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Ralf Jurrien : September 11th 2007 - 21:04 CET

16GB SDHC memory cards

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Microdia16GB SDHC memory cards : Microdia Ltd., a world leader in flash memory technologies, announced the global launch of its latest flash memory card innovation - the 16.0GB SDHC Card. Offering data transfer rates of up to 24MB/sec1 for the professional XTRAPRO 160X series, this card becomes the fastest and highest capacity SDHC to hit the market. Microdias high speed SDHC cards conform to the SD memory card Ver.2.00 standard introduced by the SD Card Association. In addition to Microdia XTRAPRO, the new 16.0GB SDHC is also available in Microdias mid-range XTRAPlus 82X and entry-level Microdia XTRA 52X card families, offering data transfer rates of up to 12.3MB/sec and 7.8MB/sec respectively.
16GB SDHC cards - Price
All MicrodiaSDHC cards are bundled with a specially designed SDHC Card Reader for ease of use and the company estimates delivery of within 1 week from receipt of order confirmation. Suggested retail prices as follows:
• SDHCTM XTRAPRO - Price: US $ 1,699
• SDHCTM XTRAPlus - Price: US $ 999
• SDHCTM XTRA - Price: US $ 799

16GB SDHC cards

16GB SDHC flash memory cards
With a capacity of 16.0GB, the new SDHC card can store more than 8,000 high-resolution pictures, more than 4,000 digital songs, or up to 32 hours of MPEG 4 video. Microdias leading flash memory technology successfully combines high speed, high capacity and high durability into one single memory card in order to fulfill the increasing performance needs of fast-paced applications. “The 16.0GB SDHC card is a key development in the flash memory industry as it provides consumers with much higher capacities to support demanding photo and video storage requirements,” said Brad Maurer, Sales and Marketing Director (International) at 3. “With a massive 16.0GB, photographers and videographers can shoot in high resolution with the latest DSLR cameras and High Definition videocams without worrying about space, making it easier to capture the very best images.”

16GB memory cards - SDA 2.0 specification
“Being first to market with the 16.0GB SDHC is an example of Microdias strength in flash memory technology. We continue to place heavy emphasis on R&D to develop the industry’s highest capacities and fastest speeds, exemplifying our core philosophy of helping users to optimize data storage performance for their digital devices,” continued Maurer. SDHC technology conforms to the SDA 2.0 specification introduced by the SD Card Association last year, allowing manufacturers to develop SD cards with capacities from 4.0GB up to 32.0GB. This development meets the ever growing memory requirements of new generation audio/video and telecommunications devices such as camcorders, 3G cell phones, computers, digital still cameras, LCD/Plasma televisions, GPS systems, PDAs and more. Microdiaconfirms that the new SDHC card will be 100% fully compatible with SDHC enabled devices.

High speed XTRAPRO cards - SLC NAND Flash technology
Microdias high speed XTRAPRO cards are built with proprietary EPM (“Enhanced Processing Management”) Technology for improved efficiency and performance, thereby delivering some of the fastest read/write speeds in the industry. XTRAPRO cards are also based on Single Level Cell (SLC) NAND Flash technology, which stores one bit per cell and uses an optimized controller combined with large block NAND technology to achieve high data transfer rates. Compared to Multi Level Cell (MLC) NAND Flash technology, which allows each memory cell to store two bits of information, SLC NAND Flash technology provides excellent performance well suited for professional use especially those with demanding speed requirements. With a solid commitment to R&D and continued technical advancements, Microdiawill continue to play a major role in the flash memory industry. Microdiais looking to develop long-term strategic business partners and distributors in various countries and regions to explore the exponential growth in flash memory card products.

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