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Bowens Studiolite DMX lightbank

Mark Peters : 2006-10-03 04:16:00
Bowens Studiolite DMX lightbank : The Bowens line of Studiolite Light Banks have been extended with the addition of the Studiolite DMX, a new dimmable lightbank with built-in DMX capabilities allowing remote control from a DMX control desk including advanced dimming in banks and even daisy-chaining of up to 512 units together. The efficient reflector design of the Studiolite maximises the available light and creates a remarkably even light spread. The easily replaceable, lamps boast a money-saving 10,000 + hour life and come in a choice of light output, colour temperature ranging from tungsten to Daylight. Just like the original Studiolite, the DMX units are available in both 4 and 8 tube versions.

Bowens Unilite photography softbox

Mark Peters : 2006-10-03 04:13:00
Bowens Unilite photography softbox : The Unilite from Bowens created an affordable and portable continuous light source with 100W of power, ideal for product photography and small portraiture. The Bowens continuous light range has been extended further with the addition of the Unilite Plus a larger but still lightweight and portable unit with 200W of power. The softbox design of the Unilite Plus with its easily removable front diffuser creates a very soft and cool light - ideal for when traditional tungsten lighting is too hot, for example: food photography or close-up portraits. The reflective canopy is quickly assembled over the single powerful 200W lamp and with the fabric diffuser simply fastened to the front of the lamp.

Bowens Esprit Gemini Digital 250 and 500 monolights

Mark Peters : 2006-10-03 03:13:00
Esprit Gemini Digital 250 and 500 monolights : Following on from the success of the four Esprit Gemini monolights launched at Photokina 2004, Bowens have extended the range with the Esprit Gemini Digital 250 and Esprit Gemini Digital 500. Weighing in at just 2.9kg (250Ws) and 3.4kg (500Ws) these new digital units are smaller than their manually controlled counterparts 365 x 145 x 130mm but come packed with extra features. Power is controlled via a single rotary dial allowing control in exact 1⁄10 stops over five stops from full to 1⁄32 power - the large and clear digital display shows the current power level as well as other important information at the touch of a button (the display can be inverted when using ceiling rail systems).

Bowens light reflector kits

Mark Peters : 2006-10-03 03:12:00
Bowens light reflector kits : Light shaping tools are essential for creating images with the ‘wow’ factor, but choosing which accessories to use to achieve that perfect effect can sometimes be daunting. The Bowens professional accessory range includes over 40 reflectors, modifiers and softboxes covering every type of photography from basic portraits to creative fashion and commercial shots. To make selecting the right accessories easier, Bowens have created four new unique lighting reflector kits designed to cover ‘Basic Effects’, ‘Portrait Lighting’, ‘Fashion Lighting’ and ‘Advanced Lighting’. Now you just need to decide what style of photography you want to achieve and choose the relevant pre-packed and ready-to-go kit from Bowens.

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