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Nic Rossmüller : March 11th 2007 - 13:10 CET

Digital SLR GPS system

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JoboDigital SLR GPS system : At the stand of Jobo I had a chat with Annika Hummerich of Jobo Germany. There were several products showcased at the Jobo stand amongst them a pre-production model of a interesting device for the professional photographer. The Jobo photoGPS is a GPS device that is mounted on the hot-shoe of a SLR camera and is able to get you GPS data that will be inserted into your Exif automatically. According to Annika not only the location data in figures will be edited into the Exif, also the name of the place where the picture is taken will be noted. The Jobo photoGPS will get its power via an USB interface. The energy system is intelligent and is only active when needed which result into an energy capacity of 1 year!
Digital SLR GPS systemSLR camera GPS unit
Getting instant and truly detailed location information for a photographic image has been merely a photographers dream. The new Jobo photoGPS is a revolutionary photographic accessory designed to eliminate the difficulty digital photographers have finding and sorting their digital photos on a PC. The photoGPS totally simplifies this undesirable sorting process, saving you time and energy as well. The photoGPS is a small, lightweight GPS receiver that fits on your digital camera’s hot shoe just as if it were a regular flash unit. No extra cables are needed. The Jobo photoGPS allows automatic geo-tagging of useful geo-data such as country, city, street and point of interest.

photoGPS hot-shoe digital camera GPS unit
Instantaneous capturing of information, low power consumption and a long battery life are only some of the features that make Jobo photoGPS so extraordinary! Each time the camera takes a picture the advanced technology of the photoGPS will instantaneously capture GPS time and location information and store this in its internal memory. Unlike conventional systems that require a lengthy synchronization time, the Jobo photoGPS requires no waiting time at all. You get detailed tagging of time and geographic location instantly. After the picture is taken the JobophotoGPS goes into a powered down mode, consuming almost no energy and greatly preserving battery life. It is the digital camera’s own flash mechanism that reawakens and rejuvenates the photoGPS.

Digital camera photo GPS unit
Many available PC programs allow photographers to organize their picture collections. Searching and sorting is done by inspecting the so-called meta-data (EXIF and/or IPTC) embedded in every digital photo file. However, generally missing from the search criteria is the location where the photo was taken, and this is undeniably the most essential information. Although some solutions exist that attempt to conveniently couple cameras with existing GPS devices, these failed systems are generally very expensive and cumbersome. Simply sorting by date is not enough, and certainly not an expeditious way to find important images. Only the new amazing Jobo photoGPS instantly and easily gives you complete geo-tagging data for each digital image.

SLR camera GPS system

Jobo photoGPS - Digital camera hot-shoe GPS system
Automatically this unique device captures the country, region and district, city, street, postal code, and even the point of interest (POI) which is closest to the captured image location. POI can be important tourist attractions such as beaches, mountain peaks, frontiers, museums, opera or theatre houses, concert halls, sport stadiums, parks, and embassies. At last, there is a GPS system designed for photographers that offers total flexibility and significantly enhances the way digital photos are stored, filed, sorted and located.

Jobo photoGPS digital SLR accessory - Software and Database
The photoGPS includes a PC and MAC compatible DVD that contains both the software and the database needed to post-process the information captured by the unit. Post-processing is highly automated: Users simply download the captured GPS data via the built-in USB interface and enter the directory name of the folder where the corresponding pictures are stored. The user’s computer can then compare the EXIF time recorded by the camera and the GPS time recorded by the photoGPS. When a match is found the program updates the Longitude and Latitude EXIF fields. In a second step, utilizing advanced break-through technology, the Jobo photoGPS retrieves: Country name, Region and District, City, Postal code, Street name and the Point Of Interest.

Digital camera GPS Unit

Jobo photoGPS - EXIF data
As a user you can choose which POI category you want to include. Many photo browsers exist that can search and sort files according to user selected EXIF fields. So, for example, you can instruct the browser to retrieve all your photos taken on "Plati Yialos" beach, "Mykonos", "Greece" in 2006, and 3 seconds later you have found all corresponding photos. Just imagine! No more manual searching! The Jobo photoGPS allows you to spend your valuable time taking more digital pictures, not searching and sorting existing ones.

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