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Dennis Hissink : January 29th 2007 - 06:02 CET

Carl Zeiss spotting scope

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ZeissCarl Zeiss spotting scope : Carl Zeiss Sports Optics has developed an ideal solution for observing nature at high magnification and taking photographs at the same time. The camera-eyepiece DC4 for observation and documentation in combination with Zeiss spotting scopes that is being presented at Photokina 2006 is a unique blend of the possibilities of modern binocular systems and camera technology. It increases the versatility of the Zeiss Diascope 65 FL and Diascope 85 FL spotting scopes to include documentation capabilities of unrivalled convenience and consistent precision. This innovation enables the increasingly popular digiscoping, digital photography through a spotting scope, in unprecedented quality.
Carl Zeiss spotting scopeCarl Zeiss Sports Optics - Observation
The focal lengths in combination with the camera sensor are equivalent to over 1,000 mm in terms of 35 mm photography. “We are glad to be able to offer wildlife, nature and astronomical observers a unique tool. It gives you a real thrill to see how easily and quickly high-quality photos can now be taken with the spotting scope, in addition to its observation function,” declared Dr. Manfred Klingel, President of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics. The company considers the camera-eyepiece DC4 to be a benchmark for the capabilities of such combined systems. Only one series of 1,000 units will be made.

Carl Zeiss digiscoping - Photography technique
The camera-eyepiece DC4 opens up a new era in digiscoping. This photography technique, which mainly comes from the UK and USA, is becoming more and more popular and is attracting more and more fans in Germany as well. The extreme close-ups and brilliant sharp image quality enabled by the spotting scope's magnification is impressive. Even the smallest details can be captured from a distance in full image format. Up to now, devotees of digiscoping had to live with one fundamental restriction – the time delay between observation and shooting the photo: once you had the chosen subject in the eyepiece, you had to stop observing. A camera attached to an adapter had to be positioned in front of the eyepiece and set. On occasions, the subject matter had been and gone by the time the photographer looked into his camera display. Digiscoping was a pleasure with an uncertain outcome.

Carl Zeiss DC4 - Camera accessory
The introduction of the Zeiss camera-eyepiece DC4 sees the launch of digiscoping with unprecedented convenience, in constant readiness. Attaching the DC4 to the eyepiece mount of the Zeiss Diascope creates a single unit with a spotting scope optical system, eyepiece and camera. All components of the system are perfectly coordinated. The camera’s image format is visible when looking through the eyepiece, so that the user can see the frame at any time and trigger the camera during observation without having to look at the integrated 2-inch display.

Zeiss camera eye-piece DC4 - Wireless and Magnification
Despite the extreme focal length, vibration is not a problem. The camera-eyepiece DC4 has a wireless remote control, allowing shots to be triggered vibration-free at the equipment stand. A sealed, water-resistant housing protects the instrument when wind and weather make life difficult. The Zeiss camera-eyepiece DC4 offers 30x magnification when observing with the Zeiss Diascope 65 FL, and 40x magnification with the 85 FL. The focal length corresponds to super-telephoto lenses of 1120 mm (Diascope 65 FL) and 1460 mm (Diascope 85 FL), converted to 35 mm format.

Carl Zeiss Diascope - Tele and Close-up photography
Impressive images of wildlife as well as fascinating close-ups and still-life of natural objects can be reproduced in meticulous detail with these systems. The very low close focusing distance makes an important difference here. The system can be focused from a distance of 4 m with the ZEISS Diascope 65 FL, and from 5 m with the 85 FL model. This allows macro shots with a reproduction ratio of up to 16:1. The spotting scopes offer a field of view of 40 m to 1,000 m with the Diascope 65 FL and 30 m to 1,000 m with the 85 FL model, even for eyeglass wearers.

Carl Ziess spotting scope - CCD sensor
The optical system delivers a speed of 1:3.5. A beam splitter guides the light to the eyepiece and the camera in a ratio of 70:30. This results in an effective camera speed of 1:6.4. The Zeiss camera-eyepiece DC4 is fitted with a low-noise 4 Megapixel CCD sensor that is specially tailored to the Zeiss Diascope. The good number to size ratio of the pixels enables optimum image quality. The closed system design is a decisive factor here, because there is no stray-light influence, which is often unavoidable with scope-camera combinations made up of multiple parts.

Carl Zeiss DC4 eye-piece - DxO software
The DC4 even automatically performs digital optimization of the image. Using special software (Image Science by DxO), the system automatically corrects contrast, sharpness, exposure and colour accuracy – even before the image data is stored on the chip card. This means the ZEISS camera-eyepiece DC4 delivers image data that can be printed in top photographic quality without further digital processing.

Carl Zeiss DC4 equipment supplied
• Zeiss camera-eyepiece DC4
• 128MB SD memory card
• Infrared remote control with carrying cord
• USB cable
• AV port cable
• High-speed charger with four high-performance AA 2400 mAh batteries
• Sturdy Cordura bag
• Eyepiece and mount cap
• PC software ACDSee 8.1 Photo-Manager - for image storage

Carl Zeiss spotting scopes requirements
• Required base: ZEISS Diascope 65 T* FL or 85 T* FL spotting scope
• Required accessories: Stand
• Price: RRP EUR 1.500 including 19% VAT in Germany
• Limited edition: One-off series with production limited to 1,000 numbered units worldwide.

DC4 eye-piece features
The innovative Zeiss camera-eyepiece DC4 with mount for Zeiss Diascope spotting scopes is compact and stylish. Photograph taken with the Diascope 85 FL and the Zeiss camera-eyepiece DC4 - corresponding to a 35 mm super telephoto focal length of 1460 mm.

About Carl Zeiss
Carl Zeiss is a leading international group of companies operating worldwide in the optical and opto-electronic industry. Carl Zeiss AG is headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany. The business groups are generally ranked first or second in the strategic markets of medical and research solutions, industrial solutions und lifestyle products. They offer products and services for biomedical research and medical technology, system solutions for the semiconductor, automotive and mechanical engineering industries, as well as high-quality consumer goods such as camera lenses and binoculars. In fiscal year 2005/06 (ended 30 September), the Carl Zeiss Group generated sales totaling EUR 2,433 million. The Carl Zeiss Group has approximately 11,250 employees, including about 3,400 outside Germany. It is directly represented in more than 30 countries and operates production facilities in Europe, America and Asia. The eyeglass business operates as Carl Zeiss Vision International GmbH and is the number two eyeglass provider in the world. This company is owned 50:50 by Carl Zeiss AG and a private equity company.

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