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Ralf Jurrien : September 19th 2007 - 18:03 CET

Sharp Blu-ray player

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SharpSharp BD-HP20S Blu-ray player : The new Blu-ray player provides a resolution quality of 1080p, both from HD Blu-ray discs as well from scaled DVDs. The player thus extracts the best image quality possible from the original material and provides film experiences with an outstanding colour brilliance and a depth of focus that only the 1080p full HD progressive scan process can deliver. The 24p progressive scan process is being used as a standard for cinema productions. This format is transferred to Blu-ray discs and fully supported by the BD-HP20S player. Losses in quality because of image scaling are immediately excluded, since films are always played on the BD-HP20S Blu-ray player in the same frequency at which they were recorded.
Sharp Blu-ray playerSharp AQUOS BD player
Because of Quick Start, the playback process starts within seconds, so that your film enjoyment can begin without any delay. With its slender design of 68 mm in height, a black piano varnish appearance with mirrored front and its AQUOS LINK features, the BD-HP20S is a perfect home entertainment partner for the new generation of Sharp AQUOS LCD TVs. The AQUOS BD player can be used with various media formats in an uncomplicated and diverse way. Apart from the ever-more-popular Blu-ray disc medium, it also plays home-burned DVD-Rs and CD-Rs and can even read from rewritten DVD-RWs and CD-RWs.

Sharp BD-HP20S Blu-ray player - 1080p
Using a long-life and particularly high performance 210 milliwatt quality laser, as well as being fitted with modern protocols, together with many AQUOS features, means that the Sharp BD-HP20S is a fully technically-developed product that is ready for the future. All components are made by Sharp and key components such as the opto-electronic laser diodes and the multi-beam scan unit were developed by Sharp. Thanks to an HDMI connection and 1080p output, Sharp's quality device does not just process HD signals and high fidelity audio sounds, but transmits these to the output device without loss in transmission. Fitted with the current HDMI 1.3 protocol , the BD-HP20S is as fully set-up for the future as it is compatible with current devices. In respect of digital rights managements, the BD player is also fully up to date. With a doubled data throughput by comparison with the HDMI 1.2 protocol, HDMI 1.3 can pump out as much as 10.2 gigabytes to the output device. This permits reproduction of the high definition audio formats Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby truHD with up to eight sound channels, as well as a substantially larger colour range for natural skin tones and optimal colour reproduction during dark scenes.

Sharp Blu-ray player - AQUOS LINK function
The Sharp BD-HP20S Blu-ray player offers a range of input and output facilities, so that the Blu-ray player can be applied diversely. The device includes a component (Y, PB, PR) interface and HDMI interface, 5.1 channel analog audio outputs, as well as optical and coaxial digital audio outputs. Ease of use is assured by means of a slimly designed multifunctional remote control, with an AQUOS LINK function that can control connected AQUOS LCD TVs or audio systems of the latest generation at the same time. In combination with other devices from the AQUOS range, the Sharp BD-HP20S can truly play at full power and guarantees a particularly user-friendly home entertainment system, with attuned high-end technology from a single source.

Sharp BD-HP20S Blu-ray player - Availability
The reproduction of high resolution films by the Sharp BD-HP20S at the standard cinema speed of 24 frames per second results in outstanding image quality of unusual clarity and naturalness. The combination of film enjoyment in complete HD quality, the versatility of the Sharp Blu-ray player and the high robustness and excellent fault tolerance of the Blu-ray disc assure a very sound future for Blu-ray technology - particularly considering that data capacities will increase even further. Multilayer discs already permit storage capacities of up to 200 GB. The Sharp BD-HP20S will probably be available on the German market during the fourth quarter of 2007.

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