to match the ambition of every photographer who wants to create exceptional images with a lightweight D-SLR system. The Nikon D7200 is the kind of camera that will inspire you to go further with your photography than you ever have before. With its large DX-format image sensor, EXPEED 4 image processing and an ISO range of 100-25600, images boast extremely wide dynamic range, low noise, and rich colour gradation.

Nikon ME-W1 Wireless Microphone

Mark Peters : 2015-03-04 10:45:00
Nikon Wireless Microphone : Nikon introduces the new ME-W1 microphone. Portable and easy to use, this non-directional microphone records crisp audio from up to 50m away. Compatible with any camera equipped with a microphone jack, the Nikon ME-W1 Wireless Microphone is an incredibly handy piece of equipment to own. It has been engineered to capture clear, uninterrupted audio direct from the source, delivering the kind of high sound quality that makes an audience sit up and take notice. Comprised of a microphone transmitter and a receiver that communicate via Bluetooth, the system is simple to set up and easy to use. The Nikon ME-W1 price is set at $246.95. Retail prices vary from country to country.

Nikon Coolpix L32

Mark Peters : 2015-02-28 10:45:00
Nikon Coolpix L32 digital compact camera : Nikon Imaging introduces the Coolpix L32 digital camera. The Coolpix L32 is a model that offers simple operation and superior image quality with an effective pixel count of 20.1 Megapixels and a 5x optical zoom lens that covers a broad range of focal lengths, from the wide-angle 26mm to the telephoto 130mm (35mm equivalent). The large 3-inch TFT LCD monitor with anti-reflection coating built into the Coolpix camera ensures clear viewing with both shooting and image playback. The Nikon Coolpix L32 can be powered by AA batteries that are easily replaced when away from home, as when on vacation. They can also be powered by AA rechargeable EN-MH2 Ni-MH batteries that can be used over and over.

Nikon Coolpix L31

Mark Peters : 2015-02-28 10:10:10
Nikon Coolpix L31 digital compact camera : Nikon is pleased to announce the affordable Coolpix L31 digital camera. The Nikon Coolpix L31 camera is equipped with a powerful 16 megapixel CCD image sensor. With 16 megapixels and a highly-efficient image sensor, you’ll always get amazing pictures with clear detail - perfect for making enlargements of your favourite images. The 5x optical zoom makes sure you’ll always capture beautiful portraits with family and friends, plus one-touch HD movie recording lets you switch from photos to video effortlessly. Images can be reviewed at the 2.7-inch TFT LCD with 5-level brightness adjustment for easy viewing. Capture life’s special moments the easy way with the Coolpix L31.

Nikon Coolpix S2900

Mark Peters : 2015-02-28 09:50:00
Nikon Coolpix S2900 digital camera : Nikon has recently introduced the 20-megapixel Coolpix S2900. Looking for a carry-anywhere budget camera that’s stylish and easy to use? The Nikon S2900 fits easily in your pocket or handbag, so you’re always ready to capture those special moments in life. With this affordable Coolpix camera you’ll be able to create amazing close-ups with the 5x optical zoom, extendable to 10x Dynamic Fine Zoom, plus you can make friends and family look gorgeous with Glamour retouch make-up effects. Capture all the fun with HD movie recording and get beautifully clear images at the touch of a button with scene auto selector advising the right settings for you. Special effects mode lets you get creative and Panorama assist helps to shoot breathtaking scenes.

Nikon Coolpix L840

Mark Peters : 2015-02-27 10:05:00
Nikon Coolpix L840 Super Zoom Digital Camera : Nikon has recently introduced the Coolpix L840 megazoom camera. Whatever situation you are shooting, from family holidays to wildlife, this new Coolpix camera make shooting breathtaking pictures even easier. From macro shooting to far distances on land or in the night sky, they’ve got you covered. Capture landscapes and wildlife or take perfect close-ups at family celebrations with the 38x optical zoom, extendable to 76x Dynamic Fine Zoom. The Nikon L840 Coolpix camera features a 'Snap Back Zoom' button. If you’re at full zoom and your subject moves out of frame, you can easily recapture it by pressing a one-touch button next to the zoom control that instantly takes you back to wide-angle focus.

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