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Ralf Jurrien : January 24th 2007 - 20:25 CET

Hitachi products at CES 2007

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HitachiHitachi products at CES 2007 : Hitachi, Ltd., a leading global electronics company, has demonstrated its engineering innovations with a wide range of products and technologies at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show in the Las Vegas Convention Center Central Hall, Hitachi Booth #11906. New Hitachi products on display included innovations in 1080 plasma HDTV technologies, the industry's first hybrid DV camcorder; advancements in LCD display technologies, such as a compact and ergonomic 3D LCD panel; new hard disk drive recording technologies, including iVDR, Blu-ray and the world's first 1-Terabyte HDD. "The Hitachi Group of Companies is one of the world's most diverse organizations serving both consumer and industrial markets.
Hitachi products at CES 2007Hitachi - Flat panel televisions
The net effect of the brand is that the company touches many people in both visible and invisible ways, making Hitachi a key ingredient in the supply chain to the consumer," said Tadahiko Ishigaki, Chief Executive for North America and senior vice president of Hitachi, Ltd. "The company's business base spans a wide range of end-to-end technologies starting from consumer electronics including end-user display products such as flat panel televisions and DVD Blu-ray optical and magnetic media and hard disk drives for content storage - right through the supply chain to fiber-to-the-home telecom technology, home networking, professional broadcast equipment for transmitting content at the front end of the chain, and even the technology that generates the power to drive so many consumer conveniences.

Hitachi - CES 2007
"While much of the technology we are showing at CES 2007 is direct facing to the consumer, it is important to note that Hitachi is behind the scenes in many aspects of daily life and the company has wide impact on people. So we are pleased to have the opportunity to exhibit the consumer-facing technology from Hitachi that makes life more enjoyable for people and some of the behind-the-scenes technology that makes it possible. Among the products are those from Hitachi, Ltd., Hitachi America, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, Hitachi Telecom and Maxell, a subsidiary of Hitachi Maxell and a key Hitachi Group Company."

Hitachi - 50-inch 1080 HDTV flat panel
Hitachi announced the world's first 50-inch 1080 HDTV flat panel for under $2,500, joining Hitachi's newest lineup of flat panel, LCD and micro-display HDTVs. This new model reflects the first time Hitachi's 1080 technology has expanded to the 50-inch screen size, featuring a category-leading total of 1.3 million pixels of resolution with a 1280x1080 display format. Joining the world's first 50-inch model in the H401 plasma series are two more models featuring 42-inch and 55-inch screen sizes.

Hitachi H501 & H201 LCD Series
Hitachi's H501 and H201 LCD Series provide the best motion sharpness for LCD, harnessing Hitachi's Black Frame Insertion technology. The H201 Series will ship starting with the 32-inch model in May 2007, followed by the 37-inch model in June 2007. The H501 Series will begin shipping its 50-inch models in February 2007, with the 42-inch models shipping in April 2007 and the 55-inch models shipping in July 2007. The world's first Full HD1080 LCD Rear Projection (RP) models in 50-inch, 55-inch, and 62-inch will be introduced in 2007 by Hitachi. These models will utilize 3-LCD technology with a 3-panel light engine for high picture contrast and image clarity. Hitachi's Full HD1080 LCD RP models will be available in late 2007 with prices to be announced at introduction.

Hitachi DZH500A DVD Camcorder
The DZH500A model, nominee of the CES 2007 Innovations Award, records onto a wide array of DVD formats, including DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM and DVD+RW and will feature a 30GB hard drive, 30X optical zoom, SD memory card slot, and will be available in April for about $800. The DZHS300A, available today at retailers nationwide for about $600, features an 8GB hard drive, 25X optical zoom and SD memory card slot.

UltraVision DZGX5080A & DZGX5020A
The UltraVision DZGX5080A and UltraVision DZGX5020A DVD camcorders provide DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM and DVD+RW format support along with a large 2.7-inch widescreen LCD in true 16:9 aspect ratio and a 30x optical zoom. The DZGX5080A, which adds USB 2.0 connectivity for Mac and PCs and an LED, will be available in March for about $450 while Hitachi's most affordable camcorder, the DZGX5020, will be available in February for about $350.

Hitachi - Hard Disk Drive
Consumers' ability to store video, photos, music and other valued data reached new heights as Hitachi Global Storage Technologies announced the industry's first terabyte (TB) hard drive. Delivering superior performance and reliability, as well as huge capacity, Hitachi's 1TB hard drive meets the needs of consumers who want to create, share and store their digital information, and lots of it. Hitachi's Deskstar 7K1000 will begin shipping to retail customers in the first quarter of 2007 at a suggested retail price of $399 (USD), or 40 cents per gigabyte (GB). This new consumer-friendly price makes ultra-high storage capacity more affordable and accessible than ever before.

Hitachi - Gigabit Passive Optical Network
Hitachi Telecom, Inc. will exhibit its Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) solutions in concert with Hitachi's end-to-end "Broadband Infrastructure, Broadband Home" theme at the Network Solutions area of the booth. Hitachi's AMN1220 GPON system delivers high-bandwidth communication and entertainment services to users through a direct fiber optic connection to individual residences (Fiber to the Home). Services include HDTV, high speed data, and voice - the "triple play." Higher infrastructure bandwidth is becoming increasingly important, because HDTV requires up to 20 megabits per second of bandwidth per channel being viewed. So, when multiple channels are being viewed simultaneously in a household - for example, one TV tuned to a football game, one to a movie, and one to a science channel, the bandwidth required just for video in that residence can approach 60 megabits per second.

Hitachi AMN1220 GPON solution
As the link between the service provider and the consumer, the Hitachi AMN1220 GPON solution provides the fastest downstream speeds available today, ensuring that service providers have the headroom to provide multiple simultaneous HDTV channels to the consumer's home, along with high speed Internet and voice services. This performance positively influences the end user's entertainment experience, and because video is an important source of revenue for the service provider, GPON offers a win-win scenario across the board.

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