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Nic Rossmüller : March 15th 2007 - 18:35 CET

X-Rite i1 PhotoLT print color calibrator

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X-RiteX-Rite i1 PhotoLT print color calibrator : X-Rite Incorporated, a global leader and internationally known name in color technology, launches two RGB products in its award-winning X-Rite i1 family of color management solutions for digital workflow the colorimeter-driven X-Rite i1 DisplayLT for monitors and the spectro powered X-Rite i1 PhotoLT for “monitor to-print match” - at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA ) International Convention Trade Show. These product additions reflect the latest effects of a merger with fellow world-class color technology developer GretagMacbeth. Based on X-Rite RGB small test-chart technology the All- New X-Rite i1 PhotoLT is designed for seamless color management from monitor to printer.
X-Rite i1 PhotoLT print color calibratorX-Rite i1 color calibration solution
Visitors to the X-Rite Booth B191 have an opportunity to explore these enhanced color management systems where ease-of-use and affordability no longer have to compromise color accuracy and versatility. Setting the stage for true-to-life colors from the start, the X-Rite i1 DisplayLT delivers an accurately profiled monitor with unrivalled controls for precise color in studio.

X-Rite i1 Display2 monitor color calibration - Light measurement
As with the award winning X-Rite i1 Display2, the entry level X-Rite i1 DisplayLT offers quick, user-friendly, accurate monitor calibration for digital imaging enthusiasts that comes complete with:
• A compact X-Rite i1 Display colorimeter for emissive color measurements of LCD, CRT
and laptop displays
• A detachable ambient light head to capture ambient light measurements and to protect against dust and other contaminants
• A simple method of attachment to both LCD and CRT monitors with built-in counterweight and suction cups
• USB powered use at multiple workstations, with no additional licensing fee.

X-Rite i1 push button color calibration - Technology
All functionality is made easy to use through wizard-driven technology that delivers exceptional control functionality at a breakthrough price point. Special Push Button Calibration (PBC) offers the X-Rite one-step profiling process for industry-leading monitors. With X-Rite i1 Match software, users can breeze through calibration processes and can upgrade effortlessly as their color management needs expand.

X-Rite gray balance optimization - Light check
• Gray balance optimization for more neutral and better-defined grays
• An ambient light check to determine optimal room lighting for color-critical work
• A profile reminder to ensure true and reliable color over time
• Before and after image feature that highlights instant results

Handheld color spectrophotometer - Laptop displays
Powered by the industry’s only true handheld spectrophotometer, the Swissengineered X-Rite i1 PRO, the X-Rite i1 PhotoLT delivers serious color accuracy for CRT, LCD and laptop displays and can profile any inkjet, laserjet or photo printer that accepts RGB data. This all-new hardware/software package is Mac and Windows compatible. It offers core ICC profiling components, delivering excellent RGB performance at a breakthrough price point. An excellent entry level for the digital imaging enthusiast, the X-Rite i1 PhotoLT is extremely upgradeable, effortlessly accommodating more critical color performance as needs grow. Simple access software codes allow users to expand to full RGB - with additional access to larger testcharts or full CMYK testchart technology for increased color management capabilities. Also, users can upgrade the entry-level system via access codes for profiling scanners, digital cameras, or projectors.

X-Rite i1 PhotoLT color calibrator - Features
• Offering sophisticated color balancing, including both white-point temperature and gamma
• Quickly and easily creating monitor profiles.
• Measuring ambient light and viewing conditions to support superior screen-to-print matches.
• Quickly and easily creating RGB printer profiles based on X-Rite’s small test-chart technology.
• Profiling any inkjet, laserjet or photo printer that accepts RGB data. Moreover, the X-Rite i1 PhotoLT features core X-Rite i1 Photo components showcased at this year’s show.
• A backup board with white surface that scans materials up to 3mm and folds for easy transport.
• A highly sophisticated ruler system that enables easy one hand scanning operation, and can be used with or without the new backup board.
• Upgraded i1 -Match 3.6 software that accommodates all components of the i1 -system, including the ruler and backup board - and is easily upgradeable with large test-chart technology for color management in a more comprehensive RGB workflow.

X-Rite color measurement for professional photographers
PMA’s own research reveals that photo imaging has now become an $87 billion industry worldwide. As the digital market continues to evolve, photographers and other digital creatives who work in RGB digital production environments need accurate, easy to use solutions that ensure color excellence as well as the assurance that they can upgrade easily as their workflow becomes more sophisticated. The all-new X-Rite i1 -LT products launched at this year’s show are designed to meet users needs, with exceptional, RGB based color management solutions that are fast, easy to use, and ultra upgradeable, incorporating key components from the X-Rite i1 Photo PRO solutions as user needs expand.

About X-Rite
X-Rite, which recently acquired GretagMacbeth, is the global leader in color management, offering hardware, software and services for measuring, formulating and matching color. The company serves a range of industries, including printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, video, automotive, paints, plastics, textiles, dental and medical. X-Rite serves customers worldwide from its offices in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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