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Samsung NX20 test pictures

Ilse Jurriën : 2012-09-15 10:25:00
Samsung test pictures :The 20.3 megapixel Samsung NX20 Smart Camera is a professional system camera with fast shutter speeds, an ISO range of 100 to 12.800, Full HD video, a tilting 3" AMOLED display, a 1.44k electronic viewfinder, and a built-in Wi-Fi and GPS function. The Samsung NX20 is also equipped with an automatically folding TTL-flash. Thanks to the fast shutter speeds of 1/8000, you can easily capture every action scene. Add the Speed shot function to that, which allows you to easily take several successive shots at a speed of 8 frames per second, and you are guaranteed sharp photos that are taken precisely at the right moment. The Samsung NX20 is delivered with the trendy 18-55mm i-Function lens.

Samsung panorama photos

Ilse Jurriën : 2012-09-15 10:20:00
Samsung NX20 panorama photos : Samsung’s new system camera is an advanced action camera. The Samsung NX20 is equipped with a 20.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and a fast shutter speed of 1/8000. Additionally, the Samsung NX20 is equipped with an extensive and fine-working panorama function. There is no separate panorama mode, but by turning the settings dial to ´Scene mode´ you can select the panorama function. You can take a so-called Live Panorama and a 3D Panorama shot. The camera automatically detects whether you want to take a horizontal or a vertical panorama photo. While taking a panorama photo, you can see what you are shooting on the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S3 test photos

Ilse Jurriën : 2012-06-22 11:15:00
Samsung Galaxy S3 test photos : The very popular Samsung Galaxy S2 has a high-quality 8 megapixel camera. Its predecessor, the now just as popular Galaxy S3 has an improved 8 megapixel digital camera. Thanks to the powerful quad-core processor, the Samsung Galaxy S3 camera reacts very quickly. There is no shutter lag. This is unique for a smartphone. Additionally, the light sensor on the back of the camera contributes to higher image quality, especially in bad lighting circumstances, the Samsung Galaxy S3 camera performs much better. We examined the Samsung Galaxy S3’s camera functions more closely.

Samsung WB150F test photos

Ilse Jurriën : 2012-02-24 20:20:00
Samsung WB150F test photos : About a month ago Samsung added a new Smart camera to its Performance line of compact cameras. The new Samsung WB150F is a true travel zoom camera, with an impressive 18x optical zoom lens. The WB150F is exactly the same as the WB150, but includes an F in the model name, meaning that the camera includes Wi-Fi support. The built-in Wi-Fi feature makes it possible to share you pictures in an instant right from the Samsung WB150F. You can upload photos to social media websites like Facebook or for example to the photo sharing service from Google; Picasa. It is even possible to email your photos directly from the camera. We have taken this camera onto the streets and took some Samsung WB150F test photos.

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