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Ilse Jurriën : February 5th 2008 - 16:01 CET

Canon EOS 40D underwater housing from Sealux

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SealuxCanon EOS 40D underwater housing from Sealux : Sealux introduced its new CC40 underwater housing for the Canon EOS 40D digital SLR camera. The Sealux CC40 has an aluminium housing, milled of monoblock CNC, hardanodised and specially sealed for highest sea-water resistance. An exchange of the storage card is possible with the installed camera. The CC40 underwater housing has minimal dimensions and weight, and can be just up to a depth of 90m. The Sealux CC40 includes functions like a release knob, main dial, mode selection, ISO and flash +/- adjustment, operating switch, White-Balance, LCD illumination, keys for AF-ON, AE storage and AF-measuring field selection, multi-controller key, Quick dialer with adjustment key, keys for menu, replay, delete, jump, INFO, picture style, zoom, lens release.
Sealux CC40

Sealux CC40 underwater housing
• Control window: the monitor screen of mineral glass enables the complete control of the picture. The window for the LCD-display is amply-dimensioned.
• Handle support: with two ergonomic rubber soft handles and two T-pieces for two flash arms as well as equipped with two drills for safety loops. It is detachable for the transport.
• Closures: two flexible closures with safety lockings close the housing with high tension.
• Housing bayonet: unchanged, also perfectly suitable for new lenses with large diameter. The change of the lens is easily possible with installed camera.
• Flash sockets: You have the choice. For a reliable eTTL control with Canon system flashguns you need the S6 socket. For flashguns of the manufacturer Sea&Sea, Ikelite we recommend the five-pole flash socket with flexible contacts. For Subtronic analogous flashguns is probably the five-pole flash socket with fixed contacts the best choice.
• Special equipment: five-pole flash socket with flexible contacts or S6 socket, a second flash socket of your choice can be installed.

Sealux CC40 underwater housing

Sealux CC40 housing for Canon 40D - Viewfinder
• Optical viewfinder - the most important part of an underwater housing.
The Sealux viewfinders were especially developed for the needs of the digital cameras. The viewfinders do not cover the monitor and all keys can be operated very easily.
• GV-150 (Grand View): The viewfinder with the ideal angle of view of 150° offers the photographer highest comfort while picture taking near the ground or floating. Vertical or landscape format. The enlarged viewfinder picture is brilliant, sharp, bright and lights up every corner. The viewfinder ocular is adjustable to +/- 3 diopter and turnable with 6 settings steps. The sunshield is detachable. The viewfinder can be swivelled down for the transport or can be easily removed.
• GD-viewfinder (Grand viewfinder): a real action viewfinder! The high-quality, coated optics offers the photographer a brilliant picture at a dreamlike scale of reproduction. Sunshield is detachable.
• LD-viewfinder (Long distant): enables the complete contemplation of the picture and the adjusted data. The diopter focusing mount is not influenced, the picture only slightly reduced.

Canon EOS 40D underwater housing - Domeports
• Flat- and dome ports: all flat and domeports are cut of optical glass and make it possible to use the Canon, Sigma, Tamron and Tokina lenses of best quality. All ports are delivered with protective caps. Please select the suitable port.
• Extension rings: extend the using possibilities of flat- and dome ports for different focal length with smallest packing dimensions. The well-proven Sealux bayonet remains unchanged, all ports are compatible with Sealux housings. Please select the suitable ports for the following lenses: Nikon, Sigma, Tokina, Tamron.

Sealux CC40 housing

Sealux CC40 underwater housing - Special accessories
• Moisture indicator: controls acoustically the wellbeing of the camera.
• Joint holder: for flexible fixing of a pilot lamp at the housing T-piece. This is necessary with Amphibian flashguns without pilot lamp.
• Flashguns: for the reliable eTTLfunction we recommend the use of Canon Speedlite flashguns 420EX, 430EX, 580EX, 580IIEX we offer the Sealux flash housings with or without pilot lamp.
• Flash arm: Sealux flash arms CT20 + CT25 for safe fixing of the flashguns.

Sealux CC40 housing for Canon 40D - Specifications
• Dimensions housing without handle: L = 124 mm, W = 176 mm, H = 162 mm
• Weight: 2800g incl. dome port, in water neutral, depending on the port and lens.
• Testing depth: 90 m
• Guarantee: 2 years

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