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New camcorders
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New camcorders (5)

JVC UK introduce GR-D20, GR-D50 and GR-D70 video

Dennis Hissink : 2003-07-21 00:12:02
JVC UK Ltd is launching a comprehensive range of affordable MiniDV digital camcorders. The range consists of three models, the GR-D20, D50 and D70, and starts at an entry-level price point that will encourage owners of analogue camcorders to step up to digital. Despite the competitive price points, however, the range offers high-performance features that will appeal to experienced videographers. In addition, a new design, combined with miniaturisation technology, makes these camcorders more portable and more visually appealing than previous models available in this price range. All three models feature JVC’s Digital Colour Night Scope low-light shooting technology and a a 16x Optical and 700x Digital Zoom.

JVC UK introduce ProStyle GR-DV700 and GR-DV4000

Dennis Hissink : 2003-07-21 00:07:14
JVC UK Ltd is introducing two new digital camcorders that make up its high-end “ProStyle” range. The GR-DV700 and GR-DV4000 MiniDV camcorders both feature an F1.2 lens and 1.33 Megapixel CCD to deliver a horizontal resolution of 540 lines. Both models are also equipped with a USB interface that can stream MPEG-1 data to a PC, facilitating a wide range of computer-based functionality, including Video CD creation, video clip creation, Web-camera webcasting, and digital still image capture. In addition to this great affinity with computers, the two camcorders both have a built-in digital still camera, delivering HG (High Grade) digital stills and MPEG-4 video clips that can be saved on a memory card.

JVC UK unveils their miniature the GR-DVp9 video

Dennis Hissink : 2003-07-21 00:00:45
JVC UK Ltd is introducing its latest Miniature series camcorder. The GR-DVP9 is JVC’s latest addition to the pocket-sized MiniDV camcorder category which it created with the launch of the GR-DV1 in 1996. Since then, JVC’s Miniature-series camcorders have won critical acclaim and wide consumer acceptance. The GR-DVP9 inherits the flat, streamlined, ultra-compact design concept of its predecessors, while adding extra features and improving performance still further. The GR-DVP9 incorporates a 1.33 Megapixel, High-Sensitivity CCD imaging chip, that delivers a horizontal resolution of 540 lines. It is also equipped with a USB interface that can stream MPEG-1 data to a PC.

JVC UK introduce the GR-DVX25 and GR-DVX95 video

Dennis Hissink : 2003-07-20 23:53:24
JVC UK Ltd is introducing two digital camcorders that make up its compact, Vertical-series range. They are the GR-DX25/DX95 MiniDV digital camcorders, which both feature an innovative ultra-compact design, with fold-away LCD screen. This unique mechanism for storing the LCD screen makes it possible to incorporate a large, 3-inch screen (GR-DX95) in a compact body, making it easier to share the fun by enabling more people to view the recorded footage on the spot. But there’s more to the Vertical series than compact styling. Both models have a USB interface that can stream MPEG-1 format data to a PC, enabling a wide variety of functions at the computer.

JVC UK introduce new digital video camera GR-PD1

Dennis Hissink : 2003-07-20 23:20:14
JVC is introducing a new 1.18 Megapixel digital video camera particularly designed for the European market with their new GR-PD1 — a state of the art digital video camera that is able to record PAL Progressive 625 scanning line 16:9 wide-screen images in MPEG-2 format on MiniDV cassette, and comes bundled with a full set of creative software including applications for non-linear editing and authoring to DVD. The “retina” of this camera’s eye is a powerful combination of a 1.18 Megapixel Progressive Scan CCD and JVC’s patented progressive digital filter technology, both the result of JVC’s years of research in the field. The JVC GR-PD1 has a pixel array of 1280 x 659 (for moving images) and 1280 x 960 (for stills).

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