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Wacom limited edition pen tablet

Nic Rossmüller : 2006-11-05 09:15:00
Wacom limited edition pen tablet : Wacom, the leading manufacturer of pen tablets and interactive pen displays, announces a limited edition of Wacom’s Japanese ‘Favo Comic Pack’. It provides the complete solution for creating digital Manga illustrations. Aimed at the Manga, comic book and digital art markets, the new product combines a white Graphire4 A6 pen tablet with a European software package of Manga Studio Debut 3.0 and Corel Painter Essentials2. The Favo Comic Pack will be available in its authentic Japanese packaging. Only a limited number of units will be produced for the European market. The European Manga market is growing rapidly, with large numbers of enthusiasts creating their own Manga artwork.

Wacom pen tablets at MacExpo 2006

Nic Rossmüller : 2006-10-29 19:00:00
Wacom pen tablets at MacExpo 2006 : Wacom, the leading manufacturer of pen tablets and interactive pen displays, will showcase its range of products for both professional users and consumers at MacExpo 2006. As a key partner, Wacom will be on Computer Unlimited’s stand. On show will be Wacom’s Graphire4 pen tablet. Offering amateur photographers a convenient way to optimise their digital images on a computer, the Wacom Graphire4 pen tablet is an intuitive way to achieve natural looking results and can easily correct exposure problems and imperfections, remove unwanted objects and improve the colour of pictures. The pen and tablet are simple to use and make digital photography work effortless.

Adobe Photoshop Elements for Wacom Graphire4

Nic Rossmüller : 2006-08-01 14:37:00
Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 for Wacom Graphire4 : Wacom, the leading manufacturer of pen tablets and interactive pen displays today announces an update to the Studio and Studio XL versions of its Graphire4 range, aimed at amateur photographers who record family events and who want to get the best out of their digital photographs. From now on, all Graphire4 packages will be equipped with Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0. Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 provides new tools for creative image editing and helps the user to organize his pictures more effectively. Pen tablet users profit especially from two new tools: the magic selection brush and the magic extraction brush. Both brushes allow selecting and editing parts of a picture more easily.

Robin Preston Senior Evangelist Wacom pen display

Nic Rossmüller : 2006-07-27 17:32:00
Robin Preston Senior Evangelist Wacom pen display : Wacom has chosen Robin Preston because of the combination of his professional experience and his thorough knowledge of pen tablets. As an evangelist, Robin will have an internal and external impact on Wacom. Externally, his role will be to present at exhibitions, hold briefings and conduct master classes, as well as to act as the key contact for other Wacom evangelists. Internally, he will give feedback to Wacom according to his own experiences and the contact with other users. Robin commented: ‘I work as an evangelist because I am passionate about creating digital art with a pen tablet and digital software such as Adobe Photoshop. I am always discovering new techniques.

Wacom pen tablet for photographer Perry Zonneveld

Nic Rossmüller : 2006-07-27 17:30:00
Wacom pen tablet for photographer Perry Zonneveld : The Wedding Day a day full of emotion for any bridal couple. To keep as many memories as possible for the years to come, pictures taken by a professional photographer are mandatory for most people. And the wedding album is a treasury to be looked at from time to time. Photographer Perry Zonneveld is one of the photographers helping couples to maintain this very special day. In Veenendaal, the Netherlands, Perry has his own photo studio where he works for corporate as well as private customers, but wedding photography takes up most of his time. An important part of his equipment, besides the camera and his computer, is his Wacom Intuos3 A5 wide Pen Tablet.

Wacom Penabled DualPad sensor technology

Mark Peters : 2006-05-04 23:06:00
Wacom Penabled DualPad : Wacom announced the development of worlds first sensor integration technology and its practical application in the 'Penabled DualPad'. Incorporation of the new technology into mobile information devices such as notebook computers allows the user to perform cursor operation and input functions using the Company’s electronic pen or their finger. The technology will make its debut installed in Fujitsu’s 'FMV-BIBLIO NB Series' notebooks as 'Flat Point Digitizer', scheduled for introduction to the market in April 2006. The Penabled DualPad technology is the result of integrating an electrostatic sensor similar to those used in notebook touch pads, and Wacom’s ElectroMagnetic Resonance (EMR) sensor with controller.

Wacom Intuos3 pen tablet warranty CarePack

Mark Peters : 2006-04-26 14:03:00
Wacom Intuos3 pen tablet warranty CarePack : Wacom, the leading manufacturer of pen tablets and interactive pen displays, today launches the Wacom Intuos3 CarePack, offering an additional two-year product warranty for all pen tablets in the Intuos3 range. The Wacom CarePack increases the period of Wacom’s premium support from two to four years, providing extended customer service for professionals who wish to enhance and protect their valuable investment in Intuos3 pen tablets. Along with an additional two years of premium phone support included, the Intuos3 CarePack also contains a selection of Wacom extras. It comprises five additional standard pen tips, five stroke and ten felt pen tips, a pen tip removal tool and a Wacom sticker.

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