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Ralf Jurrien : October 4th 2007 - 17:30 CET

IFA 2007 Video report

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NewsIFA 2007 Video report : During the IFA 2007 world event, held in Berlin, you have been able to read the live report in word and picture, but we still have something up our sleeve. Because of cooperation between LetsGoDigital and Wannahaves, the well-known online platform with the latest trends in the field of gadgets and entertainment, you can now also view an IFA 2007 video report. The Wannahaves Web-TV team has visited the IFA show and has assembled several IFA movies, which contain several highlights of the last IFA 2007 event. In the field of Digital Imaging there was an unheard-of amount of experiences but nevertheless, one of the highlights was High Definition, which seems to have broken through on all fronts.
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IFA Video - Casio prototype camera
A surprising and at the same time, innovative news has been presented by Casio. Casio managed to introduce a prototype digital camera that captures pictures with an amazing speed; 60 frames per second. Although the exact specifications have not been exposed, these first data are enough to speak of a revolutionary concept. Such a high-speed capacity brings new possibilities and in combination with the 12x optical zoom makes the Casio prototype a remarkable camera.

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IFA Video - Philips Aurea TV
Available soon: the Philips Aurea TV. Those who think flat and large size is not sufficient and who is looking for an extra dimension while watching TV should have a look at Philip’s newest invention in the field of television. The Aurea is an LCD TV with a wide edge that, depending on the image shown, can light up in a different color every time. To experience the effect optimal, the Philips Aurea LCD TV needs to be mounted on the wall. The LCD TV has smooth finished edges and can be called a showpiece with honor. The colorful lighting is accomplished by means of the many LEDs that have been integrated in the TV. Those who have enough of the light spectacle can turn the light dimension off. For now, the Philips Aurea is only available in 42-inch format.

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IFA Video - Samsung F330 Mobile phone
The Samsung F330 music phone is a tri-band a mobile telephone and supports 3.6 Mbps HSDPA data transfer speed. The fine gleaming surface of the Samsung F330 makes the mobile a true design novelty. The Samsung F330 is the next generation Ultra Series and in regard to design it is full power. The mobile has been equipped with approximately 20MB internal memory, but this can be extended with a microSD memory card. These cards are available in a capacity of up to 2GB. If the Samsung F300 also supports the microSDHC card is unknown at this moment, but there’s a big chance that also 4GB and higher capacities can be used to store the 2 Megapixel pictures captured with the built-in digital camera of the Samsung F330. Of course such a capacity is also ideal to store the MP3 collection and to be able to listen to your favorite song while traveling.

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IFA Video - Kodak HDTV dock
High definition is the new trend on the digital imaging market. Besides a series of new digital compact cameras, Kodak too likes to play a part in this by introducing a handy solution in the form of a compact dock station. With the digital SLR and compact cameras nowadays it is more and more made possible to capture and view High Definition (HD) images on popular HDTVs. Showing and sharing photos at home gets a lot easier and more fun by means of the Kodak HDTV dock. Sharing pictures has become more popular lately. Consumers are looking for different ways to show photos and video. With the Kodak EasyShare HDTV dock, Kodak makes it possible to show personal photos and videos with an extraordinary image quality and sharpness.

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IFA Video - Panasonic Lumix DMC-L10
Panasonics’ second digital SLR camera is now aimed at a wide group of consumers. The Panasonic Lumix 10 has been equipped with a 10.1 Megapixel LiveMOS sensor and with that enters in the strongly competing mid-segment of DSLR cameras. The Panasonic L10 supports the so-called FourThirds system; a system that is being promoted mainly by Olympus and stands for an open format. Striking is the tilting LCD screen on the back of the camera, which makes it possible to take pictures from about any angle imaginable. Besides this the Life View function is advanced, this function makes it possible to use the LCD display as a viewfinder; it gives the camera all-round application possibilities. Unique is the face detection; with this the Panasonic Lumix L10 can detect up to 15 faces, focus on them and optimize the lighting, it gives SLR portrait photography another dimension.

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IFA Video - Kodak EasyShare V1253
High Definition is a hot item, and also Kodak caught on to that. The new Kodak EasyShare V1253 is a high-resolution digital camera with a resolution of 12 Megapixels. Besides this, the Kodak V1253 can capture and reproduce HD images by means of the camera’s HD interface. By placing the Kodak EasyShare V1253 on the printer dock, high quality photos can be printed immediately. The Kodak V1253 makes it possible to capture 16:9 HD pictures and video (720p at 30 fps). The Kodak EasyShare V1253 has been equipped with a 12MP resolution, a 3x Schneider Kreuznach optical zoom lens and Kodak Perfect Touch technology, which turns every image into a high quality picture.

IFA Wannahaves movies
The video reports can be admired on the Wannahaves website. The IFA 2007 was an event filled with ‘Wannahaves’ products, whether they were tools for the professional or for an amateur in his living room. Gadgets and other gimmicks have become public property and have conquered the modern living room. Striving for quality has become a battle among the manufacturers; a battle that has positive effects for the consumer!

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